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Raw Review (US air date 1st Nov) by Luke Milford

November 2, 2010   ·   0 Comments

We get this addition of Monday night Raw from Nascar Coliseum under way with a cold opening. Orton is first out to a fairly subdued response, but the crowd was fairly quiet all night. We are shown a graphic of the survivor series match between Orton and Barrett. The graphic has the title of freed or fired, I love how the Cena stipulation would appear to be more important than the fact that the championship is on the line.

Orton demands that Cena comes down to the ring. Cena out to one of the biggest reactions of the night, the live crowds still love himbut for how much longer? We see a good confrontation between the two men here and great evidence as to why theyre the top guys in the company. Even though we have seen Cena v Orton a million times this confrontation still seemed fresh and new.

Orton calls Cena a phony and tells him to get out of his ring, Barrett out next with the rest of Nexus. With the new additions of Harris and McGillicutty, all of Nexus standing together at the top of the ramp really looks threatening again, especially with Slater and Gabriel holding gold.

Barrett just goes through the motions in telling Cena that at Survivor Series he will raise his hand in victory. Mystery GM time, and I quotethe main even tonight will be Orton and a partner of his choosing vs. Barrett and a partner of his choice, with special guest referee John Cena.

First match of the night is tag team champs Slater and Gabriel taking on the soon to self imploded Hart Dynasty. Fairly basic match with some good spots in. Kidd and Smith were hard tagging each other throughout the bout and the split is looking even more likely. The match had a predictable ending with Nexus as the victors however I did enjoy the conclusion to the match. It had Smith on the outside dealing with Gabriel and Slater, Kidd flips to the outside but instead of taking out Slater he takes down Smith. Then once back inside the ring Gabriel easily manages to hit the 450 splash.

Winners: Gabriel & Slater.

Backstage now and we get another exchange of words between Cena and Truth. Truth again asks Cena what he is going to do and congratulates him sarcastically on standing up to Barrett. Cena walks away from Truth, I so hope this is the heel turn I have been waiting for. Nice to see WWE pushing Truth as I really like him and think he could be a big star. I am also really enjoying the interaction he has been having Cena, could easily be a little feud once Cena has turned heel.

Sheamus out next as King and Cole recap Santinos epic win last week. Some nice mic work from Sheamus as he tells everybody he beat himself last week and wants Santino to come out. Santino out to the second biggest pop of the night. The live crowds just lap Santino up and rightfully so as he is gold on the mic.

Santino explains that he went out for Halloween as Sheamus but had too much candy so will not be wrestling tonight, but in his place Kozlov. I still think the paring of Santino and Kozlov is terrible. A fairly straight forward match with Sheamus coming out as the easy victor, which he needed as Kozlov to some extent is still viewed as a monster. Sheamus then stalks Santino up the ramp, with more comedy gold from Santino as he tries to pay Sheamus off. Beat down on Santino and Sheamus picks him for the Celtic Cross and hangs him there for a long time but Morrison comes out for the save and kicks Sheamus in the face.

Really enjoying the Sheamus and Morrison feud they have started. Their falls count anywhere match a few weeks back was excellent and hopefully Sheamus can finally elevate Morrison to that main event status.

Orton and Truth back stage now, Truth stirring things up as he talks about his earlier confrontation with Cena. Orton picks Truth as his partner.

Pee-Wee Herman backstage skit now, by far not the worst guest star. Skit sees Mark Henry playing diva twister. Then the first WTF moment of the week as Lita stars in a 5 second cameo, would have loved to have seen more of her though. Poor Mark Henry though; I was enjoying his small push last year and he seemed to get over with the crowd, but as ever WWE dropped the ball.

Another sad thing to see next, Zack Ryder vs. Zeke. Total squash match and lasts about 30 seconds. Theyre really dropping the ball on Ryder, hes a good wrestler, talker and over with the crowds and I dread that future endeavors are in his near future.

Pee-Wee out to the ring now in a mildly amusing segment that was made instantly better by the Miz and A-Rod (Alex Riley) coming out. Miz and Herman exchange words with Riley getting involved which was as funny as his Bragging Rights backstage segment.

Herman then gets his cousin outBig Show. Show throws Miz and Riley out of the ring. Mystery GM announces Miz vs. Big Show. Brilliant match in getting Miz over, he went toe to toe with Show and looked at times that he had him beat. The match ends by Riley throwing the money and the bank brief case into the ring and Miz uses it forcing the disqualification. Miz walks away looking strong. The outcome of this I predict a Survivor Series team match between Team Show and Team Miz.

Backstage with Cena and Barrett again as Barrett tells Cena that after the match Cena will have to sweep and mop the locker room…then wash Barretts back. Barrett leaves Otunga (who is Barretts partner in the main event) to tell Cena that he will win the match. The power struggle storyline between Barrett and Otunga seems to be a slow burner but has very good potential.

Next match Dibiase vs. Bryan, good match but very short. I love how simple Bryans offence is, his kicks look so good and hes starting to look like a real star. Bryan wins with the La Belle lock. After the match Dibiase screams at Maryse saying he cant concentrate and that they are going to NXT to interrupt the Goldust wedding. The whole exchange of words seemed like something from a cartoon show.

Laycool out next, saying if Natalya can beat Michelle tonight she can have one last match at Survivor Series. Laycool call her special and mock her, surely this isnt what the WWE want to be doingmocking somebody for being special?

Again short match but the ending was nice. The action spills out to the outside, Natalya throws Layla into Michelle then roles her back into the ring and applies the sharpshooter. Natalya is your winner and advances to Survivor Series for her third title match.

Now the second WTF moment of the week. Some kind of weird propaganda skit for Lindas campaign. It starts with Freddy Prinze Jr playing a doctor and Vince wakes up from his commaremember the one Nexus put him in? He then just rambles on about Linda and the fact that they have spent $50 million on her campaign, then walks away as he needs the toilet really bad. This whole skit was just awful.

It was then topped off by Stephanie waking up as if the Vince skit had been a dream (more like a nightmare) to ask the voice of Triple H if Vince is still in a coma. Like I say, terrible and weird all rolled into one.

Main event time. As much as I like R-Truth his new entrance music is terrible and the crowd really dont know it as well as the old one. Otunga vs. Orton to get the match under way. This is actually the most I have seen different Nexus members wrestle. A pretty standard main event tag match. Truth is getting the beat down from his former NXT rookie Otunga, then the hot tag to Orton.

Theres confusion on both ends as Cena doesnt see Orton get tagged in and refuses to let him into the match. The match ends with a clever little sequence of events, Truth and Otunga are the legal men, Orton points Cena to the direction of Barrett who is illegally trying to enter the ring, whilst Cenas back is turned Orton hits the RKO on Otunga then takes Barrett out leaving Truth to get the pin.

Orton smiling on the outside as Truth celebrates his main event win. Barrett screams at Cena on the ramp then Cena leaves. Orton poses with the title to end the show.

In conclusion not a bad Raw, there were some good storyline advances through out it was just a shame about the McMahon skit. The one thing you should try and see above all else this week on Raw was the Santino, Sheamus and Morrison segment.


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