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Raw Review 18th Jan 2010

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18 01 10



The show starts off with the WWE chairman Vince McMahon addressing the crowd on why he unlawfully attacked Bret “The Hitman” Hart a few weeks before. His address is then interrupted by the Undertaker who goes on to trade harsh words with Vince and confronts Shawn Michaels about the Wrestlemania rematch challenge he has issued against him.

In typical McMahon fashion he drew a lot of heat from the crowd, however I think it would be great for the WWE and the WWE universe if they could bring Bret Hart back into the WWE. If not as a wrestler then a ringside commentator or a general manager of some sort as itd be a good way of gaining back some of the older WWE fans from TNA and injecting some new flavour into the company.

The verbal bout between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels over the possibility of a Wrestlemania rematch kept the fans in suspense over what Takers final answer would be. The surprise rejection further stirred things up between the two and caught everyone off guard, Id have to say that the address received a wide range of reactions from the fans.

However even though the decision for Shawn Michaels having to earn his match against the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble for his championship does create a good storyline and will create a big buzz for Wrestlemania 26. I felt that it also seemed quite predictable though as we now know that HBK is probably going to win the Royal Rumble in order give the WWE the 5 star and iconic matches they need to maintain the euphoria of Wrestlemania and keep TNA on its heels.

WWE champion Sheamus vs Evan Bourne Non-Title Singles Match

Sheamus picks up the win in his typical dominating and ruthless with a kick to the face and then a Celtic Cross to his opponent sealing the victory.

No 1 contender Randy Orton who was watching from ringside added more entertainment value and attention to the match and the face off between the two after the match nicely hyped up their match between eachother at the Royal Rumble.

However Im not too sure if putting two heels up against each other will be good for any of the twos character. The match will act as the necessary push for upcoming superstar Sheamus but the rivalry will blur the roles of the two, the fans seem to be siding with Randy Orton more on this one and that could be detrimental to his character as the Ultimate Heel of the WWE alongside Edge. Theyve also done something similar with the Smackdown main event of the Royal Rumble having two fan favourites in The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio faceoff against each other. If they want to get superstars over with the crowd they need to draw that character a line of distinction so that the wrestler knows where he stands thus helping him to best understand how to interact with the fans and other wrestlers.

Jack Swagger All American American Top Rope Challenge

Former ECW champion Jack Swagger enters the win issuing another top rope elimination challenge to the WWE locker room and more specifically Santino Marrella. Marella addresses Jack Swaggers challenge but informs him on his busy schedule and his duties to his fan club. But Marella brings in a formidable substitute in the form of The Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry! Mark Henry on this count ends up on the better side though eliminating Jack Swagger with ease after Gorilla Press Slamming him over the top ropes.

It seemed entertaining and looks like a fun short term rivalry but on the other hand it doesnt particularly stand out from the previous Royal Rumble rumbles that have taken place between many of the WWE in-ring competitors past and present.

The Arrival of Guest Host John Heder

Camera goes backstage to the late arrival of the co guest host for this weeks Monday Night Raw, John Heder. The newly arrived guest host John Heder wastes no time making his way to the ring and addresses the crowd. After a few slight interruptions from The Miz and MVP, The Big Show also interrupts the address and attacks MVP. After this John Heder decides that it will be a good idea to pear The Big Show and The Miz in a tag team tonight against DX.

Felt like a good segment that got the crowds attention with John Heder doing very well to draw heat from the fans in comparison to his co-host Dom Joly. The match that was called for the main event was also a good opportunity for pushing another upcoming and rising WWE superstar The Miz into the main event picture.

John Cena & Kofi Kingston vs The Legacy

This match has apparently been set to give John Cena and Kofi Kingston the chance to gain some kind of retribution after The Legacy had cheated them out of a victory in the No 1 contenders triple threat match that took place last week. Kofi Kingston eventually picked up the win for his team with a cross body pin to Cody Rhodes.

Whilst Kofi Kingston is still receiving a meagre degree of attention and support from the fans, the win that he managed to pick up against The Legacy got him over with the crowd. This indicates that his role as a baby face may soon start to garner up a strong following and support by those in the WWE universe. However it must not be forgotten that he was teaming up with the massively popular WWE superstar John Cena with some of his popularity possibly running off on Kofi Kingston for a moment.

Its also interesting to see that over the past few weeks John Cena has slowly been removed from the main event picture with his place being taken by the DX in the main event slot. Its uncommon to see such a well known and liked wrestler take a back seat like this regardless of what reaction he may draw from crowds. This is something that WWE fans should keep their eyes out for, only time will tell on whether the WWE will continue to take this stance on John Cena and if it will pay off for them in the near future.

Tag Team Match Maryse & Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim & Eve Torres

Eve Torres picks up the win for her team with an impressive submission victory. However this match never really had the crowds attention which is why it makes you sometimes wonder why they keep on placing these kind of matches near the main event. Possibly to make the main event matches look better than what they really are but for me it seems like the wrong move as the company may indirectly be neglecting and killing off good talent and storylines for the mere fact that viewers miss out on them and take them less seriously because of their booking position.

Randy Orton vs Chris Masters “The Masterpiece” with Eve Torres standing ringside

In a match between one wrestler who lived up to his potential and has become a powerhouse name in the WWE and another who had all the potential but is yet to fulfil it, Randy Orton ended up picking up the win courtesy of a sudden and unexpected RKO. Sheamus goes tit for tat with Orton and watches the match from ringside, when the match is over he proceeds to ambush and attack Randy Orton sending out a warning sign for their main event Pay Per View match between each other at the Royal Rumble.

Thoughts on this are very similar to the comments I made on Randy Orton standing ringside during Sheamuss match against Evan Bourne.

DX vs The Big Show, The Miz and John Heder

Courtesy of a confrontation backstage between each other the tag team match was made into a 6 man tag match including John Heder and Hornswoggle in the firing line. The match came across as light hearted and humourous with a great finish to the match via Hornswoggle picking up the victory.

After the match Triple HHH is eager to tell his DX partner Shawn Michaels something hes been trying to tell him thoughout the day, however he is interrupted by John Cena and The Big Show who both announce that they will be entering the Royal Rumble. However it then quickly turns into bust up between all of the superstars with some early preparation for the 30 man Royal Rumble match up as they proceed to throw each other over the top ropes. However Triple HHH is left as the last man standing in the ring where he proceeds to tell Shawn Michaels that he will be entering the Royal Rumble and that for that reason he will have to put his Wrestlemania ambitions of him and The Undertaker on hold.

First of all as I said before the 6 man tag bout was a fun and light hearted match, the crowd was tuned in and John Heder receiving a good pop from the crowd when taking off his dressing robe was the highlight of the day! The show had a good and unexpected ending that only leaves you waiting desperately in suspense for what is going to happen next week on Live Monday Night Raw!

Timothy Lobban


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