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King of the Ring 2001 DVD (2 Discs-Tagged Classics))

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King of the Ring Semi Final Match
Kurt Angle vs. Christian

King of the Ring Semi Final Match
Edge vs. Rhyno

World Tag Team Championship Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley & Kane

King of the Ring Final Match
Edge vs. Kurt Angle

Light-Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac

Undertaker confronts Diamond Dallas Page

Street Fight
Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

Special Features

Interview with Kurt Angle

Interview with Shane McMahon

King of the Ring 2001 & Invasion 2001 DVD (2 Discs)


When I read the chapters for these two discs, the first thing I thought was.. WOW! Just take a look at the card for both of these pay per views and tell me you’re not impressed?! Lance Storm, Raven, Rhyno, Edge & Christian, Sean O’Haire, Jericho. Kane-with-mask, Molly Holly, Austin… come ON!! It’s a wrestling fan’s dream job when discs like this land on the doormat!! Kicking off with King Of The Ring, even the opening montage brought back some terrific memories for me!
“It’s me! It’s me! It’s DDP!” Diamond Dallas pagestarts off the pay per view, having been revealed the previous week as the man who was stalking the Undertaker’s wife, Sarah! (Remember that?!) I remember being sorely disapointed when it was revealed as him because I’d never seen WCW and had no clue who this guy was! Of course now I can look back fondly, and with the help of these tagged classics DVD’s so can everyone!
Some of the highlights of this pay per view for me are definatly the King Of The Ring Semi finals, Kurt Angle (Wiith hair!) Vs Christian (with lots of hair!) is the first of the two semi’s. Angle is hugely over with the crowd and both of these guys pull out a fantastic match! (and Shane O puts in an appearance looking mighty fine!)
The second of the semi finals is Edge Vs Rhyno which was a complete mark out moment for me to watch again! Awesome match, Edge and Rhyno look amazing in the ring considdering this was 9 years ago.. I love it!!
Billy Gunn is live from ‘WWF New York’! I still say that place was a good idea…
The final of this contest is equally as great seeing Edge go up against Kurt Angle (Damn Kurt does have a busy night on this pay per view!) It was actually just awesome to hear JR say “… and Edge with the huracanrana!” Wonder if he can still do it! (LOL) Much excitement with interferences from both Christian and Shane McMahon & some tough moves that really put todays matches in the dark in my opinion! And so began the ‘Era Of Awesomeness!’
Jeff hardy puts his ‘Light Heavyweight Championship’ on the line against X-Pac and Jeff is SMOKIN! He’s flying all over the place and makes the girlies scream in delight when he takes his shirt off! Looking back at X-Pac now he reminds me of a sweatier version of Helms, always just ‘there’ and never much cop! Whatever happened to the Light Heavyweight title? Although a contradition in terms I think the WWE should bring these old titles back!
COMISSIONER REGAL!!! Need I say more?!
Mark out moment #123 Undertaker’s ‘Rollin’ Entrance Theme! (Sue me Im easily pleased!) Hmm McCool really DOES look like a younger version of Sarah…
The street fight between Shane and Kurt has to be one of the most remembered of all time, featuring the famous suplexing of Shane through the glass of the entrance way (I remembered Kurt trying to break that glass with Shane’s body several times before he actually went through it!) Brilliant.. and kudos to both guys for walking again!!!
I marked out like an idiot the whole way through this andcan’twait to watch the second of the DVD set, ‘Invasion’ from the same year!!

?Invasion 2001 Review Cooming soon!

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