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Throwing in the Towel – Comic Book Review: WWE Heroes #2

April 30, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Throwing in the Towel

Comic Book Review: WWE Heroes #2

    By Michael Campbell



WWE Heroes comic #2
Titan Publishing

-Writer: Keith Champagne
-Artist: Andy Smith
-Newsstand cover artist: Andy Smith (cover A)

-Alternate cover artist: Steve Pugh (cover B)

 32 pages, full colour, on sale now


Welcome to another Throwing in the Towel column and a look at the second issue of WWE Heroes. Its taken me a few days to get round to actually looking at my review copy, thanks to a moving-house-type-situation. Thankfully, thats sorted now. Err… anyways…

With Issue 1 having cracked the top 40 Independent comic releases for March, Titan stepped up their marketing campaign, releasing details of future issues, in particular, a cover for issue 3, which simply says Triple H RIP. Obviously, this is a tantalising hint for fans, as being one of the WWEs biggest stars; Hunter seemed guaranteed to be a major player within the entire scheme of things.


And thus, with the second issue, we continue the story of The Shadow Kings pursuit of the First-Born. It was fairly obvious from what occurred previously that Triple H would be the superstar in question and here hes engaged in a battle with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, The timeline of this series is completely nutty. Regardless, the story on display here is flimsy indeed, and instead were provided with an almost issue-long bout between the Game and The Deadman. Cue lots of silly, over-sized panels of both competitors gesticulating wildly. During the course of the main event, the Shadow King and his men crash the party, ordering the locker room out the ring. At this point they kill off Chris Jericho, and then in the final panel of the book, Triple H. I have a feeling that both will be back.  

Im not completely sold on the notion of killing off WWE superstars, especially given that this is a series that clearly should be marketed towards the pre-teens. Those over the age of 14 will undoubtedly find the story daft, but I imagine some parents wont be overly interested in their sprogs reading about Triple H being murdered. Its somewhat bamboozling as well, as with WWE television currently being PG. However, the series does look set to become even more over the top and insane, which can only be a positive.

Andy Smiths artwork continues to be bold, blocky, and goofy with a truckload of ludicrous poses. Its still somewhat ridiculous, but should appeal to kids, being loud and bright. On that note, the colouring has improved somewhat in this issue, perhaps as a result of being confined to a more consistent setting. But some of the renditions in this issue are really poor. Batista looks absolutely awful, and Chris Jericho is unrecognizable. When another character referred to him as Chris, I automatically assumed the generic grappler was Chris Masters. From a more positive perspective, its good to see that Smith has researched some of the guys, as Undertaker is depicted performing Old School.


Once more, the best thing about the comic for older readers, is the attenuate cover. This one, provided by Steve Pugh, benefits from rather tasty renditions of Kelly Kelly, Undertaker, and Triple H.  However, for the majority, a pretty image on the front probably wont be enough to convince fans to shell out for a funnybook. In an era when long-term comic readers are accustomed to material such as that of the wonderful Kevin Smith, or the film adaption of the glorious Kick-Ass, WWE heroes will prove to be most disappointing. Itll be intriguing to see how well this one will sell, because I expect a big drop off from the first issue, before hitting a more consistent number. 


Theres some talent behind this book, but the more discerning reader will be hard pressed to see that. Strictly for kids, but even at that, Im not sure theyll find WWE Heroes maintaining their interest.


Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I welcome any and all feedback and I can be contacted on Facebook, or simply by emailing me at bazilalfonso@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from you, and will be back soon!





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