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Hart and Soul DVD review

May 28, 2010   ·   0 Comments


We kick off with a cool photo album graphic with shots of the Harts and the history of maybe the greatest wrestling family ever. When you think of wrestling families you think of three names, Von Erichs, The McMahons and The Harts. Now we see the Harts who have passed away at a young age and for the first time in this DVD we see Owen. Finally we see the Hart Dynasty as the future Harts. Stu as a child lived in Saskatchewan and had to live in a tent for a while. It was a hard time for the Harts it seems as Stu would melt ice for water and go around looking for food  in garbage cans. As soon as he moved he started to get involved with sports and began hanging out at the local YMCA. Stu would look at the guys who used to wrestle, he thought that wrestling was how you measure as a man and was national champion in 1939. Stu dreams of going to the Olympics were dashed thanks to the break out of WWII. He was then called up to the navy and he became the chief sports officer. Stu began wrestling soon after leaving the navy.

WWE1255-frontWe then move on to Helen, who was at a beach in New York and Stu, being smitten by her, got talking to her after he helped get tar off her feet. Helen came from a good background but did suffer from a childhood disease that meant she couldnt give birth. Stu also got the mumps at a young age and thought he couldnt have kids either so both decided that if they ever did have kids how many would each other want and both said twelve. Then we get the story about how Helen was devastated when doctors told her after her twelve children she couldnt have anymore. The daughters talk about how different their parents were compared to each other and we get a list of things, like him being street wise while she wasnt. After getting married on New Years Eve Stu used his small fortune to buy the rights to promote in Calgary. The 50s was when TV was getting popular so it was a perfect time for him to buy and promote in them areas and Stampede Wrestling was born. Stu didnt have a lot of money but was fair with the boys in the back.

One day Stu saw a mansion up for sale and he loved it as soon as he saw it. We get home videos of the mansion itself. The thing Stu loved the most about the mansion was the basement where he got to work. This basement became the famous Stu Hart dungeon. Stu would let anyone and anything stay even a bear called Terrible Ted who stayed for two years. Ted seems like amazing bear but a little dangerous to let near your children dont you think. Even the late, great Andre the Giant used to visit the dungeon along with a bunch of other novelty wrestling acts.

Now we move onto the kids and first up is Smith, the oldest Hart. Both Stu and Helen thought that Smith was the one with the most potential. All of the Hart kids say he will do anything for anyone, and that is Smiths part finished. Quick and to the point.

We move onto Stu Harts many different businesses and talk about vacations in Canada. We also get more about how much money Stu had and how it came to an end. Stampede cancelled a show and the Harts went from having it all to having nothing and now Bruce had to go out and go through garbage just like Stu did as a child. The Harts were in that much of a bad shape that Stu gave them all hockey pucks that he was given free when he got his petrol filled at the gas station. Stu stayed very calm about the whole thing and just waited until the clan was old enough to get into wrestling themselves.

Now we move onto the next child in Allison Hart, and I wonder if she will get more time than Smith? The kids call her bookish and feisty. She hated wrestling but would defend it just like Helen did with Stu. About the same time as Smith I guess no one would care about the lesser known Hart children.

Eventually the boys got into the wrestling business, and it started with the lackey jobs of program selling and driving the wrestlers to places which led them on to becoming referees. Then eventually most of the boys got into the ring. Keith, the third oldest of the Harts, got into amateur wrestling just to please Stu. Keith was considered the most technically sound of all the Harts and if he wanted to wrestle then he would use the money to pay for university.

We then move onto Bruce and the first thing said about him is Bruce is the booker.  Bruce seems like the under-rated Hart as he did bring and help mature some of the eighties big stars like Bulldog, JYD, Jake the Snake and a lot more. Bruce should be down in FCW and helping Dusty out.

Next is Wayne Hart, who Bret called the Black Sheep. He looks like a bit of a stoner, and pretty much stated that he was. Stu would treat him worst because of that but he did become Brets confident and worked as a referee in Stampede. Out of all the brothers Bret says that Wayne was loved the most by the wrestlers themselves.

Next is Ross, and his tag was a foot soldier. He loves wrestling and understood the sport from the business side.

Ellie was the oldest girl, she was protected as a child so most of the time her and the other girls had problems finding dates. Ellie ended up marrying Jim Neidhart. She didnt like him and was putting him off until Ross put in a good word.

Next we have Diana Hart. She was a model but she fell in love with Davey Boy Smith pretty early on. Davey was very quiet and Diana brought out his best qualities.

In 1984 Stampede Wrestling shut down operations, the business had started to decline so Stu decided to phone up Vince McMahon and said give me an offer. Vince gave him an offer but the conditions where that Vince signs on both the Hart Foundation and The British Bulldogs. I bet Vince McMahon has never heard a better deal in his life. Yeah you can buy my company as long as you take on four talented men. Stu thought it was way to get his kids in the WWE but the problem was that people like Bruce were sort of screwed over with this kind of deal. Bruce was not told about it and it still annoys him to this day. Bret talks about going to WWE but still wanting to wrestle back at Stampede.

As time goes on the Hart family who went to the WWE started to succeed, with Bret and The Anvil becoming the Hart Foundation with Jimmy Hart and capturing the Tag Titles. Meanwhile Diana talks about how amazing Davey Boy Smith was that he wasnt just powerful, but he was agile and in her eyes the perfect package. Then we get the Hart Foundation versus The British Bulldogs feud and how proud the whole family were of all four men during Wrestlemania III. Bruce, still bitter, restarted the promotion and this time was competing with Vince in Canada, which gave us some of the greats like Flyin Brian and Owen Hart. This lasted until 1989. Bruce then restarted Stampede Wrestling again but it only lasted six more years before closing its doors.

We now move onto Dean Hart. Bret says of Dean as being the most likable and most good looking of the Harts. At the age of 19 he was a concert promoter. Dean had problems with his kidneys and Bret said that Dean gave up on life. This was the first in a long line of bad things that happened to this family.

We jump forward to 1992, Wembley in London, England to Davey and Bret fighting over the Intercontinental Title in the main event of Summerslam. Diana tells us that Davey was the number one British start at the time and she also tells the story of Davey had a staph infection at the time. This match is still considered one of the best matches in the history and maybe the best one to happen at Summerslam.

Now we move onto Owen the baby Hart. Bruce says that he felt like he was Owens father because of Stus involvement in wrestling keeping him away, so Bruce used to take him places. Bulldog tells a story of Owen making him bark like a dog. Owen had a harder time trying to break in but by some is considered the better Hart wrestler because he could be a high flyer. This was also his problem, if he was born just ten years later he would be World Champion in any organisation he wanted but because in the early 1990s WWE rarely pushed a small guy he was pigeonholed in a way.

Owen versus Bret. Next, starting with Survivor Series where Owen showed signs of his hatred of his brothers spot light, which lead to Owen turning on his brother in a tag match, and then finally an epic encounter where Owen won. This match was one of my personal favourite matches ever. Stu and Helen didnt like the idea but after a while, as Wrestlemania drew closer both got excited.

Another Hart dies as Georgia Harts son Matt died of a flesh eating bacteria which started with a bad cough. Tyson Kidd talks about him and said that he was alright one day but in a coma the next. At one point he was considered the sickest kid in Canada. After this we find out more about Georgia herself and how she replaced the parents as the head of the family.

Then back with the wrestling with Bret turning heel in America, starting the craziness with Bret and the new Hart Foundation being hated in America and loved in Canada. Bret Hart pretty much started a wrestling war. Finally we go to Bret, most famous person in Canada according to his sister. Now we see clips of the hot feud of Steve Austin going against Bret Hart and the huge celebration in the ring.

The Foundation went downhill after Summerslam and Flyin Brian died. Then we finally get to Montreal. Most of the Harts stuck with Bret and went to WCW and Jimmy regretted this move. Bret says he was interested in going to WCW but felt that WCW was horribly mismanaged. Bret admits that Vince was right and that WCW didnt know how to use a Bret Hart.

Now we get a lot of stupid stuff with WCW, starting with Fall Brawl and the infamous trap door which was rigged for Ultimate Warrior to do his OWN stuff. Bulldog took a bump and hurt his back badly and ended up getting hooked on painkillers and morphine. Shortly after this was Owen freak death. Bret was told by some of the guys at WWF about Owen but he couldnt get through. We get shots from the night and of JR telling everyone that he died during the PPV. Everyone expresses their love for him, and no one has a bad word to say. Jericho says he was one guy no one said anything bad about. The family began to fight and lawyers started to put sides against each other. Again Stu remained calm and put it off as an accident. Soon after the settlement of the lawsuit Helen died.

Davey was still in a bad way and his injuries had taken its toll. He remained on the morphine and couldnt get off the stuff. Diana eventually left him but Davey was not strong enough to beat his demons. Davey was one of the most loved people and Jimmy says I cant believe he left me here in Tampa by myself. Stu finally died in 2003, and all of the Harts say that the family has changed forever, and he was the one who kept the family together as a close knit group and did loads of things for the community.

The Hart family turn to the future, and towards The Hart Dynasty. Teddy Hart is mentioned, and it is said that he was supposed to be part of the group but his mother admits that he was a little immature, which cost him his spot. Natalya was told not to go into wrestling but she did anyway. Harry is technically sound according to Bret and that he was born to be a wrestler. Tyson has been called Mr Perfect because everything he does in the ring is perfect. The family are proud to be Harts.

Special Features

Stu the Athlete is good, but puts himself across as being a bit arrogant. Helens car accident gives you are interesting story and you realise why Smith isnt that well known. You find out more about Ted the Wrestling Bear.  You see a written letter by Dean about family which is nice and from the heart. Stu vs. the tiger tells the story of Stu wrestling with a tiger. 1987 Thanksgiving gives you an insight into the family and it is really nice to see how relaxed the family are. Plus you get to see a young Teddy Hart. Then we get Helen throwing in the towel which has Bret telling the story of his match with Bob Backlund and how she messed up. The best part of the extras is Owen the prankster. We get stories of Owen at his best. Chris Jerichos flight with Owen sees Jericho acting like a fan and does give you good advice. Uninvited Guest was boring as well as the return of Bret Hart return.


Disc two kicks off with the hosts, The Hart Dynasty and we are straight into the first match.

The Dynamite Kid & The Kiwis w/J.R. Foley vs. Keith, Bruce and Bret Hart (May 1979)

We are midway through the match and Bruce is taking control of the match. Dynamite is making him look amazing with his bumping ability. The Kiwis attack Bruce from behind and begin to take control of the match until Bruce cleverly tags in Bret, who looks like Cody Rhodes with an Afro. His bumping isnt exactly at the level it became. The kiwis ended up being the Bushwackers. This shows that the Bushwackers could have been more than a comedy act during their WWF run. Bret has been in the ring the most and continues to play the face in peril role. Classic six man tag action with the referee not seeing the tags. Dynamite is on his game tonight everything he is doing is perfect. Looking at Bret in this match you cant believe that this little kid became the excellence of execution. Bruce has bladed after getting chucked into the ring post and the Hart boys have snapped and are dominating them. After a piledriver by Keith the referee decides to call the match off for a double DQ. After the match Keith gets interviewed looking like a out of shape Rick Rude and talks about how the Harts are here to wrestle not fight, but if they want to act like that then you will get a different side of the Harts. Bret goes on the mic and sounds nothing at all like his WWE run, bless puberty I guess. This match was good for the time but wouldnt stand up in todays fast placed action. Dynamite was amazing and his interaction with the Kiwis made this match, so I am giving it two out of five.

WWE Tag Team Title Match

The British Bulldogs vs. The Hart Foundation w/Jimmy Hart (November 1986)

First comment is that Bret looks a lot more like the finished product, instead of Cody Rhodes, and here come the champs with the mascot Matilda. Comedy to start, with the dog chasing Jimmy Hart and barking at him because of his megaphone. Bret takes Dynamite into the corner but Dynamite takes control and tags in Davey Boy Smith, who looks like a short Wade Barrett. Bret uses his speed against Davey but doesnt succeed and tags in Jim. The Anvil takes control of the match and tags Bret back in and we get into the natural tag formula of the face in peril as Bret and Jim are to take apart Davey Boy Smith. The match gets pretty stale waiting for the hot tag but as soon as it is made Dynamite ups the tempo and takes on both men. The ref goes down when The Anvil jumps from the top rope knocking down the ref, Dynamite and Bret. The Anvil throws Davey Boy out of the ring, places Bret on Dynamite, and tries to wake the ref up. The ref crawls over and counts a close three. Anvil powerslams Dynamite and places Bret on top again and they get another close three. Davey on the apron finally recovers enough to sneak up behind the angry Anvil and roll him up for the three. Again not a classic but it did a job that was needed. The finish seemed poorly booked but this was the days before Dusty finishes so you cant blame them. Looking at all four men you feel that at least three of them could be world champions one day, I give it two and a half out of five stars.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Bret The Hitman Hart vs. The British Bulldog w/Lennox Lewis (August 1992)

We start off with an interview with Bulldog, he is shrugging on the mic and is trying to say that it doesnt matter that he and Bret are family as he is going home as champion. We go to Bret now who is so much better on the mic than he was back in the first match and basically says that he is the reason that Bulldog is where he is today. We now go to Diana Smith who says she just wants everyone to be nice and make cookies. Lewis looks like Leon in Cool Runnings. Missed opportunity for WWE to use Harry and have Bret place his glasses on him and annoy the Bulldog more. There is the bell and we get a pushing contest before Davey shoulderblocks Bret, who rolls to the outside. We get some chain wrestling between the two before Bret rolls Davey up for a two, and then another quick two with a small package. Bret takes him down yet again with the headlock. Davey escapes and places Bret into a hammerlock until Bret fights out and reverses into his own hammerlock. Davey does the five Ds of Dodge ball and takes Bret Hart down into an armbar. Bret gets up and whips Davey off the rope only for it to be reversed, when Davey slingshots Bret into the Turnbuckle and goes back to the arm. Davey goes for a crucifix but gets a two. Davey goes right back to the arm, good ring psychology. Bret tries to slam his way out of the armbar, but Davey hangs on and we are back with a rest hold.  Bret escapes and whips Bulldog off the ropes and knees him in the stomach. Bret delivers a leg drop followed by a chinlock. Davey escapes but only runs into a elbow. Bret delivers a reverse piledriver according to Vince but to me and you it is called an Atomic Drop. Davey goes back to the well and tries a crucifix but it is countered into a Samoan Drop for a two. Davey whips him into the ropes and sends Bret flying with the reverse monkey flip. He whips Bret into the turnbuckle and charges into a huge boot by Bret, which he follows with the bulldog. Bret goes to the top but is caught by Bulldog and he goes on top but misses the splash. Davey goes for his classic rollup but Bret ducks while running at the ropes and sends Davey to the outside. Bret dives over the top rope and grabs Bulldog and slams him down and then launches him into the ringpost. Bret gets Bulldog into the ring and takes him down with a Russian leg sweep. A back drop gets a two for Bret and the crowd are totally on the side of the Bulldog. Vintage Bret Hart suplex for two. Davey tries a cheeky backslide only for a two. Bret nails the diving elbow drop got two. Bret goes back to the neck with a sleeperhold. The Bulldog finally makes it to the rope, so Bret kicks him in the face and goes back to the sleeperhold until Davey starts ramming Bret into the corner. Then we get a punch off which leads to Bulldog dropping Bret by mistake onto the middlerope during a press-slam. VINTAGE BULLDOG nails the stalling vertical suplex for a two count. Bret takes the running chest bump into the corner and Davey covers for a two count. Davey signals for the end and here comes the powerslam for an extremely close three count. Bret goes onto the apron and Davey goes to suplex him back be but Bret reverses and nailed the bridging German suplex for two.  Bret goes for a suplex but Davey reverses it and puts him on the top rope and nailed a superplex for two. We get the classic WWF double clothesline. Bret is first man up and gets Davey in the Sharpshooter. Davey gets to the rope, Bret goes off the rope looking for the sunset flip. Davey reverses it and sits down for the three. The crowd are over the moon for the Bulldog. Bret goes to walk away but thinks better of it and we get a nice family moment. Diana gets into the ring and all three celebrate. The match was fantastic. It had everything you needed in a big fight atmosphere; I just think personally that Bulldog needed a cleaner cut victory to get him to that next level rather then a cheap rollup but this match has got a five out of five for me.

The Harts w/ Stu Hart vs. Shawn Michaels and The Knights (November 1993)

We kick off with a random TV guy announcing Ross, Wayne, Georgia, Martha and Helen Hart at ringside. Michaels comes down with his Knights, who are, according to Wikipedia, Greg Valentine (Blue), Barry Horowitz (Red) and some confusion about the black knight as some say it is Glenn Jacobs, the man who later became Kane. Michaels starts a fight with the other brothers before getting back into the ring. Here comes the Hart family all dressed the same apart from Bret is wearing the pink singlet instead of black. Owen comes out and says We are the Harts and we are number one baby. We kick off with Bruce going against Shawn. We get some chain wrestling that leads to Shawn knocking down the Red Knight. Bruce is taking it to the Knights until Black Knight hooks him up for Shawn to try and take him out with a high knee but Bruce moves and Shawn takes out the Black knight. The Harts start to dominate the Knights and I dont think Black Knight is Kane because this guy doesnt seem as tall, but again might have had a growth spurt. Shawn Michaels and the Knights take control until Bruce makes a hot tag to Bret who tries to roll the Black Knight up, and followed it up with the classic elbow drop. Bret tags in Owen and we get team work of a held dropkick by the Harts. It breaks down and everyone is in the ring until the Harts each whip one opponent into the middle. They bang together and all of them fall out of the ring apart from the Black Knight who gets pinned after a missile dropkick from Owen Hart.

The Harts begin to work on the Red Knights leg, all of them getting offence on the man. Keith goes for the figure 4 but Shawn runs in and breaks it up, and now the Knights begin to work on Keiths arm. Shawn and Red Knight work together to nail the ax handle smash. The Fans start chanting boring, and I dont blame them! What happened to fast multi-man action. Shawn and the Knights try an elevated splash but it is missed and Keith makes the tag to Bret who takes out the Red Knight with the Sharpshooter leaving it 4 against 2.

Blue Knight attacks Bret giving him an elbow drop and sends him to the outside where he is hit with the ax handle off the apron. Shawn begins to take it to Bret nailing some of his classic offence and then locking in the sleeper. Bret tries to break out but Shawn stops it with a high knee. Shawn Michaels tags out and the Blue Knight nails a headbutt to the gut for a two count. Bret escapes after reversing the whip and Bret tags in Owen who takes control of the Blue Knight and Owen nailed the elbow drop. Owen and Bruce double team Shawn and the Blue Knight and then try it again on Michaels, but he slips out only to be met with a punch from Stu Hart himself. Owen then dives over the top onto Michaels. Back in the ring The Harts continue to double team both men until Owen locks in the Sharpshooter on the Blue Knight and the Blue Knight is eliminated.

Michaels is trying to get out of dodge, now it is 4 on 1 but Bret catches him and throws him back into the ring. Michaels is backing off but goes to hit Owen, who ducks and delivers an atomtic drop. Bruce is in now and he is hit with the superkick for a two count. Bruce comes back with a dropkick and tags in Bret Hart. Bret slingshots Michaels into the corner for a two count. Bret nails a Russian leg sweep and goes for a sidewalk slam but Shawn rakes his eyes so Bret tags in Owen. He nails a beautiful belly to belly suplex for two. After a miscommunication Owen ends up running into Bret, who falls off the apron and onto the guard rail. Michaels comes up from behind and rolls Owen up for the three. Owen is pissed and is screaming at Bret and the rest of the family. You hear Owen saying What about me?

It is now 3 on 1 and Bruce is taking on Michaels, now all the Harts are taking it out on Michaels. Bret teases for the Sharpshooter but Shawn leaves the ring and would rather take the count out loss than try and continue. Owen comes back down and grabs Bret and demands that Bret says sorry. This is setting the seeds for what became one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches and, the beginning of Owen stepping out of the shadow of his brother. This match was too long and just wasnt that entertaining until Owen was eliminated. This gets a half a star out of five from me.


Bret & Owen Hart vs. The Steiner Brothers (January 1994)

Bret and Scott are starting things off for their teams. Scott takes down Bret first but Bret counters with one of his own. Again both men get a chance to take each other over until Scott locks in a sidehead lock, but Bret escapes and is met with Scotts shoulder and Bret is sent to the floor. Bret gets back into the ring and tries to sneak a two count but Scott kicks out. Bret puts him in an arm bar and tags in his brother. Owen continues with working on the arm until Scott slams him and tags in his brother Rick. We get some amateur wrestling until Rick nails Owen with a powerslam. Then a huge back suplex. Owen nails him with his own German suplex for a two count. Rick tags in Scott but Owen nails him with a flying leg lariat. Northern lights Suplex get two before Scott powers out onto his feet and nails a tigerbomb for two. Both teams bring in the fresher men, Rick takes control of Bret with an armbar while Bret continues to try and break the hold. Rick transitions the hold into a half nelson on the floor. Bret comes back with a headbutt and a leg drop before Rick goes back to the half nelson. Bret breaks it up and nails a dropkick followed by the DDT and Bret locks a sleeper on his own. Rick tries to back Bret into the turnbuckle but the hold is still applied and Rick passes out and falls into the ropes. Bret eventually breaks the hold. Bret nails a suplex and heads up top for the classic elbow but Rick got his boot up followed by Rick going up top himself nailing the top rope bulldog for a two count. Bret gets thrown into the turnbuckle, much like he did with Bulldog earlier. Scott is tagged in and nails an impressive tilt o whirl slam for a two. Bret runs at Scott in the corner but Scott moves and Brett runs straight into the ring post. Bret reverses Scotts attempt to suplex back into the ring and suplexes him out of the ring. Owen is finally back in the ring and he nails a diving headbutt on Scott. Owen begins to apply the abdominal stretch but Scott Steiner powers out. Owen soon gets back in control with that beautiful belly to belly suplex. Bret does a cheap shot off the apron and Owen goes for a dropkick and misses. Then in comes Rick Steiner. Rick takes control of Owen, nailing him with a powerslam. Rick follows this up with the gut wrench tombstone for a two. Scott is back in and nails Owen with the dragon suplex, but thats not all as Rick comes back in and nails a Steinerline and then tags Scott back in who nails the Steiner screwdriver. Bret makes the save. Owen gets back into the ring and reverses a slingshot to send Scott to the floor. Owen tags in Bret who is on fire and nails Vintage Bret moves, such as the atomic drop and backbreaker. Bret goes for the sharpshooter but Rick makes the save. As Rick walks back, Owen tries and Rick clotheslines him as well. The Steiners go for the doomsday dog but Bret breaks Rick and Owen goes for a Victory roll on Scott for a two count. Owen bumps into Bret and Rick to send them to the outside. Scott goes to the top and ax handle smashes him from the inside out. Owen soon follows with a dive over the top rope onto Rick. The ref has called for the bell and it looks like a double count out. The Steiners are back in the ring and Scott gets on the mic and says him and Rick came to beat them not draw which causes another brawl. Bret gets on the mic and he does what Scott just did and we get another brawl. Things calm down eventually and you get a handshake between the two teams. This was a fantastic match, great tag teams going at it, but it just makes you think at what these teams could have done if it wasnt for the Owen Hart heel turn 11 days later. Four stars out of five for me,

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo vs. Bret & Owen Hart (January 1994)

We kick off with an interview with the Hart brothers and it is all a set up to make people think that everything is fine and that both brothers are on the same page when it comes to winning the tag team championships. Owen says this is the proudest day of his life. Here comes the champion and Johnny Polo is someone you should know by another name and that is Raven. Pierre and Bret are starting things for their respected teams. Johnny smiling is just freaky. Bret takes control after a knee in the stomach off Pierre and he holds him for his brother to nail an ax handle smash. Owen hiptosses Pierre and goes for the cover for an extremely close two count. Pierre tags out and in comes Jacque who offers a handshake that Owen refuses. A bit of a mix up with the reversal of a back drop attempt with Owen suplexing Jacque and quickly following that a dropkick. Owen nails him with an enzuiguri for a two. Owen and Bret double team him nailing a back breaker/elbow drop combination. Bret gets some quick near-falls one after the other until Pierre interferes. The Quebecers tries to throw the Harts together but Bret falls to the floor giving Owen the chance to dive on top of Pierre. Both Quebecers go and seek solace with their manager before getting back into the ring. Bret continues to assault Pierre before tagging in his brother who nails him with a flying leg lariat and a gutwrench suplex. Bret is back in and it is total Hart domination until Pierre powerslams him for a two count. Pierre tags in Jacque. The Quebecers do some old classic tag team cheating. The Quebecers continue to double team Bret until he gets a boot up when Pierre comes off the top rope and Owen is finally in. Dropkick to both men, then a back body drop. Owen nails his belly to belly and the flying leg lariat again. Owen gets the sharpshooter but the ref is way to busy trying to get Bret out of the ring. Pierre finally breaks up the submission. The Quebecers whip Owen off the ropes and nail a double flap jack onto the top rope for a two count.  The Quebecers went for the double clothesline but Owen ducked and nailed a double dropkick. Bret is tagged in and we get vintage Hart side Russian leg sweep, backbreaker and smashing the Quebecer heads together.  Owen holds Pierre as Bret goes to bounce off the ropes. Johnny Polo pulls the rope down and Bret falls to the outside and damages his knee. The Quebecers work on Brets knee more while Owen continues to argue with the ref. Jacques hits Bret with a chair in the knee and you can clearly see that Tim White sees the chair shot. Owen stops the count out by throwing Bret into the ring. Like a shark that smells blood in the water he starts working on the knee again. Owen runs in and breaks up a single crab. The Quebecers go for the assisted swanton but Bret moves out of the way. Owen is screaming for a tag but Bret goes for the sharpshooter instead. As Bret turns him over his knee gives in and the ref calls for the bell. Bret is unable to continue, and Owen is pissed. Owen is screaming at Bret wanting an explanation to why he refused to tag out. Bret gets back to his feet and Owen finally snaps and kicks his leg. An interviewer gets into the ring and says it is uncertain if Bret go on to fight in the Royal Rumble match and guess what? He goes onto win it. Then we go to the backstage with Owen, who is screaming and ranting about Brets selfishness. This match was good for what it was meant to do. Turn Owen and make Bret seem to be out of the Royal Rumble but personally I think Bret came off more like a villain in this because of the lack of tagging. If I got the chance to re-do this I would have had Owen step away from the tag. Any who this match gets two and a half out of five from me.


WWE Title Match

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart (August 1994)

We are back with Disc Three and we get a recap of the problems of the Hart family. We see Jerry Lawler and Vince McMahon and we get a quick interview with Helen and Stu Hart, who both say they want this over with and that Owen is going through a phrase so it seems. Then we see a strange looking British Bulldog who says that he wouldnt like to fight against Bret because Bret is in the shape of his life. Then The Anvil gets in on the Owen bandwagon and Bruce has something to say about that, as Jim and Bruce start arguing. We go backstage and Bret says he doesnt hate Owen but he has always been better than Bret, and blames The Anvil for Owenss jealousy. Owen comes out first and is now known as The King of Harts for the first time on this DVD. Here comes the champion and he looks at his peak in away. The cage is the old school one with the blue bars and makes a horrible noise whenever someone bangs into it. The first couple of minutes have just seen both men giving each other stiff chops the intensity that is going on between these two men is amazing. The first move was a DDT by Bret on Owen. Most of this match has been one man takes control and tries to escape and then getting caught and the other man trying to escape only to be caught. Owen finally makes it over the top of the cage but gets dragged back over the top by his hair. Owen chucks Bret off the top rope and nails a missile dropkick. We are back with the same formula of both men trying to escape only to be caught. Finally something interesting. Owen drags Bret off the top rope and by doing that Bret has hurt his knee. Then we are back with the exact same formula until one time Owen samoan drops Bret off the top rope and both men are down. We catch up with the Hart family and with Neidhart and Bruce arguing. Another suplex off the ropes. Brets hands are touching the floor but Owen drags him back in. Bret slingshots Owen into the cage but Bret crawls to the wrong corner. Owen smashes against the steel along with Brets Knee, and he is trying to climb the cage but again he is dragged back in. We are back to the same old formula. Eventually Owen locks on the sharpshooter only for Bret to reverse it, but that was not enough to get over the top. Both men are on the outside of the cage hitting each other. Owen slips and catches his leg in the cage hanging upside down. Bret drops to the floor and wins. The Anvil jumps the guardrail and clothesline Bulldog and Diana over the rail before The Anvil and Owen throw Bret into the cage before locking the door and continue the beating. Owen is keeping the rest of the Harts out of the ring. Eventually someone comes down with bolt cutters so The Anvil and Owen leave the cage and go to the back, leaving Bret out cold in the middle of the ring. This match was way too long and it doesnt matter how good the people are in the cage it takes more then the same formula to be a great match. Some might see this match as a five but personally I see this match as a two out of five – nothing on the Wrestlemania X match up.

Bret Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart (November 1994)

Bret and Bulldog come out first but are soon followed by Owen and Jim. Bulldog and Bret dont wait for the bell to ring and go on the offence. Both whipped Owen and Jim towards each other and both smashed together. Double clothesline on Anvil and it sends him to the outside. Bulldog picks Owen up in the press position and vaults him outside on top on Anvil. Bret brings Anvil in the hard way, classic Bret moves like the corner boot to the face but Brets dominance stops as soon as he jumps right into a bear hug by The Anvil. Bret bites the forehead to escape and Bret tags in Bulldog. The heels begin to take control after a flying leg lariat. We go to a break and come back to a two count from a sunset flip from Bulldog only for Owen to nail him with an enzuiguri. The Anvil is in and has Bulldog in a front face lock but Bulldog begins to move towards Bret and is just about to make the tag until Owen pulls Bret off the apron to the floor. Bret chases Owen until the referee stops him. Meanwhile in the ring Anvil has him up and Owen comes in and finishes the Hart attack, but Bret makes the save. The heels continue to isolate Bulldog from Bret and with quick tags they keep the fresh man in. Anvil is in now and is hammering away from Bulldog as we go to another break. As we come back Davey has escaped Owens clutches but as he made the tag The Anvil distracts the referee. A failed double team attempt gets Bret finally into this match with his vintage Bret moves. The heels try and double team Bret but Bulldog is there to break it up, which gives Bret time to lock The Anvil in The sharpshooter for the win. This match was fast paced and was a nicely set out tag match, but again for a DVD you expect more. Two stars out of five I think.

WWE European Title Match

Owen Hart vs. The British Bulldog (March 1997)

Owen and Davey are tag team champions together to add more fuel to the fire I guess. British Bulldog deserves more credit as a wrestler, and if it wasnt for the fact his personal issues got in the way he would have been WWF champion by this point, or at least would have had a father and son run at the tag team titles with Harry. We start off with some fantastic back and fourth chain wrestling. You can see some of the stuff that Bulldog learnt from Bret at Summerslam 1992. Bulldog gets him into a wristlock but Owen skins the cat and springs out of the wristlock but ran into a powerbomb. Bulldog grabs Owen and slingshots him to the outside and does that little flip he does. Davey lets Hart back into the ring. Owen reverses a hammerlock into a roll up for a two count. Hart goes back to the well but this time Davey just drops him on his back. We go to commercial and come back to see Davey hooking Hart in a crucifix for a two. Bulldog goes for the stalling suplex but Owen escapes. Owen goes for the enzuguri but Bulldog side steps it. Davey grabs him and gets him into a Mexican surfboard, only for Owen to grab the ref to move out of the move. Bulldog reverse monkey flips Owen but he recovers enough to backdrop him out of the ring. Owen mocks Bulldogs taunt and lets him back in. Owen fakes a knee injury, only to go on to boot Bulldog in the knee looking for the sharpshooter but Davey blocks it. Owen nails his flying leg lariat. Owen goes to work on Bulldogs back until he sunset flips Owen for a two that was short lived as Owen takes control again with a clothesline as we go to commercial. Back and we see the belly to belly suplex from Owen. Owen puts him into a camels clutch only for Davey to power out and into an electric chair drop. Davey, on the follow up, runs straight into the boot of Owen who quickly covers and places his feet on the second rope. A neckbreaker followed by an elbow isnt enough for a three count for Owen. Owen places Bulldog on the top rope looking for the superplex but Davey counters and lands on top of Owen for a two count. Bulldog takes control of the match and nails the stalling suplex and it gets a two. Owen goes into the corner sternum first and comes back out into a press slam. Bulldog drops him and crotches him on the ropes. Owen is on the apron and Bulldog looks for the suplex but Owen slides off and nails a bridging German suplex for a two. Hart reverses the powerslam for a two count. Owen springs into the corner looking for the crossbody but Davey rolls through for a two count. Owen then pops up and gets him with the enzuguri in the side of the head. Owen goes for the kill and locks in the sharshooter. Bulldog eventually makes it to the rope. Both men are up and Davey whips Owen off the ropes looking for the sideslam but it is reversed into a tombstone, which is reversed into a powerslam for an extremely close two count. Bulldog starts arguing with the referee as Hart comes jumping from behind looking for the Victory, only to get a two count, but Bulldog rolls back and gets the three count, along with the European championship. After the match Owen Hart teases turning on his partner but we just get a handshake. We get a strange interview were Bulldog speaks a bit like Steve McLaren in a certain internet video, wink wink. Then Owen comes out and asks what about me? He believes he deserves the credit because he made the Bulldog. I think this match was one of the best free matches the world has ever seen, it was just two men sent out to have a good match and both men delivered. It is a shame the planned face turn for Bulldog never came of anything. Four out of five for me.

The New Hart Foundation vs. Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust and LOD (July 1997)

We start with the usual introduction of Stu and Helen Hart before the match, as well as the children and grandchildren. First out is a trim looking Goldust. He is followed by Ken Shamrock who has yet to find a character in WWF. Next up is LOD looking as old as they are. Finally we get the rattlesnake himself Stone Cold Steve Austin. They are followed by the other team and the crowd are going insane as Brian Pillman is the first man out. Next out is a slightly trimmer Jim The Anvil Neidhart. Bulldog is out next with his wife Diana, who is wearing the Mrs Calgary sash. Next is The King of Harts Owen Hart with his two Slammy awards. Lastly comes the team captain Bret The Hitman Hart. Austin is starting it out for America and Bret is starting for the Harts. Bret takes control after getting the best of Austin in the opening exchange. Bret starts giving Austin a mudhole stomping.  The crowd is that loud it is making the steady camera shake. One eye rake and a chorus of boos come around the arena as Austin takes over. Bret takes control of the match yet again, nailing some of his vintage moves before Austin low blows him to take control of the match. Austin then locks in the cobra clutch. Bret goes for reversal he used on Roddy Piper getting a two before Austin breaks the hold. Austin misses with the rope choker and Bret tags in The Anvil. The Anvil doesnt last long on his feet as Austin nails him with the Thesz Presz. Shamrock is in the ring now and he nails him with a roundhouse to the head and went for the ankle until Pillman comes in and breaks it up.  Pillman gets into the ring and knocks Shamrock down, and uses dirty tricks for the crowds applause. Pillman tags out, as does Shamrock as Owen and Goldust get into the ring. After a couple of strikes between them Owen nails Goldust with the enzuguri as the fans cheer him on. Goldust takes control as Hawk comes into the ring and nails him with a gutwrench and a splash for a two count. Hawk also nails a top rope splash for another two count. Davey Boy gets into the ring and gives Hawk the stalling suplex for a two count. Bulldog nails the poweslam for a two count before Goldust can break up the pinfall. Bret and Animal are the legal men until Bret starts to get the better of him. Animal wisely steps out of the ring, leaving Goldust as the legal man. Bret starts to take control of Goldust. Bret ties him up in the tree of woe in the Harts corner and the Harts begin to lay into him as the crowds go wild. This causes a mass brawl between all of the men in the ring. Owen throws Goldust into the corner and looks to spear but he moves out of the way and Owen hits nothing but post. Animal comes in but Owen takes control nailing the flying leg lariat and the missile dropkick. Owen looks for the hurricrana but gets nailed with the powerbomb, and then LOD nails the doomsday device. The Anvil comes in to make the save which causes a mass brawl between all ten men. Austin goes to work on Owens leg then grabs a steel chair and smashes it over his ankle, before beginning to fight with Bruce Hart at ringside. Bret stops the attack from Austin and Owen has been sent to the back. Now all of the Harts are taking it out on Austin, until he fights back and starts taking it out on Pillman. Austin takes him into the corner so the American can take shots at him and then nails him with a stunner. As Austin stands over Pillman, Bret wipes his legs and puts him in the same position as Owen, doing the same thing in retaliation, making it now four against four. Austin is taken to the back as Jim and Bulldog take turns hitting Hawk. We get a power struggle between Anvil and Animal which leads to Bret and Anvil nailing the Hart attack. Animal gets up and knocks Hart down, tagging in Shamrock, but Shamrock takes too much time taunting and Pillman comes in and clothesline Shamrock down to the floor. Bret nails Shamrock with the very low headbutt. Bret throws Shamrock to the outside and Pillman grabs him and throws him into the Spanish announcers table. Again we get a mass brawl between all of these men. Meanwhile in the ring Bret is taking it to Shamrock until he tags in Bulldog, who takes over and starts hammering him with rights and lefts. Shamrock low blows Bulldog, and Shamrock tags in Goldust. Goldust goes to the top rope only for Bulldog to come up and superplex him off the top rope for a one count as Stone Cold is returning to the match. Bret and Austin are now trading punches between one another. Austin has the better of the exchange until Hart reverses the back drop into the DDT. Bret follows this with the elbow from the top. Bret locks in the camel clutch which Austin reverses into a Jaw Breaker. Austin looks like he is going for a spinebuster but Bret slides out and takes down Austin and locks in the sharpshooter. The move is broken up by Animal. Austin then goes for his own sharpshooter but that is interrupted by the returning Owen Hart. Bret tags in Owen and both men end up on the outside. Bruce throws a drink at Stone Cold and then the Hart brothers begin to attack Stone Cold after he starts on Stu Hart. Austin gets back in and Owen sneaks up behind and rolls him up with a handful of tights for the three count. The brawl continues even though the bell has gone. The Harts in the stand come into the ring and clear it. Austin is told by security to go back to the locker-room. Austin has come back by himself, and with a chair he nails Anvil in the back. All of the Harts jump on top of him until security come and arrest him. After that the entire Hart Clan, who are at ringside, jump into the ring. You see a young Teddy, Harry, Tyson and Natayla. This match was one of the best of 1997 so for, and it gets four out of five stars from me.

Flag Match

Steve Austin, Dude Love & The Undertaker vs. Bret & Owen Hart & The British Bulldog (July 1997)

The Hart Foundation is out first with the crowd very much behind them. Then we get the Canadian national anthem. I find it funny that only two of them know the words for this. Laters comes one half of the tag team champions, Stone Cold Steve Austin, followed by the other half; the coolest cat this side of world Dude Love. Both men run in and begin to get taken apart by the Hart Foundation. Austin tries to sneak and grab the flag but is pulled down by Owen Hart. Owen then nails the enzuguri. Owen goes for the flag but is dumped to the outside by Stone Cold. As we go to break we hear the bells for the one and only Undertaker. The Undertaker is now on the side of Austin and Dude Love. The champion comes in and begins to take it to Owen Hart. Owen fights out of Stone Colds sleeper, so Austin hits him to knock him back down tags out to Dude Love as Owen tries to scale the pole. Dude Love comes from behind and knocks him off onto the mat which looked bad. Owen Hart gets back in control thanks to a DDT. Dude Love locks in the sleeper. We go to another commercial and come back to Dude having Owen in another sleeper. Austin is back in and he ducks the enzuguri. Austin then goes back for the sharpshooter but Owen escapes and tags in Bret, who clotheslines Austin.  Bret grabs Austins leg and goes to wrap it around the ring post until Dude breaks it up. Taker has now been tagged in and takes down all the Hart members and chokeslams Bulldog. He then looks for the tombstone but Bret saves Bulldog. Both men are equal as they nail the clothesline at the same time, but Taker sits up and goes for the flag. Owen Hart saves the match for his team, dragging Taker down. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring Bret is climbing up for his flag. Brian Pillman, out of nowhere, comes out and keeps Undertaker from grabbing the flag. Bret grabs the Canadian flag and The Hart Foundation are the winners. This match was clearly filler, and was set up to promote the matches at Summerslam, especially the title match between Undertaker and Bret Hart. It gets two stars out of five from me.

WWE Unified Tag Title Match

D-Generation X vs. The Hart Dynasty w/Natalya (December 2009)

This match is from Smackdown late last year and everyone pretty much knew going into it that the Hart Dynasty didnt really stand a chance at upsetting the tag team champions at the time, DX. Kidd and Michaels start it off with Michaels and Tyson having a nice back and forth match. Triple H takes a page of Davey Boys playbook with a stalling vertical suplex. Triple H continues to take apart Tyson Kidd until he goes for the pedigree where David Smith gets involved, clotheslining Triple H to the floor.  DH tags in and after we come back from the break we see Hart Dynasty taking control of the match, with Smith nailing a stalling suplex of his own for a two count. Tyson begins to strangle Triple H with the tag rope until Triple H breaks free, taking out Tyson and tagging in Shawn. VINTAGE Michaels goes for his moves until the elbow drop, when Natayla moves Tyson out of the way. DH is back in the ring and begins to ram Michaels back into the ring apron. Natayla also slaps Shawn. Eventually Shawn breaks free after Tyson makes a mistake, coming off the ropes and landing into an atomic drop. DH and Triple H both get into the ring, and take apart The Hart Dynasty. Triple H goes for a pedigree but DH powers out and the Hart Dynasty nail a springboard Hart attack for a two count. Tyson goes to dive on Michaels on the outside but he moves. DH goes for the powerslam but Triple H slides out, which was reversed again. Both men went running into the corner but Triple H ducks as Shawn delivered sweet chin music. Triple H then adds the pedigree for the three count. D-Generation X retains the championships. Just think, five months later the Hart Dynasty would go on to beat Big Show and The Miz to become tag team champions, showing that they must have been impressive in their match up against DX. Two and a half out of five for me.


Overall looking back at the entire DVD package I would give it two and a half out of five. While the documentary did give you something a little different, in information and a much more honest view of the Hart Family than there has been in the past, it is mostly common knowledge which most fans would know anyway. The extras were not as interesting as I thought they could have been. As for the matches, apart from one or two, it seems as if I had seen them a hundred times, and towards the end it was predictable wrestling. If you love the Harts you will love this DVD and I would highly recommend it. If you are somewhat anti-Hart then do not buy this. Things that could have changed this DVD and made it better would have included the addition of the Bret vs. Vince match from the latest Wrestlemania, and including the Hart Dynasty vs. ShowMiz match for the WWE Unified tag team title. This would have been a nicer way to finish than showing their loss to DX.

by:  adam_gp@live.com


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