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Raw Review By Timothy Lobban

February 9, 2010   ·   0 Comments

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Show begins with highlights of the mini-feud between The WWE chairman Mr McMahon and Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

The show is opened up by the Guest Host of this edition of Monday Night Raw NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. While addressing the Louisiana crowd he is interrupted by Sheamus who requests that Carl Edwards as the Guest Host change his number entrant in the elimination chamber. Sheamus is eventually interrupted by the ECW champion Christian who challenges Sheamus to a match, which the Guest Host gladly sets.

I was impressed by the mic skills that were put on display by all of the participants. Christian in specific really got over with the crowd this surprised me considering that ECW gets no where near the same level and exposure as the main two brands.Sheamus vs ChristianFan favourite Christian received a strong level of support from the crowd throughout the match but it wasnt enough as WWE champion Sheamus finished the match off with a Celtic Cross.

It was interesting that they booked WWE champion Sheamus in the opening match of the show. Whilst I understand that he is still a developing talent and needs a lot more pushing, it would seem that placing him in such elementary bookings does not do much to help develop his character and gain the serious attention and respect of the WWE Universe as a World Champion.BackstageCamera goes backstage to Shawn Michaels and Triple HHH who speak on Wrestlemania and where both of their interests lay for the final matchcard.

A following segment is cut with the team mates of The Legacy Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. Ted Dibiase boasts on about how he managed to qualify for the elimination chamber match while Cody Rhodes failed to. Randy Orton interrupts and informs them on their upcoming matches tonight.The Straight Edge Society vs The Miz & Big Show vs DXBefore the match even starts CM Punk hand on mic addresses the crowd on the Straight Edge lifestyle and why he is “better than you”.

The match eventually gets to a start in what was an exciting and dramatic match The Miz and The Big Show “Showmiz” pick up a surprise win and are crowned the new WWE Unified Tag Team champions.

I wouldve preferred to have seen the Straight Edge Society of CM Punk and Luke Gallows with Serena standing ringside become the champions they seem like the more established and interesting group. Nonetheless it is still good to see the title change hands especially considering that the DX as a stable in my opinion is drying out and losing its buzz. They both soon need to retire or play a smaller role in wrestling as to hand the torch down to the future generations.BackstageCamera goes backstage to The Miz and The Big Show celebrating their win against the DX and The straight Edge Society.

Shawn Michaels catches up with the General Manager of Smackdown Theodore Long where he demands for a transfer to Smackdown so he can face the Undertaker. Theodore Long refuses the offer with this clearly upsetting Michaels Theodore Long receives a Sweet Chin Music to the face.Jilian Hall vs Gail KimGail Kim ends up winning what was a very short match.

After the match Maryse congratulates Gail Kim and speaks on their championship match-up in the next few weeks.Randy Orton vs Cody RhodesCourtesy of a distraction by the WWE champion Sheamus Randy Orton ends up losing to Cody Rhodes.

The win itself seems like it will create a lot of tension between The Legacy and divided loyalties between the group. This could possibly lead to the break-up of the faction leaving each of them more specifically the younger talents Rhodes and Dibiase to find their own way and name within the WWE roster.BackstageCamera goes backstage to Guest Host Carl Edwards who sets a foray of great matches for next week, between the participants of the Elimination Chamber.John Cena vs Ted DibiaseBefore the match even begins John Cena launches an attack on Ted Dibiase taking him out of the match.

John Cena then goes on to call out Batista for attacking him on Raw last week. He proceeds to call out Vince McMahon who comes out to see what Cena wants. John Cena then speaks about how Bret Hart wants to wrestle with him at Wrestlemania. Vince McMahon responds positively to this stating how he will face Bret Hart at Wrestlemania.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart eventually enters the building attacking Mr McMahon; this may be because of this that Mr McMahon goes back on his decision to wrestle Bret Hart at Wrestlemania.

It would be great if Batista and John Cena could square off at Wrestlemania theyre both very dynamic and high-impact superstars. However the possible match of Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania not only seems very unlikely but also to me and I think many others quite distasteful as Bret Hart is nothing like the wrestler he once was in terms of physique and match fitness and this may only go some way for the WWE to further disgrace his legacy.


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