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TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2009 DVD Review

March 8, 2010   ·   0 Comments

TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2009 Limited Edition DVD

Chapters – TLC

TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) Match for the Unified Tag Team Champions
Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. D-Generation X

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker vs. Batista

Tables Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Sheamus

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James

WWE Intercontinental Champion title Match
John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre

Ladder Match for the ECW Championship
Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin

Bonus Features

DX celebrates after their match

On December 2009 the AT&T centre in San Antonio Texas was the host to one of the most extreme pay per views on the wrestling calendar, Tables, Ladders & Chairs; TLC! As I sat down to watch this I realised I haven’t actually seen it in its entirety before so it made it doubly great for me!
Kicking off with the wonderful Christian facing off against the not so wonderful Shelton Benjamin, for the ECW championship! Great match up with some expected high flying spots. Christian bleeds at one point and has to be attended to by a doctor in the middle of the match. Ladders are probably my favourite type of stipulation for WWE matches and this one didn’t disapoint. Christian had apparently been in 7 ladder matches prior to this one and Shelton in 4 not including Money In The Bank so you can guess with their experience it turns out to be a good one!
John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre is fantastic! Ok so I’m a huge fan of both of these guys I may be a little biased, but honestly this kind of match makes me glad to be a WWE fan! Both guys are quick, young, fresh and ready and willing to entertain the best they can, hence the reason this match is so exceptional! Loved it!
Can I also just point out at this stage that I think the announce team of Striker, Lawler and Cole really work well together, as much as I am with the majority that miss JR a lot, Striker is really good at his job!
Backstage Drew is with Mr McMahon when Josh interrupts them for an interview.
The Women’s Championship match is Mickie James vs Michelle mcCool, now I like Mickie but in my opinion McCool is horrible! She is all about rolling around and pulling hair and that in my humble opinion shopuld not be the main stay of a Women’s Championship match on a pay per view. None the less Mickie does her best to make the match watchable and McCool proves that it certainly isn’t what you do it’s who ya do! 😉
The next match on the card is the Tables match for the WWE Championship between Cena and relitive newcommer, Sheamus. Good lord they don’t like Cena much in Texas, while Cole tries desperatly to be heard over the jeers as he exclaims that thousands of the WWE Universe are on their feet, what he fails to mention is they’re actually booing Cena not cheering him! I think these days I’m in the minroty that actually still like John Cena, and Sheamus is growing on me so I didn’t find this match as bad as some of the reports I’ve read make it out to be. There are some brutal spots and although it may not be to the calibre of some tables matches I have seen it’s still entertaining and full of action all the way through. I enjoyed it!
Undertaker vs Batista isn’t the best match on the card by a long shot. I stand by my conviction that Batista is one of the worstperformers I’ve seen and it takes a hell of a guy opposite him in a match to make me want to watch, unfortunatly Undertaker just doesn’t fit that bill for me! (*gasp* yes I have blasphemed in the world of wrestling.. or maybe I’m just the only one brave enough to say it out loud!)
Randy Orton can do no wrong, he’s definitely one of the guys they can depend on to deliver a consistent match. I’m not a huge fan of the young Kofi kingston, but I did like this match!
Poor Teddy Long is verbally assaulted by Batista backstage until he’s cringing behind his hands (Probably to stop the shower of sweat and saliva!)
Jericho and Big Show face off against DX In the main event of the night, the TLC match for the Unified tag team Championship! I was very excited to see this one and it didn’t dissapoint! (How could it with Shawn Michaels in there? lol) I was surprised to hear that throughout their long andstoried history, D-Generation X have never before won the tag team titles.. how did THAT one slip by?!
The beginning of the match sees Big Show and Triple H brawling in and out of the ring while Shawn and Jericho fight each other (something I’d never complain about seeing!) so it’s a pitty Show and H even have to get back in there really…
Some brutal spots as you would expect in this sort of a match, at one point Jeri-Show are double teaming Triple H for a lengthy time while Shawn is knocked out on the outside. Triple H finally makes a comeback after he launches Jericho over a ladder in the corner and out to the matt. Some very cringeworthy moments that had me watching with one eye closed, waiting for these guys to get back to their feet again! Itis also avery fun match, lots of mark-out moments, lots of times that guys from both teams have their hands on those belts swinging from on high and the crowd are really into it from the minute DX’s music hits to the final bell!

One of the better pay per views from this past year and the last one on the calendar. I won’t mind sitting through this one again with my kids, and it’s one I am happy to have in my collection!
Sue (paps)

TLC Available to buy from SilverVision.co.uk


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