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No need to put the kids to bed Extreme Rules 2010

April 26, 2010   ·   0 Comments

By Michael Campbell



On the back of the worst Raw episode of the year thus far, and some truly worthless build-up, we arrived at Extreme Rules on Sunday Night. However, the cruddy build-up was not enough to sway this writer from believing that Extreme Rules would be a successful night of grappling  action. With several stipulations that seemed certain to reward long term fans, and a number of behind the scenes developments in the works (rumor has it, Batista will be leaving, HHH will  be taking time out, Orton will be going to Smackdown, and both the Edge/Jericho and Punk/Mysterio feuds, are over.


How extreme could a PG pay per view be though?


Street Fight

Triple H vs. Sheamus

My immediate thought was that this was the perfect way in which to kick off the show, and the WWE have learned a few lessons when it comes to Hunter s a babyface. Obviously though- there was more to it. Sheamus had jumped ol Hunter backstage, and proceeded to beat him up with a pipe. The bout never commenced, and it was clear wed return to this disagreement later on.


Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Big Show & Miz vs John Morrison & R-Truth, Mark Henry & MVP, vs. The Hart Dynasty

The Miz cut a promo that was nowhere near as over as youd imagine, but at least progressed the angle with Bret Hart for Raw. Teddy Long interrupted (claiming he was busy in the back following HHHs brawl with Sheamus. Err, as Smackdown managerwhy?) And then seemed to get lost, announcing three teams would face the champs in a Gauntlet bout, and if any beat them, theyd get a shot at the straps the following night. Couldnt we have hyped this?

Morrison and Truth were up first, and offered the best sequences, before Morrison was disqualified for refusing to release a submission in the ropes. School-boy error that. MVP and Henry were next, and looked like jobbers as MVP swiftly fell to a KO punch from Show. Lastly, The Hart Dynasty entered, accompanied by Bret Hart, and won immediately with a Hart attack.

Awful segment (including the match contained) Conceptually it was flawed, because it required six Babyfaces to all appear to be complete morons, and nobody ended up looking good. MVP absolutely needs a change of show too


If Punk Loses, his head will be shaved

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Too soon for this encounter to go on, given the phenomenal build-up. It was certainly more anticipated than the Swagger title defense anyway It would have been fine, had Hunter/Sheamus genuinely occurred first but the sure-fire quality of this in the first hour risked the card being lop-sided.

It turned out to be a great match, permitted more time than the Wrestlemania sprint that touched on a lot of the small details from their feud. Serena and Drew were ejected due to interference in the middle of the bout (which makes a change from it always being at the start), in a particularly well-timed moment. The seemingly below-average crowd in the building also came alive for this and the match in general. Loads of big spots, as Punk repeatedly went for the GTS, and Rey as usual, was able to avoid it. At one point, Rey positioned Punk for the 619 with a Head scissors that nearly took him into the ropes in an awkward angle. The finish came just after this, as someone with a shaved head (Joey Mercury I believe- he even sported his customary Caterpillar style boots) slid out from under the ring, and passed a chair in Punks direction. While the Referee was dealing with the foreign object, Mercury slid back out the other side and Flap-Jacked Rey on the floor. Punk dragged him back in, and hit the GTS for the victory. Really satisfying match and hopefully not a feud ender with the Draft


Strap Match

Shad Gaspar vs JTG

Sky neglected to show this bout in the replay. I was actually relieved. JTG won.


Extreme Rules

World Title Match

Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton

Massive pop for Orton, the least likeable Baby face on the roster this side of John Morrison. They did some basic mat-work, before Swagger took over, taking advantage of a couple of cheap shots on the outside. Fans rallied behind Orton with RKO chants, but this bout went nowhere quick. Swagger brought the belt into the ring, but Orton was the first to use it, hitting Swagger in the gut in a novelty spot. No unprotected chair shots, but Swagger took some traditional trashcan shots. Orton had the advantage throughout the crowd-pleasing ringside action, but still behaved largely like a heel. The finish came when Orton attempted to RKO the champion through chair, but Swagger reversed it, and threw him straight on top of it. Orton has got to be careful doing such spots with that bad shoulder. Swagger then hit the Gut Wrench Powerbomb for the three count.  Shock reaction for the clean heel victory. Orton RKOd  Swagger after the match, all but confirming that one of the two would be switching brands.


Street Fight

Triple H vs. Sheamus

Sheamus did the whole shtick where he wanted to be declared the winner. Was there ever any doubt that The Game would be able to compete?  Sheamus was still holding onto the steel pipe when Hunter entered the ring. Most of this match was long periods of Sheamus dishing out a rather methodical, plodding beating. The Game had a few hope spots, but in general, the whole bout went to the ginger. Sadly, it wasnt overly interesting. I will say this though- Triple H did a fantastic job selling his injuries. The match finally became interesting when Sheamus attempted his finisher, and ended up being dumped to the outside, where Hunter battered his translucent flesh with a Kendo Stick. Ouch. He reversed a Pedigree attempt though, and hit four big boots for the win. Big win for the Irishman, but the way the bout played out, they could easily have skipped the backstage segment earlier, and Hunter still wouldnt have looked weak. After the match, The Game refused a stretcher, and pursued Sheamus up the ramp, where he was again laid out.

Dull, punch-kick outing here, but a good final few minutes. Outside of that, the fact that they told a good story saved this collision.


Extreme Makeover Match

Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix

Sky also left this out of the replay card. Hoorah! Phoenix won


Steel Cage Match

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Long, draining cage outing, that was devoid of heat at times. Edge just has no character whatsoever in his babyface role right now. The other issue, and I think this partly relates to the format of the Cage (there are too many ways to win, and competitors often look utterly retarded for not doing so) was that they did far too many spots that saw Jericho attempting to escape. Crowds are no longer excited by contrived, sluggish attempts to scale a cage, especially when they contradict the efforts exhibited by both guys to disable one another.

There was some good character development here, and at the very least, it felt like the end of the feud, which is a relief, because this rivalry was starting to hurt Jericho. Edge won with a Spear, but it appeared that alot of fans wanted Jerichos springboard Code breaker to be the finish. Solid, but not great and a disappointment, considering the personnel.



Last Man Standing

WWE Title Match

John Cena vs. Batista

Big reaction towards Cena, who bolted to the ring. Dave also got the star treatment. This was the combination of big, well-staged stunts, and superior storytelling that you would expect from a match between these two.

Amazingly, Dave survived a Throwback off an announce table, and through another. He came back with a Spinebuster through a table, which Cena beat the count from, and Batista Bomb. Daves trademark wasnt enough  to finish the champ though. The challenger came in with the steel steps, but ended up in the STFU. He tapped repeatedly, but obviously, the match couldnt be won that way. So Cena duct-taped him by the legs to the ring-post, making it impossible for him to stand. Bizarre ending, with the hero coming off as somewhat dishonorable. On the other hand though, it gives Batista a reason to have a third bout without having to switch the title here. Really, really good match, and the best of the show in terms of spectacle.


The first PPV to follow Wrestlemania has developed something of a reputation for delivering to a much higher degree than expected. Despite being largely rematches, its traditionally a belting effort, as stars are able to work quality encounter, This was no exception, and the clear benefactors in that sense were CM Punk and Rey Mysterio,  Triple H and Sheamus, and Cena and Batista. It was also a value for money event, that pushed the allocated PPV time limit, compared to some of their efforts over the past few years. Extreme Rules may have been as timid as a ken Patera promo , but I was nonetheless, a rewarding piece of work.



Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I welcome any and all feedback and  I can be contacted on Facebook, on MySpace at www.myspace.com/michaelwrestlingetc or simply by emailing me at bazilalfonso@hotmail.com


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