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IPW:UK Present: Make or Break 2010

September 30, 2010   ·   0 Comments

IPW:UK Present: Make or Break 2010

Over our 6 years of existence IPW:UK has made a habit of delivering quite simply the highest calibre professional wrestling available on these shores and as we jump into our 7th year of life we plan to continue doing just that. What better way to start than on 10/10/10 as we return to our spiritual home of Sittingbourne for an explosive night of pro wrestling action, the calibre of which you quite simply cant see anywhere else in the UK today.

Tighe vs. Redman If Redman Wins He Will Get 5 Minutes Alone With Gordon!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW FROM: www.ipwuk.com/sittingbourne

The first contest signed for Make or Break 2010, is a re-match from the 6 Year Anniversary Show. A contest that under normal circumstances could well be considered a UK dream match but with the stakes a little higher this one could well steal the show as the newest member of The Thrillers, The Technical Wizard James Tighe goes one on one with the man whom he replaced in the outfit: The Physical Specimen Joel Redman.

In life we get the opportunity to make choices. In the mind of Gilligan Gordon his former protg The Physical Specimen Joel Redman has made a series of mistakes in his life choices over the past several months. Moving away from the rule breaking, underhand tactics Redman decided that a path without honour was not one he wanted to take and whilst wrestling fans and experts were quick to stand up and commend Redman on his actions, Gilligan Gordon protested, using the mindset that you cant lie with the cold hard facts. Sadly for Joel the cold hard facts state that since adopting this change in attitude he has suffered a series of high profile defeats and has not been coming home with the winners share of the purse: a purse that he shared with Gordon.

After months of speculation and another defeat this time at the hands of TNA X-Division Champion Doug Williams, it was Gordon who took matters into his own hands. Replacing the man who he himself touted as the future of British wrestling with a man whom he had been courting for months; a motivated & rejuvenated James Tighe.

It was The Thrillers newest charge Tighe who defeated Redman at Augusts 6 Year Anniversary Show. But this victory was no thanks to outside interference from Gordon. After the warning of repercussions should Gilligan Gordon get involved with the pairs clash at the 6 Year Anniversary Show fell on death ears IPW matchmakers have added the stipulations that the Manager of Champions will be handcuffed to the ring post for the duration of the contest and not just that; should Redman defeat Tighe he will be granted 5 minutes in the ring alone with his former mentor. Something that anyone and everyone who has been following IPW for the past 6 years wants to see!

The title make or break couldnt be more apt for this one for Joel Redman, a man who is in desperate need of a victory here as after a string of high profile defeats, the former Thriller and man touted to be the next big thing in British wrestling is on the verge of being cut.

With both men so stylistically evenly matched and absolutely everything to play for, this contest is one that you wont want to miss.

Therefore the current line up for IPW:UK Make or Break 2010 looks as follows:

Gilligan Gordon Handcuffed & if Redman Wins He Gets 5 Minutes With Gilligan Gordon:

Joel Redman v s. Jame Tighe

Plus: much more!

— IPW:UK presents ‘Make or Break 2010’, Sunday October 10th 2010 at the Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Doors 5:00pm, show starts 5.30pm. Tickets 12 general admission (8 children). Family ticket available for 33. Ringside Front Row 30 Second Row 20 all ages. Birthdays, Office Parties and Other Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information e-mail Andy Quildan: andy@ipwuk.com.


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