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Throwing in the Towel WWE: Elimination Chamber 2010

February 22, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Throwing in the Towel
WWE: Elimination Chamber 2010

By Michael Campbell

Welcome to the Throwing in the Towel report on the 2010 edition of Elimination Chamber- a show that retained the format of last years No Way Out, but adhered to the WWEs irritating philosophy of naming big events after gimmick matches. Historically, the Elimination Chamber has almost always delivered, and on paper, this looked set to continue the trend. Most of us had a rough idea going in, how Wrestlemania was beginning to shape up, however, many of the specifics remained somewhat hazy. Common sense indicated that this would both be a quality production, and one that would lead us firmly towards the biggest show of the year. Was this the case then?

WWE Title (Elimination Chamber Match)
Sheamus vs Triple H vs Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Kofi Kingston vs Ted Dibiase
It was unsurprising to see this starting out the card, given that the Smackdown variation was more likely, on paper at least, to provide an exciting finale, and also because the WWE are fans of splitting up gimmick bouts in such a fashion. Weird though to see John Cena as the first superstar through the curtain on a PPV. Big hometown reaction for local favourite Randy Orton here, who earned chants whilst Kofi and Sheamus kicked the match off.
Hunter was next in, and showed off his impressively orange, leathery skin. Hes started early with his special Mania tan this year. Definitely a giveaway that hell be either defending or challenging for the belt in six weeks time. Big reaction for him going toe-to-toe with Sheamus, but the excitement died a little after a couple of minutes.
Randy Orton was the fourth man in the chamber, and the action picked up with his appearance, as he used the frame of the structure to batter both Hunter and the champ. They had Kofi do a big spot to the outside of the apron, which seemed to be the theme of a lot of the bout. He took some nasty, nasty bumps to the steel grid as well.
Dibiase was the penultimate grappler in, and they teased him nailing Orton before they teamed up. No reaction to this stuff from the St. Louis crowd. The WWE will probably interpret that as a failing on Dibiase or Rhodes parts, but its actually entirely because theyve booked their dissention in such convoluted manner wherein nobody has a clue who youre meant to empathise with. The bout lost steam here, as everyone eagerly awaited being able to boo Cena. Dibiase and Orton took everyone out temporarily, then waited on him, and he entered for the most heated part of the match thus far. Orton rescued his Legacy buddy from an STFU, then was poised to finish off Cena, but Rhodes ran down, and threw in a steel bar. Dibiase accidentally (at least I think it was meant to look like an accident- it didnt much) clocked Orton with it, then hit Cena, but when they were both down, pinned Orton. Well played out, and good angle to add some direction to that feud, even if it looked awkward physically.
Kofi then eliminated Dibiase quickly, which was rather silly, before Seamus rapidly pinned him too. Match slowed to a crawl at this stage, largely because Cena and Hunter have been in this position a million times before. Trips saved Cena from elimination, then pinned Seamus following a Pedigree. Wow. A couple of minutes later, Cena made The Game tap out. Bit of a shock there. Batista/Cena really does not need the title to be a marquee bout at all. But regardless, where does that leave HHH?
Winner and New Champion: John Cena

-Following the bout, Vince McMahon came out, and announced that Cena would immediately face Batista for the title. Hah. I called that but admittedly, only about ten seconds before it happened.

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. Batista
Obviously, this didnt last long. Spear, Batista-Bomb.. New champ. Good, unpredictable angle, but I dont want to get overexcited because I completely dread the idea of yet another Mania triple threat for one of the titles.
Winner and new Champion: Batista

-They recapped the completely rubbish Bret Hart angle that took place last week on Raw. I did love the part where Bret said careful, dont break the other leg, with tongue appearing firmly in cheek. Maybe just imagined that actually. I certainly hope not

Intercontinental Title Match
Drew McIntyre vs Kane
McIntyres new entrance is fantastic, but he still needs a lot of work ,and it was never likely that a match with Kane would deliver the goods.
You could hear a pin drop during this slow, methodical affair. If Kanes going to continue to be featured in PPV title matches and such, theyre really going to need to find some direction for the guy. At the moment hes just an obstacle whom most heels are not permitted to beat cleanly. McIntyre retained with a thumb to eye and the DDT. This was one of those matches that would have been a million times better if theyd been short on time and rushed through it.
Winner and still champion: Drew McIntyre

Divas Title Match
Maryse vs Gail Kim
Vickie Guerrero came out prior to the start of the bout and cut a promo saying the title match was postponed and we were getting a tag match with the two challengers taking on Michelle McCool and Layla. Great.
Maryse & Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool & Layla
Exactly what you would expect. The story was that Gail got double-teamed and took some bad bumps, without getting much in the way of support from her partner. The crowd didnt care about this at all, and there was no reaction whatsoever when the heels picked up the win. Maryse DDTd Gail after the bout.
Winners: Michelle McCool and Layla.

-Backstage, Josh Matthews introduced The Miz, who was there to talk about WWE: NXT. He cut a promo on Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) for having no personality. MVP interrupted and informed The Miz they were going to be competing for the US title later on the show. Is that going to be MVPs spot on every PPV now? Would it have hurt to announce that ahead of time? It really felt like they made up half of this show as they went along. On the bright side, looks like Bryan may end up with a ready-made feud.

-William Regal came to the ring. He cut a completely pointless promo, then Edge came to the ring, revealed he would make his Wrestlemania opponent known tomorrow on Raw, and speared him. Worthless segment that existed only to get Edge on the show, and kill time (since we already knew Edges Mania opponent would likely be announced on the next show.

US Title Match
The Miz vs. MVP
Big Show and Mark Henry were at ringside. The crowd in St Louis may not have got the best show, but by God they completely sucked. The few that were capable of the odd croak did seem to favour Miz here though. This wasnt great, but it certainly picked up towards the end following an MVP Bell-to-belly throw off the top. Miz was accidentally bust open, which helped the crowd atmosphere immeasurably. Amazing how much folks respond to something they dont see every week, isnt it?
Henry and Show got involved on the outside, and Henry took a bump into the barricade. Shortly thereafter, Show interfered, giving Miz the win. They didnt have the bout stopped for blood, because it came late-on in the match, but the cut-man was still there at the end. Crazy.
Winner: The Miz

-The commentators recapped the earlier Chamber bout, with highlights. What a complete disgrace. Its their own fault that they didnt book enough to fill the show, and that could easily have been avoided, but to be as transparent as showing this over again, is just disgusting. couldnt we have got a CM Punk or Rey Mysterio promo? Or how about a tag match or something?

World Title (Elimination Chamber Match)
The Undertaker vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
Punk and R-Truth were the two elected to start this off. Punk cut a promo before Truth came out, while the other four just sat in their pods looking at him. Really odd, but Punk continued to carry himself as the most entertaining heel in the company. Truth worked the crowd on the mic before coming in. Jesus, this bunch needed it.
Anyways, these two worked pretty well together, before Punk hit the GTS, and eliminated designated jobber R-Truth. Punk got on the mic again, and started preaching to the Undertaker about how he tap him out again. Shame the crowd werent more up for this. Rey was in next, and took it to Punk, hitting a few cross-body dives, until Punk caught him on the outside with some Giant Swings into the chain-link fence. Rey also went head-first into the bullet-proof pod door. The crowd were way into Punk/Mysterio, as opposed to most of the PPV thus far. Rey nailed a big splash and pinned Punk. Felt a big soon for my liking, and a bit too straightforward, especially if they are gonna build up a singles match between the two.
Jericho was in next, and Rey continued to make good use of the structure in taking bumps. Jericho eventually got his old foe in the Lion Tamer, but Morrison entered next and made the save. Jo Mo nailed a really nasty looking kick on Rey as he was attempting a Springboard, but also ended up being sent crashing into a pod. Good stuff here from all three guys. Morrison eliminated Rey with Starship Pain.
Undertaker entered last, and Jericho ended up bleeding from the cheek. Ominously, a pod door started to fall apart, as Jericho attempted to escape from Taker. Morrison had Taker nearly beat at one point, but was hindered by his dodgy ankle, while Jericho again ran away from The Deadman. They did a lot of good spots between the three of them, and this was a really good show of faith in Morrison in particular, who was pinned following a Chokeslam onto the grid. Even down to the final two, there was an embarrassing, deathly silence from the crowd in attendance. Jericho got Taker in the Walls, but he champ was able to reverse it into a Hells Gate attempt. Taker went for the Tombstone, but it was reversed into The Codebreaker for a near fall. Big pop there for the kick-out. Taker hit a Last Ride, but was too knackered to make the cover. Eventually, he got to his feet and but HBK came up from under the grid, and Superkicked Taker, allowing Jericho to take the win and the title.
Good match, that slowed towards the end, and would have benefited from a hot crowd. It was also the finish that most of us predicted an absolute mile off.
Winner and new champion: Chris Jericho

We got a little bit of entertaining grappling at either side of the show, and a whole lot of filler in the middle. In the midst of the run up to Wrestlemania, theres no need for a PPV to be so dull, especially given that the majority of WWE television in 2010 thus far, has been very good indeed.
For me, there also were a lot of areas throughout this show, where they didnt make enough of their opportunity to further storylines heading into Mania. Punk vs. Rey may still happen, but thats a couple times now that Reys cleanly pinned his rival. Given how Rey was eliminated, it really would have done no harm to have Punk eliminate him instead. Also, given that the show was so short (it ended at around the 2 hours 42 minute mark), there was plenty of room for a couple of backstage segments, perhaps planting the seeds for other bouts.
If Hunter is not going to be feuding with Sheamus come Wrestlemania, he shouldnt have pinned him in the chamber. That honour should have went to Cena, as revenge for the various encounters hes had with Big Ginger. But at the same time, it wouldnt be for the title now anyway if HHH met Sheamus, so it makes little difference. Im still curious to see where those two will fit in at the super card, but if its a singles match, with no belt on the line, Id have no problem seeing Trips take a step away from one of the title bouts for once.

This was definitely step down from past No Way Out efforts. The two chamber matches were good, but largely couldnt touch those of yesteryear. And if they continue to shoe-horn them into the month of February, regardless of the storyline, then I expect that dip in form to continue. Elimination Chamber was newsworthy, and full of title changes then, but it wasnt especially memorable or even great, while it lasted.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I welcome any and all feedback and I can be contacted at www.myspace.com/michaelwrestlingetc or simply by emailing me at bazilalfonso@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from you, and will be back soon!


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