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The Undertakers Deadliest Matches DVD Review

October 26, 2010   ·   0 Comments

undertakerDMThe Undertakers Deadliest Matches DVD Review By Andre Harrison

Hello everyone, Andre here and welcome to my DVD Review of The Undertakers Deadliest Matches, released by the WWE from March 2010. This is The Undertakers Third DVD Set, and I shall be covering all the action, as well as all the matches. So, lets have a Harrisons Analysis at The Undertakers Deadliest Matches

The Undertaker is hosting the set, and hes in full current character for this, including the voiceover work.

Disc One

Two Decades of Destruction Body bag Match, The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Ultimate Warrior (July 1991)

This is an odd choice of match, especially because this match at Denver weeks earlier, only now, they are at Madison Square Garden.  The main story is that The Undertaker is being made to look REALLY strong, as he no-sold two Pile drivers from Warrior, but only the third one puts him out for a while. Warrior tries a splash, but gets caught, then Tomb stoned. Warrior fights out of the bag at the last second. An Urn Shot wins the match for Warrior at around the 9:40 mark. A fun little match, about as good as Warrior could get, all things considered. (**1/4 Stars out of 5)

Custom Made Coffin Coffin Match, The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer vs. Kamala (Survivor Series 1992)

They show the promo of Taker and Bearer building the coffin before the match.

This match took place after Taker was beaten by Kamala at Summerslam earlier in the year. This comes across as the first casket match of its kind, due to the fact that Kamala acts like hes REALLY scared of it. Also, Im only realizing how much Taker no-sold during this time in his career, doing so whenever Kamala slammed him. After a third slam, Kamala splashes him, while Kim Chee steals the urn. Kamala is scared of it however, allowing Taker to hit him with it for the win. Since this match was the first of its kind, the rules were still a little shady, so Taker still had to use nails and dig them into the coffin to win. This match was very slow considering it was only 5 or so minutes and was generally rather boring. (*1/2)

Grim Reaper – Casket Match, The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs Kama (w/ Ted DiBiase) (Summerslam 1995)

Remember when I said the last match was boring? This was even worse. Kama had to most of the work, because the storyline was based around him beforehand. It was an example of a Bad Guy Steals Urn run here. However, watching Bearer freak out when DiBiase is hitting Taker is hilarious. Kamas mad and goes a pin as well. Why? In the end, Taker chokeslams, then Tombstones Kama, and then rolls in the casket to win at17 Minutes?! The problem here was that Kama just didnt have the skills to carry the match, and it just dragged on for agesWell, 17 Minutes to be exact. The teasing of the finish along the way certainly didnt help. (*)

Shadow of Death Casket Match, The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs King Mabel (December 1995)

After Mabels Infamous legdrop on Taker, hes now in Phantom of the Opera mode, and has to wear a mask. After Sir Mo does a runner, it allows Mabel to clock Taker from behind. He does it again after Taker counters a second rope splash. He splashes Taker this time, and rolls him into the casket, but for some reason, they forgot to shut the lidWonderful! Taker escapes, hits his flying clothesline on Mabel, chokeslams him, and slams him and Mo into the Casket for the win. Short, and nothing majorly bad, I guess. (*1/2)

Deranged and Sadistic The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs Mankind

Ah, many a fan should know about these two and the way theyre associated with one-another. However, this was when they didnt quite have that chemistry yet. However, the match is still solid. Whats peculiar though, is that Taker is acting more of a heel here, but it still gets him really over with the crowd. Cool. This is the not-so-infamous match where Paul Bearer accidently hits Taker over the head with the Urn, allowing Mankind to win with the Mandible Claw. Not quite on the level of their more famous meetings, but still solid. (**1/2)

No Boundries Boiler Room Brawl, The Undertaker vs Mankind (Summerslam 1996)

And heres the famous Boiler Room Brawl from Summerslam 1996. And if you didnt know, the basic rules are that you have to start in the boiler room, and make your way to the ring to take the urn from Paul Bearer. Mankind sneaks up and hits him with a metal beam. They take turns beating each other with various boiler room items: trash cans, steel rods, plastic piping, wooden palets, etc. Mankind crotches Taker with plastic piping and comes off the top of a ladder with a Cactus Elbow. Transmission problems helpfully disguise the edits and piss off the crowd (unless the WWF was dubbing boos for its own program). Mankind climbs the ladder for another elbow, but Taker tips it over, sending Mankind down to the concrete floor. They slowly crawl for the door, and Taker sprays Mankind with a fire hydrant. Mankind barricades the door, but Undertaker bursts through. He chases Mankind down the hall as the other superstars look on. Mankind tosses hot coffee on him to get a few-second edge. Taker catches up with Mankind as they come out to the ring entrance. They fight all the way down the aisle, and Mankind piledrives Taker on the pavement. Taker recovers, though, and slingshots Mankind to the concrete. Taker reaches for the urn, but Bearer seems hesitant. Taker’s confusion gives Mankind enough time to recover and put him down with the Mandible Claw. Bearer slaps the Undertaker in the face, and they take turns stomping him down over and over again. Finally, Mankind just takes the urn to pick up the win. Great idea, shame the execution wasnt quite there. Again, the match seemed to drag on a lot, especially as it went on for 27 Minutes. (**1/2)

Chilling Numbers Buried Alive Match, The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (Rock Bottom 1998)

If Stone Cold won the match, he would earn a spot in the Royal Rumble. Its an Austin/Taker match, so not surprisingly, a big brawl starts the match off. Theres quickly a recurring pattern emerging as they brawl pretty much all over the arena, its basically, punch, punch, kick kickAnd I dont wanna type that out 17 times in a row. Finally, they wind up near the grave where the tombstone gets involved. Taker starts to bury him with a shovel, but Austin pops up, hits Taker with a can of gasoline and Stunners him into the grave. A wheelbarrow full of dirt isn’t going to cover Taker, so Austin leaves the arena. Taker crawls out of the grave and takes cover as a cherry bomb goes off. Suddenly, Kane emerges from the grave and brawls with Taker. Kane gets the better of his brother (for once) and hits a Tombstone. He rolls Taker in as Austin returns with a backhoe. That pretty much ends it as Austin and Heyman share a beer for the win while the backhoe buries Taker. Horrible match, it was basically a glorifed brawl. And Michael Coles commentary was even worse than usual and didnt help one bit. (1/4).

Internal Fires Inferno Match, The Undertaker vs Kane (RAW, February 22nd 1999)

The battle lines were really odd going into this match. McMahon was a heel, but since he hated him, Taker was a heel too..yet, Kane, who was working for McMahon, was a babyface. YeahOkay, the real concept here was that McMahon was tired of Taker stalking him and his family, so he put Kane on to deal with him. This was interesting, because it introduced Stephanie McMahon on TV as a character in 2000, and well, the rest is history. Kane tosses Taker to the floor and comes off the top for his flying clothesline, but Taker sidesteps him. Kane does a bellyflop right there on the announce table. Kane reverses a whip and tries a big boot, but Taker just grabs his boot and throws it into the fire for the win. The angle is what made this a great match, more than anything else. (**1/2)

Disc One wasnt very good to me. Probably because of the fact that many of the great early Taker matches were already on other DVD sets, so this set got the leftovers. (5/10)

Disc Two

An Imposing Force The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs The Big Show (RAW, May 3rd 1999)

This is was an anticipated match up. The Undertaker was being built as being a legit bad ass while The Big Show had just jumped ship from WCW. However, this match was very tame and had a simple formula. Taker uses his speed to out-move Show, but then gets caught when trying an offensive move. Rinse and repeat. Taker than takes an alcohol bottle and pours it on his elbow pad, then buts Big Show in a sleeper hold. Big Shows lungs are massive and he soon breaks out.  This causes Taker to freak out and he hits Show with a Baseball Bat for the DQ at just under 3 Minutes. Lame. Next. (1/4)

What Lies Beneath WWE Championship Match, The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs The Big Show (RAW, June 7th 1999)

Not great to see these two in back-to-back matches, as they start out just like last time with Taker dodging Big Shows offence. I did like the spot where they both try to Chokeslam each other as well. Taker low blows Show and works him other in the corner, until Big Show catches him and Chokeslams himTHROUGH THE RING. Way to make the Big Show look really strong there. That awesome finish saved an otherwise pretty mediocre match. (**)

This is what I dont like about the DVD here. The Undertakers American Badass Motorcycle era is completely fazed out of this set. Sad really, because most of his best work come out of it. Ah well

A Long and Complex History Concrete Crypt Match, The Undertaker vs The Dudley Boyz (The Great American Bash 2004)

Taker lays down, but Bubba Ray makes the mistake of taunting him. Taker readies both Dudleyz for a chokeslam, but Heyman threatens him long enough for the Dudleyz to make a comeback. Taker comes back and destroys both tag team champions. Heyman pulls the lever. Instead, he takes out both Dudleyz again. Heyman starts the lever, but Bubba Ray stops it because he wants to finish Taker without distraction. D-Von puts Taker in a chinlock, but Taker fights out of it. Bubba tag in and drops an elbow. Bubba seems game at least. Crowd chants for tables. Tazz notes that the cement is just under Paul Bearer’s chin. Undertaker comes back against both Dudley again. Taker delivers a Snake Eyes and a big boot to D-Von. Bubba tries to help but misses a splash in the corner. Taker hits Bubba with the Old School forearm. D-Von slips out of a Tombstone Attempt and hits a low blow. The Dudleyz hit a Double-Team Neckbreaker, getting Heyman all cocky. Heyman walks down and the angle accidentally gives us a nice look at Heyman’s earpiece where he can communicate with the back. Taker does the Zombie Situp, chokeslams Bubba and finishes D-Von with the Tombstone. Oh dear. They tried to tell a story but I really didnt like this match and its booking. How on earth could The Undertaker beat BOTH Tag Team Champions in a Handicap Match? Woah. (*)

Devils and Wicked Men – Casket Match, The Undertaker vs Heidenreich (Royal Rumble 2005)

Loving the monks bringing the table out to start. Taker pulls Heidenreich over to the casket with a headlock. Taker hiptosses Heidenreich and armdrags him down. Taker single leg picks him and turns Heidenreich into a single leg crab. Heidenreich pulls himself to the ropes, but Cole points out he’s also pulling himself toward the casket. I liked how they incorporated Heidenreich’s fear of the casket into the psychology of the match here. Pretty cool. To the outside, Heidenreich reverses a whip and sends Taker into the casket. Back in, Taker puts Heidenreich in a Triangle Choke. Gene Snitsky runs down and breaks up the hold. Snitsky and Heidenreich join forces and destroy Taker. Snitsky calls for the refs to open the casket. When they throw it open, Kane pops out and opens a can of burnt ass! Kane and Snitsky fight all the way through the crowd, eliminating each other from the match. Heidenreich whips Taker into the ringsteps and pulls up the mat. Taker is staggered, so Heidenreich pushes the casket into his face (sort of). He puts Taker out and rolls him into the casket. Taker blocks the casket from closing and sandwiches Heidenreich’s head with the casket door. He then legdrops the lid onto Heidenreich’s head. Damn. Back in, Heidenreich catches Taker with a flying side slam. He covers because he’s..scared? Taker goes into the casket again, but again he blocks. A botched chokeslam sets up the Tombstone Piledriver. Heidenreich is way dead after that, so Taker rolls him into the casket for the win. Heidenreich was sloppy at times but there was good psychology here. (**1/2)

Like Father, Like Son Handicap Casket Match, The Undertaker vs Randy Orton and Bob Orton Jr. (No Mercy 2005)

Taker tosses Bob into the casket, but Bob hops out before the lid closes. Randy whips Taker into the ringsteps to turn the tide. The Ortons try to overpower Taker, but he fights them both off.. Taker tries the Old School Ropewalk, but Randy catches up to him. The Ortons double superplex Taker to the canvas. Cowboy Bob covers, but it’s a Casket Match, so it doesn’t count. (Seriously, why do they do that?) Taker tosses Bob into the casket again. He catches Randy and rams him into the post. Bob tries to use a fire extinguisher but only winds up looking silly. Taker Chairshots Randy into the casket and applies a Triangle Choke to Bob to put him out. Bob rolls himself into the casket, but Randy blocks Taker from closing it. Randy gets a powerslam and drags Taker to the casket. He pauses when he sees his own father still in there. That allows Taker to give Randy a low blow. Taker gets his boot up on a charge but runs into a dropkick from Orton. Orton goes for the mounted punches, but Taker counters to the Last Ride. He’s about to toss Orton into the casket, but Bob pops up and sprays Taker with the fire extinguisher. Randy hits the RKO. Bob rolls Taker to the casket, but Taker suddenly pops up and grabs Bob for the chokeslam. Randy runs in and blasts Taker with the extinguisher. Cowboy Bob closes them both in the casket, but the refs rule it doesn’t count. Randy gets out and hits Taker with a chairshot. That’s enough to keep Taker down. The Ortons close the casket at 19:11.

Afterwards, they axe the Casket, and set it on fire. Kane tried that in 1999, silly Ortons, you know thatll never work! Solid match, especially for a Casket Match, but it didnt do anything to elevate Randy. It was a handicap Match after all.

The Devils Playground Hell In A Cell Match, The Undertaker vs Randy Orton (Armageddon 2005)

Randy tries to avoid him and locks on a side headlock. Taker shoves him aside and shoulderblocks him. Orton comes back with a hip toss and a dropkick. Taker tries to javelin Orton into the cage, but Orton avoids it and pummels him in the corner. Taker shrugs it off and destroys Randy with punches. Orton tries to crawl away, but Taker steps on his ankle. A chairshot busts Randy open. Randy grabs a chain, but it gets used against him. Taker finally does dart Orton’s face into the mesh. Orton tries to get fired up, but Taker no-sells and boots the rRngsteps into Randy’s shoulder. Back inside, Randy explodes with the RKO on the ropes. Taker falls to the outside. Orton grabs that chain and chokes Taker out with it. Randy gets two off a chairshot. The crowd tries to get into it with a “Randy Sucks” chant. Taker delivers a running knee to Orton against the mesh. Bob Jr. grabs Taker by the hair through the mesh to hold him in place while Randy sets up a table in the ring. Taker fights both men off. Randy gets a messed up powerslam into the cage. Back to the ring, Randy charges right into a Flatliner for two. The Snake Eyes sets up a boot and a legdrop for two. The chokeslam gets two, but Randy gets his foot on the bottom rope. Randy sets up a Taker on the table and splashes him through it. That could have been ugly as Randy looked like he overshot it. Randy avoids the Last Ride, and the Undertaker accidentally takes out Nick Patrick. Randy counters the chokeslam to the RKO as another ref comes to check on Patrick. Charles Robinson comes in to replace Patrick, allowing Cowboy Bob to enter. Taker gets the Last Ride, but Bob pulls Robinson out. Randy counters a Tombstone to his own, but there’s no ref. Jimmy Korderis eventually comes in, but he only counts two before Taker kicks out. Taker does the Zombie sit up and counters the RKO by throwing Randy away. Boot to Bob. Tombstone to Randy for the win. Half an hour of great storytelling, Randy Orton fitted the role of Heel with nowhere to run to perfection. Also, the last 10 Minutes were excellent, despite the Bob Orton silliness. (*** )

Last Judgement Last Man Standing Match, The Undertaker vs The Great Khali (w/ Shawn Daivari) (Smackdown, August 18th 2006)

They tease a few early countdowns before Taker chases Daivari to the ramp. Khali catches up with them and tosses Taker off the stage through the equipment below. Taker teases the KO, taking a nine count. Back to the ring, Khali gets the Punjabi Jab. Taker lays down for a nine count and then sits up at 9 & 1/2. That’s all well and good, but you’re supposed to beat your feet. They bring in the ringsteps, and Taker snatches a chair from Daivari. He busts Khali open with it (didn’t look close, though). A few more chairshots put the Giant down, and Taker picks up the win at 16:11. Not as horrible as some people told me it wasBut its The Great KhaliWere you really expecting a work of art here? (* )

Taker certainly wrestles up to the competition, but when faced with stiffs, lugs, and stale acts, he can suck with the best of them, it all depends on the opponent. Great HiTC with Orton though. (6/10)

Disc Three

First Blood First Blood Match, The Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy (Survivor Series 2006)

Kennedy has Vaseline on his head to prevent bleeding. Awesome psychology and the match hasnt even started. Taker jumps him right away and takes him to the floor, smashing his head on the Spanish announce table. Taker beats him from pillar-to-post until Kennedy reverses a whip, sending Taker’s knee into the steps. Taker catches Kennedy in mid-air and slams him into the post, though. You wouldn’t think that would be a point of psychology in a First Blood match, but it is as Taker gives Kennedy a rabbit punch and then stomps his ribs, hoping to get Kennedy to bleed internally and spit it up for the win. That’s both sick and innovative. Awesome! Back in, Taker gives Kennedy a superplex and punches the ribs again. Kennedy goes low but runs into a boot. Back to the ribs as Taker turns Kennedy around against the buckle and punches his kidneys. Kennedy goes low again and falls to the floor, coughing up blood. MVP runs down and wipes off Kennedy’s mouth before the ref sees it. Of course, MVP turns on Kennedy and tosses him back to the Taker in return for Kennedy doing the same to him on Smackdown. Taker mounts Kennedy for the pummel, but Kennedy drops him on the exposed buckle. MVP sneaks in with a chair, hoping to hit Kennedy from behind, but Taker winds up taking the shot. Taker is busted open, and Kennedy pounds on the cut for the win at 9:20. Not the greatest action, but the psychology and booking was off the charts. Kennedy did so much better with his Taker run that Orton did. (*** )

Last Ride Last Ride Match, The Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy (Armageddon 2006)

Druid Music Special eh? Awesome. Kennedy tries to duck and dodge early, but Taker catches up with him and bounces his head off the announce table. Then, he tosses him onto the apron. Back in, Taker misses a big boot and spills to the floor where Kennedy jumps on him like a jackal. To the aisle, Kennedy shoves Taker into the hearse, but he can’t close the door. Taker fights him all the way back to the ring and drops a leg across Kennedy’s face. A superplex puts Kennedy down, and Taker carries him toward the hearse. Kennedy slips his shoulder and locks in a sleeper to put Taker out. Kennedy dumps him in the hearse, but the Taker shows up in the driver’s seat and fights Kennedy back to the ring. Kennedy grabs a chair and knocks Taker around. They brawl back to the entrance and up to the top of the castle-like set. Taker grabs Kennedy’s throat as if to chokeslam him, but Kennedy counters and tosses Taker to the floor below. That’s a crazy bump to be taking at this point in Taker’s career. Kennedy hurries down and puts Taker in the hearse. Of course, Taker sits up with a vengeance and drags Kennedy out of the hearse. Kennedy avoids a pipe shot, but Taker busts him open with a chairshot and pummels the open wound. To the roof of the hearse, Taker chokeslams Kennedy on the roof of the hearse and then gives him a Tombstone. Taker tosses Kennedy in the hearse and drives him to the back for the win. Standard Undertaker Brawl, with some nice spots sprinkled in. (***)

Powers Lie Within, Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Undertaker vs Batista (Backlash 2007)

Batista charges right into a boot to open. The crowd definitely sides with Taker. He goes for the chokeslam early, but Batista battles out. Taker has to settle for a flying clothesline. Batista comes back with a sloppy powerslam for a six count. They brawl on the floor with Taker going after Batista’s bandaged hamstring. Batista whips Taker to the steps but makes the mistake of going up and gets superplexed in a nice reference to the WrestleMania match where he hit the flying shoulderblock. They slug it out, and Batista levels him with a clothesline for eight. Taker slings Batista to the floor and sets up the Smackdown announce table. Batista whips Taker to the barrier, but Taker hits a sloppy backbreaker move and smashes the ringsteps into his head. Batista is busted open but on his feet. Taker tosses him onto the table and hits alegdrop through the table! JBL and Cole have to do play-by-play from the crowd. It only gets a nine count, though, and Undertaker gets grumpy. Back in, Taker hits a corner clothesline but runs right into a spear. Spinebuster! Times Two! Times Three! Batista is starting to generate serious heel heat here. Taker blocks the Batista Bomb and hits a chokeslam for nine. Taker mounts Batista for some corner punches, and Batista counters to a powerbomb in yet another cool play on their Mania match. It gets about 9.6. Batista gets desperate and smashes Taker with a chair. He sets up for the Batista Bomb, but Taker backdrops out of it and hits the TOMBSTONE! Taker staggers over to the corner and puts his head down to rest, but Batista makes it up behind his back. Taker’s ” Seriously?!” reaction is awesome. They brawl all the way up to the entrance platform. Taker goes for the Tombstone, but Batista slips out and spears Taker off the platform, sending them both through the production equipment below. The scaffolding from the set, which actually did look superfluous, suddenly collapses on top of them, and neither man is able to answer the ten count. Awesome match. If they had a clean finish, it would have been a genuine Match of the Year Contender for 2007. Fantastic play from their Wrestlemania match, with brutal spots. (*** )

Revenge The Undertaker vs Big Daddy V (w/ Matt Striker), (Smackdown, January 25th 2008)

BDV avalanches him in the corner but takes a flying DDT. Taker goes for the Old School Ropewalk Forearm but gets knocked down. Coach notes that Taker might have torn through a guy like BDV 10 years ago. Taker fights his way back and chokeslams (Sort of) BDV for two. Taker hits the Old School Ropewalk Forearm but runs into the sideslam. Taker tries to apply the Triangle Choke when V covers, but fails. BDV knocks him down, but Taker applies a modified version of the hold for the quickest tapout you’ll ever see to win. Ergh, next. (*)

Ring Of Fire, The Undertaker vs Edge, Hell In A Cell Match (Summerslam 2008)

It’s all Undertaker early as he beats Edge around the ring and Snake Eyes Edge into the ring steps into the corner. Edge apparently blocked, though, and sends Taker into the steps. A few chairshots rock the Taker enough for Edge to set him up on a table. Edge splashes him through the table. Taker sits up and goes for a chokeslam, but Edge fights out of it. To the floor, Edge slips out of a Snake Eyes and spears Taker through the cage! That knocks over part of the cell wall and lets them get out. Taker whips Edge into the barricade. They fight up to the announce tables where Edge runs across all three tables to SPEAR the Undertaker. Back in, Edge nails Taker with a camera in a play on the Survivor Series match. That gets two. Edge readies for another spear but gets chokeslammed. Taker sets up for the Last Ride, but now Edge goes low. Taker shrugs it off and tries again, but Edge slips out and spears him for two. Taker sets up for a Tombstone on the steps, but Edge counters to the Edge-o-Matic. Edge goes up, but Taker catches him and chokeslams him through a pair of tables on the outside. Now Taker hits a spear and nails Edge with the camera. That sets up a Conchairto and the Tombstone at 26:41. Absolutely brilliant match that was so physically intense. The spots here was absolutely brutal. One of the best matches of 2008, and one of Edges best singles matches ever. (**** )

State of Mind The Undertaker vs The Big Show, Steel Cage Match, (Smackdown, 5th December 2008)

Show knocks Taker down and goes up for the pump-splash. Oops. Misses. Actually, ooops supposed to miss but didn’t. Taker sandwiches him against the cage but gets knocked back. More bodyblows from Show. Taker blocks him and goes Old School, but Show superplexes him for two. They both go up and brawl on the top rope. Uppercut by the Undertaker! Show falls back into the ring, allowing Taker to go out. Instead, though, Taker tries a flying legdrop and misses. They work in the block-the-chokeslam-and-chokeslam-your-opponent spot. That gets two for Show. Taker charges right into a Knockout Punch. Of course, since it would kill a normal man, Undertaker just sits up and applies Hell’s Gate for the submission at 12:40. After so many years, they go full circle and produce good matches. About time. Nice stuff here. (***)

Harrisons Overall Analysis

Disc 3 was, by a mile, the best (8/10). Theres a handful of clunkers in general here, including two matches with Mable and The Big ShowOh dear. But they have some very good matches with Kennedy, Orton, and Edge in the latter stages. And also, this DVD does a great job of showing how much Taker has evolved over the course of his career, despite the American Badass gimmick not showing up. Id say you should only get this set if youre a die-hard fan of The UndertakerBut if you are, you probably have this already. Ive been Andre Harrison and thank you very much for reading. Sayonara!

Harrisons The Undertakers Deadliest Matches DVD Rating: 6.5 out of 10

 Available from SILVERVISION.CO.UK


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