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Tagged Classics – Capital Carnage 1998/No Mercy 1999

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Tagged Classics – Capital Carnage 1998/No Mercy 1999Tagged-NoMercy-CapitalCarnage

DVD Review


Fatal Four-Way match with Gerald Brisco as special guest referee
Steve Austin vs. Kane, Mankind and The Undertaker

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs. X-Pac

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) (c) vs. D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry

Triple H (with Chyna) vs. Jeff Jarrett (with Debra)

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman

Mixed Tag Team Match
Sable and Christian vs. Jacqueline and Marc Mero

Tiger Ali Singh vs. Edge

Val Venis vs. Goldust

The Headbangers vs. The Legion of Doom

Gangrel vs. Al Snow


Anything Goes Triangle Match for the WWE Championship
Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Triple H (with Chyna)

Mr. Ass vs. Mankind

WWE European Championship Match
Shane McMahon vs. X-Pac

Nicole Bass vs. Tori

Kane vs. Mideon

Steve Blackman vs. Droz

The Ministry of Darkness vs. The Brood

Tiger Ali Singh vs. Gillberg

Capital Carnage hailed from the London Arena and was a UK only PPV on Dec 6th 1998. I admit to never having heard of this before this DVD landed on my doormat so I was REALLY looking forward to seeing it!
From the opening match, Gangrel Vs Al Snow,(“Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by head!” How I long for these crazy days of the WWF to return!) I was hooked! It’s always great to see the older stuff but when you’re watching it for the FIRST time it makes it even better! (I wish I’d been a fan for longer than 10 years!!) The crowd are CRAZY, loads of banners and air horns (And mannequin’s heads!) and lots of noise, it’s really good to see and hear! Major ‘mark-out’ moment when The Brood appear, a very young Edge & Christian coming to the aid of their ‘mentor’ Gangrel!
Vince comes to the stage with Shane, Patterson and Brisco and Shane takes the mick out of Vinnie Jones, saying he thinks he’s George Michael’s boyfriend! (Vinnie is apparently watching backstage!) Vince gets heat by slagging off the British, saying ‘Tea-time’ is a pile of crap and how every single one of the audience wishes deep down that they were American! The crowd hate them all!
Tiger Ali Singh vs. Edge is definatly a highlight of the DVD for me personally! Edge, making his entrance through the crowd, is now cheered by the same people that hated his interruption to the Gangrel/Al Snow match up earlier on the card! It is a relitivly short match and a post-match brawl but still awesome to see for an Edgehead like myself!
They bring Vinnie Jones to the ring to a mixed reception and ask him what he thinks of the McMahons, he says he’s going to knock them out! Vinnie manages to get the crowd 100% on his side by bigging up the UK and yelling ‘We’re British!’, the crowd are eating out of his hand by the time he leaves the ring 60 seconds later!
My first reaction to the mixed tag team match was get Christian away from Sable before he wakes up married! Jaqueline comes to the ring and attacks her own partner, Marc Mero before Christian and Sable even get to the ring. I would rather have watched this match with the volume muted so I didn’t have to hear King dribbling on about Sable (She must be 73 this year right? It’s amazing what you can do with a few gallons of pickling vinegar!) After the match Jaqueline jumps onto referee Timmy White’s shoulders and Sable rips her shirt off giving everyone slightly more than an eyeful! I think I’m a traumatised… God bless PG!
Blackman vs Shamrock is a classic IC match! I’m a huge fan of Steve Blackman & remember those hardcore title matches very fondly!
Michael Cole interviews a very young Rock in the locker room, he calls X-pac a ‘boney jabroni’ and then goes through various catchphrases of old wrestlers before getting to his own! There will never be another guy like Dwayne Johnson on the mic!!
Good lord Debra looks older there than she did when I was watching wrestling in the early 2000’s! She’s aging backwards!
The Rock is probably my joint top favourite with HBK, he can do no wrong, from Rocky Maivia with the dodgy outfits to The Rock with the dodgy shirts I think this guy is one of the best ever and no one can convince me otherwise! His match on this pay per view against X Pac isn’t one of the best matches I’ve seen him in but it’s still a good, entertaining match. At one point in the match the Rock says to hell with it and tries to leave only to be greeted by Triple H and Chyna coming the other way!

The DVD ends with the fatal four way being crashed by the McMahons, Brisco and Patterson. Vinnie Jones attacks Boss Man and is ‘Red carded’ by special guest ref, Brisco and sent to the back and all this before the competitors even come to the ring!, Kane, Mankind, Undertaker and Austin in the ring at the same time, you don’t get much more classic than that!

No Mercy from 1999 has some fantastic matches to see, including The Brood vs The Ministry Of Darkness, Steve Blackman Vs Droz and Shane McMahon vs X Pac for the European championship. Again another awesome trip down memory lane and I enjoyed seeing something else I’d never watched before!

I’m seriously impressed with this set. I think the Tagged Classics series are probably the best idea the DVD guys have ever had. It gives us fans a chance to either look back fondly or see some awesome stuff that we would never otherwise have had the opportunity to watch.
Whether your a new fan or an old fan, Tagged Classics will always be a welcome addition to your DVD collection!


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Capital Carnage 1998 & No Mercy 1999 DVD (2 Discs)


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