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Frontier Wrestling Alliance Results – London EXPO – Sunday 30th May

June 1, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Frontier Wrestling Alliance Results – London EXPO – Sunday 30th May

1) RJ Singh defeated J. Hayes
Spud came out after the match and challenged RJ Singh to a match right now

2) Spud vs. RJ Singh went to a double disqualification
Spud hit a great summersault off the top rope into the crowd, bringing chants of “FWA!”, “FWA!
These two will now have an eagerly awaited re-match at The Art of War in Nottingham on June 20th

3) Zack Sabre Jnr. defeated Stixx 
The best move of the match was Sabre extreme suicide dive, which brought more “FWA!” chants from the intrigued audience.

4) Marty Scurll defeated Johnny Storm and FWA Heavyweight Champion Martin Stone in a non-title match
This was scheduled to be Storm vs. Stone, but Scurll came out and made it a three way, with the stipulation that if Stone won, Scurll would admit to the gathered masses that the FWA Resistance was futile, but if Scurll or Storm won, Stone must admit the power of FWA Resistance.
Stone played a very good heel in this bout, and could do well in America.
After the victory, Stone was gathering the resolve to make his agreed announcement when his henchman, Redman and Rees, came out and attacked Scurll. Resistance members Leroy Kincade and Sha Samuels came out to make the save and challenged The Agenda (Stone, Redman + Rees) to a 3 on 3 match in the main event.

5) The Resistance (Sha Samuels, Marty Scurll + Leroy Kincade) defeated The Agenda (Martin Stone, Joel Redman + Irresistible Iestyn Rees) by Disqualification after Stone hit Scurll with the Title Belt
Samuels got caught in the ropes early on and had to be helped out. 
After the DQ, Scurll was chased out of the arena, and it became a 3 on 1 situation. When Kincade was down following the disqualification, Martin Stone called out Doug Williams, who was sitting near the ring signing autographs. Williams got in the ring, but behind Stone’s back, Kincade gave a low blow to Redman + Rees, and then hit a MASSIVE spear on Stone.
This match was also constantly watched by other TNA autograph signees Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money.
The crowd were also definitely into this match, with lots of “FWA!” “FWA!” chants

Overall, this was a very good show. The main event at The Art of War at Nottingham on Sunday 20th June will be very interesting. It is The Agenda (Stone, Redman, Rees and Dave Moralez) vs. Kindane, Samuels, Terry Frazier and TNA’s Doug Williams


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