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Jeff Hardy – My Life, My Rules DVD Review

March 4, 2010   ·   0 Comments

jeffhardyJeff Hardy – My Life, My Rules DVD (3 Discs)



Jeff Hardy has stunned the WWE Universe with amazing highlights in the ring and controversial moments out of it. Now fans can explore both sides fo this unconventional Superstar. Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules contains a revelaing documentary packed with never-before-seen interviews from Jeff and both his closest confidants and biggest rivals. Recorded on the eve of beginning a new chapter in his life, Jeff discusses his tumultuous existence in 2008 and 2009, including his astounding rise to both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships and his challenging personal struggles. Through the 27 matches on this 3-DVD set, fans can retrace Jeff’s remarkable career, including a rare match from 1994, his tag team partnership with brother Matt, and battles for the Intercontinental, World Heavyweight and WWE Championships.



Boy when they say extensive do they mean extensive, this DVD is MUST for a Hardy mark like me! Three yes THREE discs of Jeff, pure Hardy heaven!!

Starting off on August 25th, seeing Jeff contemplating his fate in his match against CMPunk.

Jeff and Matt talk candidly about the bad times Jeff had, leaving WWE and his absence from the business. With comments from Shannon Moore and Gregory Helms and footage of Jeff at home in Cameron. He also goes on to tell us how he approached Vince to ask to come back.

Both Jeff and John Morrison then talk about their feud after he came back and Morrison is a HUGE Hardy fan and it showed in their matches!

Back to Jeff’s ‘loser leaves the WWE’ match with CMPunk we get a great insight into Jeff’s pre-match rituals and then see the beginning of that match.

Then it jumps to The Hardy’s reuniting and both the brothers talk about it very fondly; Jeff makes some good comments about when he was suspended for susbstance abuse again.

Still flicking back to the Punk match, an unusual concept but I can see where it’s going, they slot it in around the rest of the ‘recent history’ stuff and it works!

Back in time again to 2007 and Jeff’s match against Triple H, Jeff talks about how huge that match and that win was for him and his carreer. He and Matt talk about the title chase that Jeff had after that and Jeff also speaks highly of his matches with Randy Orton & how great it was to work with him.

On to Jeff’s second wellness violation and Michael Hayes says how Jeff had a HUGE opportunity and he knows it for a fact, Jeff himself says he was about to do really well at WrestleMania (Im taking it that they’re actually saying he was about to win the Money In The Bank ladder match) and he screwed it up and got suspended. Jeff says he was tested twice a week the whole time he was suspended, then just before he was due to come back he suffered the harsh incident of his house burning down.
Jeff is seen standing outside the burned out shell of his home in a really sad segment, he talks about arriving at the scene of his house burning and of course losing his little dog, Jack.
They really do speak candidly about everything which is actually a refreshing thing to see as far as the normal format of WWE DVD’s go, they aren’t afraid to say that he screwed up and why and how he screwed up and I have so much more respect for someone that can do that especially on such a public stage.
They then go on to talk about his new title chase and Triple H has some nice words to say about the younger Hardy brother. Inbetween all of this we are still seeing clips of the August 25th match against CMPunk with a timeline of each clip counting down to Jeff’s departure from the WWE.

We see his eventual title win, hear comments from Cena, JR, Shannon and Triple H again and Jeff describes his feelings when he hit the Swanton on Edge and got the one, two, three. Matt also says how the locker room rejoiced when he won, and how Matt himself felt so emotional he was almost crying seeing his brother realise a dream they had both had from being kids!

Then it seems to go back to kayfabe as they talk about Matt’s ‘issues’ with jealousy over Jeff winning the title and that ultimatly leading to their match at WrestleMania 25 and the short feud that they had.

They touch on the stuff he did with Edge, I’d like to have heard more about that but there’s so much on this dvd set I can’t complain, then on to the much talked about feud with Punk with comments from both the guys involved in what I thought was one of the best feuds I’ve ever seen. They again seem to be keeping it kayfabe which is a shame considdering what they have tallked about previously on this disc I would have liked to have heard what they REALLY thought about this fantastic string of altercations!

This of course is leading to Jeff’s departure from the WWE, losing the ‘loser leaves the WWE’ match that we have been seeing clips of the whole way through and we hear Matt, Jeff, Morrison and Triple H talk about the enigma that is Jeff hardy. Matt finishes the segment with “Jeff Hardy may have wrestled his last match for a while, but Jeff Hardy has definatly not wrestled his last match! You will see him back in the WWE!”

The extras are awesome; in the first segment Jeff answers some questions on his favourite music, CD’s bands and movies etc. Then Jeff talks us through his bikes in the second segment dedicated to his love of motorcross. We even get to hear from his girlfriend, Beth about her confidence in him wrestling and on the motorcross track with an interesting story about Shannon breaking his collar bone.

There are so many more things on this DVD set that I was so engrossed in that I didn’t even pick up the pen and take notes. It’s a fantastic insight into the life of Jeff Hardy without re-hashing all the old stories that we have heard a million times before. It’s new and it’s brilliant! I can not fault the DVD other than the little kayfabe moments, for a Hardy fan like myself it’s enthralling from start to finish. There are also, on my count, 26 full matches and even a crash course in face painting and cutting up stockings for arm attire!

So many people I know are hounding me to borrow this, are you kidding me? I won’t even let my kids take it upstairs!!! This baby stays on my DVD shelf pride of place mine mine mine!!! BUY IT YOURSELF!

20 out of 10! For real!!!
Sue (paps)


Available from SilverVision.co.uk



Disc 1

Phoenix, AZ August 25, 2009

Jeff Returns

August 25, 2009 9:59 PM

Jeff and Matt Reunite The Hardys!

August 25, 2009 10:03 PM

Opportunity Knocks

August 25, 2009 10:07 PM

Dark Days

Road to Redemption

August 25, 2009 10:12 PM

Sacrifice is Rewarded

August 25, 2009 10:15 PM

Brother vs. Brother

Living for the Moment

August 25, 2009 10:18 PM

Jeffs Omega?

Special Features

Jeffs Faves


Third Gear, Wide Open

Jeffs Art Gallery

Remembering Jack

The Original Hardy Boy

Will O The Wisp

Behind the Paint: Jeff Prepares for SummerSlam

Gas Chamber Ink

The Hardy Show


Jeff Hardy vs. 1-2-3 Kid
Superstars June 25, 1994

Triangle Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boys vs. The Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian
WrestleMania 2000 April 2, 2000
(Alternate Commentary with Jeff and Matt Hardy)

Steel Cage Match for the World Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boys vs. Edge & Christian
Unforgiven September 24, 2000

Hardcore Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Awesome
SmackDown! July 12, 2001

Ladder Match for the Hardcore Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
SummerSlam August 19, 2001

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
Vengeance – December 9, 2001

Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho & Christian
Raw February 17, 2003

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge
Raw August 21, 2006

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro
Raw October 2, 2006

World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Backlash April 29, 2007

#1 Contenders 4-Way Elimination Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Santino Marella vs. William Regal
Raw July 16, 2007

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
Raw September 17, 2007

Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito
Raw December 10, 2007

Winner Receives a WWE Championship Match at Royal Rumble
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
Armageddon December 16, 2007

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton
Raw January 14, 2008

WWE Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton
Royal Rumble January 27, 2008

Jeff Hardy vs. Shawn Michaels
Raw February 11, 2008


Disc 3


Falls Count Anywhere Match

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
One Night Stand: Extreme Rules June 1, 2008

#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena
Raw June 2, 2009

Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison
SmackDown! July 4, 2009

WWE Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
No Mercy October 5, 2008

Extreme Rules Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker
SmackDown November 14, 2008

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H vs. Edge
Armageddon December 14, 2008

Extreme Rules Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler
Raw March 23, 2009

Stretcher Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
SmackDown April 10, 2009

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
Night of Champions July 26, 2009

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
SmackDown August 28, 2009



Disc 2



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