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Raw Review by Timothy Lobban

March 9, 2010   ·   0 Comments

WWE Raw Review

08 03 2010


Undertaker opens up the show to address the crowd on what happened to Shawn Michaels the week before, and their upcoming rematch at Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels interrupts Takers address and talks it up with him.

The match between these two has now been changed to a no disqualification match. Before I couldnt imagine how they could top their last match at Wrestlemania 25, but theyve managed to figure out a kind of stipulation that may actually do it. It seems like the crowd was hanging on to every word these superstars said with there evidently being mixed support for the both of them. Hopefully outside interferences preclude this match and that it is a hard fought entertaining match between these two wrestling icons.

6 Diva Tag Team Match-up Gail Kim, Eva Torres, Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox, Maryse and Katie Lea

By pulling off an amazing reversal from the top turnbuckle Evas team picks up the win after making Maryse tap to a submission.

A short but action fuelled match following a trend that was started last week of more exciting and quality matchup between the divas.


Cool backstage segment with Guest Host magician Criss Angel performing magic tricks to some of the WWE superstars.

Showmiz vs John Morrison and R-Truth

Before the match starts Showmiz begin to talk down the tag team of John Morrison and R-Truth and whether they deserve to be at Wrestlemania.

John Morrison and R-Truth storm the ring and leave Showmiz battered, down and out sending out a warning signal for their title match at Wrestlemania.

I only wish this match went for longer the crowd seemed really excited to have these Smackdown superstars ove, but nonetheless it is good build up for Wrestlemania.


Camera goes backstage to interviewer and John Cena speaking on his match with Vince McMahon and whether hes worried that Batista will interfere.

Another segment takes place between the Guest Host Criss Angel who continues to perform magic tricks on the WWE superstars, however he should maybe focus more on setting up matches for the show than perform magic tricks.

Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes Handicap Match

In what was a lengthier match than usual the team of Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes picks up the win.

The crowd seem to really be getting behind Randy Orton in this feud between him and his former team mates; on the other hand it is still unclear whether he is playing heel or face.


Batista is interviewed backstage and asked whether he will interfere in the match between Vince McMahon and John Cena, in which he gives his word that he wont interfere.

Out of curiosity its unclear on whether Batista is now a part of the Raw roster or Smackdown roster. I hope that he remains with Smackdown even though his character as a heel is more suited to Raw, Raw is becoming very overcrowded with big names and Im afraid that if he were to stay there permanently they would not know what to do with him.

Triple HHH calls out Sheamus on his attack on Him

Triple HHH and Sheamus exchange words between each other about their upcoming matchup at Wrestlemania. A fight between the two soon ensues.

A fairly decent promo cut between these two and it does definitely seem like a match to look for at Wrestlemania.


WWE Raw Guest Host Criss Angel continues to perform magic tricks for the WWE superstars and the WWE universe.

MITB Qualifying Match Evan Bourne vs William Regal

Evan Bourne performs a brilliant turn around hitting the shooting star press on William Regal winning the match and qualifying for the MITB Wrestlemania event.

The MITB match itself looks like its going to be an exciting match but my money is still on Christian to win.

John Cena Vs Vince McMahon

Before the match starts Vince McMahon announces that it will be a handicap gauntlet match. After a match which featured many different superstars participating in it. However because of all of the interference that took place Vince McMahon eventually ends up picking up the win.


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