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Raw Review 11-01-10- By Timothy Lobban

January 13, 2010   ·   0 Comments


Show opens up with “Iron Mike” Mike Tyson opening up the show as guest host. However his reunion with the WWE universe is closed off with him being interrupted by WWE champion Sheamus who goes on to boast about himself at the expense of Tyson. Guest host Mike Tyson is then interrupted by Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston and John Cena who all request a title shot from guest host Mike Tyson. The Guest hosts final decision is to book a triple threat between John Cena, Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston for the no 1 contender slot.

The introduction and opening to Mike Tysons appearance to the show was good, however after the shock return of Bret “The Hitman” Hart last week as guest host it posed as a mighty feat that the guest host for the evening would struggle to overcome as he received a mixed reception from the crowd. Whilst it was John Cenas return after being away from last weeks edition of Monday Night Raw he also received a mixed reaction and at one stage the crowd was cheering Randy over him. Kofi Kingston didnt get much of a response from the crowd at all which is worrying its better to get some reaction than no reaction at all, possibly indicating that the attempt to push him by having him feud with Randy Orton is not working..dont be surprised if you see an end to this rivalry real soon.

1st Round Divas Championship Tournament Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox

In what was a fast paced action orientated match up Alicia Fox wins courtesy of a powerbomb.

There were a few spots that got the crowds attention it also had a good finish as an unexpected turn of events gave Alicia Fox the upperhand. Overall however it was your typical Divas match of today and didnt have my attention like how a Trish Stratus vs Victoria, Jazz, Mickie James would.

Tag Team Match The Legacy vs Mark Henry and Evan Bourne

Before the match actually begins The Legacy make their way to the ring and talk up how theyre the next big things in waiting and their ambitions for the Royal Rumble event.

However theyre interrupted by their opponents the duo of The Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry and Evan Bourne, the match delivers an impressive performance by all participants. But there has to be a winner and The Legacy takes that title courtesy of a dirty finish.

Focusing on The Legacy they seem to have a lot of potential and can imagine one of them soon being the future of the WWE. But I feel that out of the two Ted Dibiase has more potential as hes got the look and feel of a World Championship contender and has a stronger personality than Cody Rhodes. That is in my opinion though and Im happy to be contested on that opinion.


The camera goes backstage where after reflecting on the truth that him and Bret Hart held together HBK (Shawn Michaels) decides to try and start on a fresh page with guest host Mike Tyson by forgiving him for knocking him out at Wrestlemania 14. Mike Tyson turns down HBKs offering of forgiveness and goes on to inform him about the match hes booked between DX and Chris Jericho and himself, with the special stipulation being linked to Chris Jericho being allowed to wrestle on Raw again.

The highlights of Bret “The Hitman” Harts return are shown hyping up the possible retribution between him and Vince McMahon on the nights show.

Nice hype up of the newly announced main event and the segment received a good pop from the crowd after Tyson announced that he himself would participate in the match showing that they were interested and were looking forward to seeing this match happen.

Jack Swagger vs Santino Marrella Elimination Challenge

Jack Swagger enters the ring proceeding to boast about how he cant be eliminated which is why hell win the Royal Rumble and challenges anyone to make an attempt at it.

His challenge is answered by the eccentric and colourful wrestler Santino Marrella who actually ends up getting Jack Swagger over the top ropes thus eliminating him.

The match itself garnered an unexpected result indeed as the wrestler who holds the record for the fastest elimination in the Royal Rumble won and I can imagine that this will ensue into a humourous and eagerly anticipated rivalry.

No 1 Contenders Triple Threat Match Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Kofi Kingston

In a reasonable match that couldve been worked a lot better Randy Orton picks up the win and will now face Sheamus for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.

It was an alright match, but may have been overshadowed by the tag team main event with Tyson and DX.


The camera goes backstage with a short and sour attempt at a segment between Mike Tyson and Hornswoggle.

It then focuses on The Miz who talks of his rise through the WWE roster to become the US champion, and the opposition that he experienced during his rise to the top.

MVP interrupts The Mizs speech and reacts to The Mizs attacks on him and his past. He goes on to defend his past which is where things begin to get heated up and it breaks out into a brawl with MVP gaining the upperhand over The Miz in this round.

The crowd really seems to be eating up this rivalry and the fact that it is between these two rising superstars with strong personalities and character makes it even better. MVP really put in the effort and showed emotion on his part while also touching a nerve with the crowd when explaining his past. Brilliant and look forward to seeing more of whats going to come out of this rivalry.

1st Round Divas Tournament Katie Lee vs Eve Torres

Eve Torres ends up winning this match to proceed to the next round against the French Canadian Beauty Maryse who sat ringside in the announcer table during this match.

Mr McMahon Retribution?

The WWE chairman Vince McMahon enters the ring to address the hyped and eagerly awaited possible retribution between him and Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He then announces that he doesnt regret any of what he did to Bret Hart and that he will never appear on WWE television again.

Did seem interesting but at times it lost the crowds attention, it will serve as a good teaser on whether Bret “The Hitman” Hart will return to the WWE.

DX vs Chris Jericho & Mike Tyson

DX ends up beating Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson surprisingly Mike Tyson double crosses his partner Chris Jericho as he unveils his DX shirt and punches Chris Jericho in the jaw knocking him out for the 1-2-3. The show ends with DX celebrating with Mike Tyson and his son.

Good match wouldve been better if Tyson was a little more active in the ring, (if Mayweather can do it he can!) but the match had an amazing finish sparking an energetic response from the crowd. Ending on a positive and enthusiastic tone as DX including Hornswoggle, Mike Tyson and his son celebrated the victory together. It also looked as if Mike Tyson was really enjoying himself which is nice to see on the part of the WWE.



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