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Timothy Lobban’s Raw Review

February 16, 2010   ·   0 Comments

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WWE Champion Sheamus vs Randy Orton

The winner of the match as a result of a DQ is Sheamus given that The Legacy interfere in the match. A picture perfect replay of what happened at the Royal Rumble Randy Orton is again clearly angered by this and ends up giving Cody Rhodes the RKO and while Ted Dibiase is taken out by Sheamus, Sheamus to finds himself victim to a RKO.

It was disappointing to see this match end by a DQ but the way it ended with Randy Orton coming out on top really got over with the crowd, which in turn got the audiences blood flowing for the upcoming matches of the show.Bret “The Hitman” Hart Addresses Vince McMahonBret Hart addresses the crowd and vents out the frustrations that he has with Mr McMahon. Surprisingly he hints that this will be his last time with the WWE. Saying Goodbye to the WWE Universe.

John Cena manages to catch up with Bret Hart and tries to convince him to change his mind. But Bret Hart states that it is as far as he is willing to go and proceeds to leave. He is somehow caught up in an incident which ends up giving him a leg injury.

I doubt that Bret Hart will be gone for good, however Im not too sure what to make out of that angle with Brets leg injury and whether it was real or not.Showmiz vs MVP and Mark HenryIn a short match MVP and Mark Henry pick up a narrow win on the WWE Unified World Tag Team Champions.

Good win for MVP may bring back some spark to the rivalry that Miz and MVP had up until the Royal Rumble. Looking at the crowds reaction after MVP picked up the victory the rivalry still seems to have a good following as these two have very strong characters and in ring personalities.Raw Guest Host Jerry Springer introduces himself to WWE Monday Night Raw and hosts his own special for the showThis seemed like more of a time-filler than an actual slot for the people to tune into. So much that it doesnt deserve my comments on it!Kofi Kingston vs Ted DibiaseIn a reasonably worked match Ted Dibiase picks up the win.

Kofi Kingston continues to receive mixed reactions from the crowd whilst Ted Dibiase continues to get his push. However when looking at Ted Dibiase Jr in comparison to this senior and future Hall of Fame inductee The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase Sr he still has some way to go and develop.Batista SpeaksAfter an exchange of words between Batista and John Cena Batista announces that he will be on Raw live in person the following week.

Interesting bout of words between the two I feel that Batistas heel turn is working really well for him as he is allowed to be more aggressive and is beginning to gain real heat from the crowd. If these two manage to have a match between each other at Wrestlemania it is sure to be an historic action-packed match-up,John Cena vs Triple HHHUnfortunately this match ended up in a no contest as Sheamus interfered in the match and ended up ambushing and dismantling both John Cena and Triple HHH.

A pattern has formed in the runnings of Monday Night Raw where matches that take place between two major superstars end up in a DQ or No Contest with no one therefore picking up a respectable win. I think it is done to keep people hyped up and in suspense for when they do actually face each other in a clean competitive bout. However its beginning to annoy me and I think many others that this keeps on happening. The last thing you want to do when matches are watered down and as short as they are in the WWE is to not give respectable wins. The rivalries and feuds that are taking place in the WWE roster seem to have alot of potential but these will be thwarted if they continue to produce unimaginative and premature endings to their match-ups.


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