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Sakee’s Wrestling Addiction… Lesson 33

November 24, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Sakees Wrestling Addiction
Lesson 33
Sakee Wildman
November 23, 2010

Is he under the influence?


This question, asked by CM Punk about The Mizs protg, Alex Riley, is the end of my silence. I have not written a column since August 1, 2007, but I can be quiet no more. Who cares if Alex Riley was picked up while driving under the influence? Okay, but it has nothing to do with his wrestling character. He did nothing Monday night to suggest he was under the influence of anything. Bringing up personal problems that have nothing to do with you does nothing for anyone involved. I love CM Punk, but just once, I wish he would shut his damn mouth. He is no better than anyone else working in the business. If the only way he can get over is to pull apart a kid, then hes pretty damn sad. He did this with Jeff Hardy in the past, causing Hardy to go to TNA. The storyline was lame then, and its lame now.


Wade Barrett. How I love the Wade Barrett character. He was the only person in nine years that made me want to see John Cenas character. Barrett is a genius, and I cannot wait for each and every Monday night so that I may see him again. I personally would have loved to see his storyline with Cena last until WrestleMania, where Cena would win his freedom from The Nexus by beating Barrett in the ring, but since that didnt happen, Ill take a feud with Sheamus. Make it happen, Vince.


The storyline that WWE will probably come up with though, which makes no sense, is that John Cena comes back next week (according to his Twitter today, he bought tickets to the show in Philadelphia) and declares he has been the anonymous general manager the entire time, reinstates himself, says he was in charge of The Nexus all along, and says the WWE Universe is a bunch of gullible idiots. Oh, but the gm called when Cena was in the ring, you say. True, but I can counter with the fact that the only person at the announce table that Cena hugged on his way out was Michael Cole, and Cole is the one that reads the emails. Theyre in cahoots, kids. Cue the heel turn and the biggest conspiracy we have seen in years and fallen for to boot. And why did he do it? To bring in new talent because were all about the youth movement in WWE. And how were we distracted? Wade Barrett pushing Cena and Otunga around so much, that we didnt even have time to come up with this story in our own minds. And its win-win for everyone, Universe. Cena becomes a heel, which is much needed for his character, and The Nexus stays together. Its beautiful.


Speaking of Monday nights, wasnt yesterday AWESOME? Finally The Miz won a World Title. Yes, it was predictable, but now maybe all the Real World haters will shut up and show the Miz the respect he deserves. Despite where he came from, he has improved his wrestling ability like no other on the WWE roster, and he is worthy of this title. Good job, kid.


WWE let go of a lot of talent again this week. Included were Luke Gallows, Jillian Hall, Vance Archer, Tiffany, Shad Gaspard, and Caylen Croft. I guess the typical excuse given, as usual, is that they had nothing for them to do. So I have to wonder, when is WWE going to let go of their creative department? If there job is to make storylines for these wrestlers, and they cant do their job, why are they still employed there?

Ive been watching a lot of Matt Hardy YouTube videos lately. He spoke in one about how he came up with a couple months of storylines for him and a partner he was working with at the time, I think maybe it was Christian. Anyway, they told him that they could do the storyline, then cut it for no reason. Why? If creative cannot make a storyline, why not allow veterans come up with their own ideas and play them out? Who better to know the characters than the characters themselves?


Can someone please tell me why Hulk Hogan is on television anymore? TNA used to make their name by showcasing new, young talent that could wrestle? This is not 1997. The nWo has come and gone. You need to move on. Its the same with the ECW based pay-per-view that TNA held some months back. ECW is dead. We need to move on. Please, please, please focus on what made you great, TNA. Bring back the X-division and make it all that matters. Your money is in teams like the Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me. And please stop hiring everyone that leaves the WWE. There used to be a time when you made stars on your own (ie: Samoa Joe and AJ Styles), now you just recycle everything that comes out of Connecticut.


Eddie Guerrero has been gone for five years now, and his nephew has been reduced to dressing up as a soaring eagle and flying around Jack Swagger as he comes down to the ring. Am I the only one that remembers Chavo can have great matches? What kind of sick bastard is Vince McMahon, to sit in his office high on the hill and decide that this is great entertainment? Does he seriously have the brain capacity of a five year old? Farting, masturbation, and burying talent, thatll sell tickets, Vinnie. Its no wonder your ppv buy rates are dropping as fast as they are. Its not the economy, Vince, its your lack of understanding the average wrestling fan.

Dear Santino, Sheamus is pale. I get it. Can we please move on? Your tea party was funny, and it proved Vladimir Kozlov can indeed smile, but now can we just forget that ghosts are not that white? Sheamus can destroy you. I want to see it. Thats what made Sheamus so perfect in the beginning anyway. That he could kick you in the head and knock your ass out. He didnt need to talk, or smile, or go to tea parties.


Why do they ruin characters? Look at what TNA did with Abyss. I remember when he actually mattered. Sigh.


Ring the bell. Its over.


Sakee Wildman


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