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Tagged Classics: No Way Out/Backlash 2002 DVD review

May 23, 2010   ·   0 Comments

No Way Out 2002 & Backlash 2002 DVD (2 Discs)


 By Sue


Another golden era double DVD from SilverVsion.co.uk and I can not get enough of these Tagged Classics! What a fabulous series!

Starting with No Way Out from 2002 and according to Wikipedia, “The biggest storyline for No Way Out was when Vince McMahon revealed that he would unleash the New World Order (nWo) upon the World Wrestling Federation. McMahon said he wouldn’t bring the nWo out if Ric Flair handed over his 50% ownership of the WWF, however, Flair refused.” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Way_Out_(2002 ) ) and that was a storyline I remember well, and fondly. I loved Flair as the co-owner and all the strife that came with it, I just don’t think he was in that role for as long as he could have been.
Vince was seemingly losing his mind and nWo, of course consisting of Nash, Hall and Hogan in his black and white rather than his famous red & yellow, were the scurge of the WWE, unleashed by the Chairman himself.

The Tag Team Turmoil match wasn’t the most memorable tag matches of that era but it was still a good & entertaining match with lots of high flying moves and stunts from the 6 tag teams involved.
The Rock, as I’ve said on previous occasions, can never fail in my humble opinion and this match against the Undertaker is indeed a classic. After mocking ‘Taker being eliminated from the Rumble so quickly by Tough Enough’s Maven, Undertaker then interfered in a qualifying match the Rock had with Kurt Angle on Smackdown costing him a shot at the Undisputed Title, thus leading to this match on No Way Out. There is also another classic moment between The Rock and Johnathon Coachman, no one can touch Rocky’s promos!
Edge and William Regal have had a few run-ins in the past, this being one of the good ones. The two of them on the mic were always fantastically funny and when in the ring, brilliantly entertaining. I do wonder though how many items have been on poles for matches over the years! They have a very aggressive match, infact I’ve only just noticed how much these guys used to be dropped on their heads back then, nevertheless a really great match between two of my all time faves and not one that has been over played on every DVD compilation released. (It’s probably only the second time I’ve even seen it!) But I think I will put forward a new DVD idea; ‘Items Up A Pole: The Best Of!’
Triple H vs Kurt Angle has Stephanie McMahon as the special guest referee. During this time she had lied to Hunter saying she was pregnant and hiring a fake doctor to confirm it and their wedding vows turned into a typical WWE Wedding.. ie chaos and carnage! I remember screaming at the TV pleading with Triple H to find out what this sneaky cow was up to! (Ah the good old days before internet ruined it all! haha)
Another awesome Rocky promo backstage with nWo, telling them what they can do with their camera.. it involves shining it up real nice!
Jericho as the Undisputed Champion was a sight to behold for Jerichoholics! Facing Austin in this rollercoaster main event match had us all on the edge of our seats. unfortunate interference from the nWo near the end.. but at least Scott Hall’s legs are both going in the same direction… (yes this probably WILL be a running joke througout any DVD’s I have to review involving Hall!)

Backlash from 2002 is another goosebump inducing trip down memory lane. Some cracking matches including Jeff Hardy vs Brock Lesner. For some reason the promo before the match shows Paul Heyman playing with Lita’s knickers… did I say ‘Good old days’? Having said that I’ve no idea why Lita travels with one case just for thongs…
There is also a lot to be said for JR’s commentary.. “Look at the look of shock on Lita’s face! Matt Hardy is limp!” Bring back JR!!

Lesner was a beast.. he was also God awful in my humble opinion, so this wasn’t a great time for me as a Hardys fan seeing them get destroyed week after week, but somehow I look back on it more fondly now than I took to it at the time!
Honorable mentions have to go to Kurt Angle vs Edge (Can never get enough of goofy Edge!) And of course the much missed Eddie Guerreo in a match for the IC title against Rob Van Dam!
Wasn’t so keen on Triple H vs Hogan or Undertaker vs Stone Cold!
Other than that, these DVD’s are totally worth buying and I am thrilled that SiverVsion and WWE are releasing these tagged classics as most of these are lost on my dusty old VHS video tapes stored away somewhere and probably never to be viewed again!




Available from SilverVision.co.uk

Backlash 2002

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri

Scott Hall vs. Bradshaw

Womens Championship Match
Jazz vs. Trish Stratus

Jeff Hardy vs. Brock Lesnar

Edge vs. Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Championship Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero

Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

World Tag Team Championship Match
Billy & Chuck vs. Maven & Al Snow

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Special Features

Handicap Match
Big Show vs. Steven Richards & Justin Credible

Jerry Lawler interviews Trish Stratus

The Dudley Boyz Reunion

Interview with Bubba Ray Dudley

Brock Lesnars Impact

Post-Match interviews

No Way Out 2002

The nWo make their way to the ring

#1 Contender Tag Team Turmoil Match
Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert, Christian & Lance Storm, Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Billy & Chuck & APA

Goldust vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championship Match
Tazz & Spike Dudley vs. Booker T & Test

Brass Knuckles on a Poll Match for the Intercontinental Championship
William Regal vs. Edge

Undertaker vs. The Rock

#1 Contender Match
Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin


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