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TNA Impact review (US airing 2nd Sept)

September 6, 2010   ·   0 Comments

TNA Impact
Thursday 2nd September 2010

Reviewed by Gary Kean.

The show opens with a video promo highlighting the last few weeks for the final four of the Championship tournament.

We kick off with Hogan, Bischoff and Ms Tessmacher coming down to the ring.  Hogan builds up the talent in the back saying he loves coming in to work because TNA has some of the greatest talent in the business.  He then proceeds to introduce the four semi finalists and Mr Anderson, The Pope, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle all come down to the ring one by one.  Hogan warns them that everyone knows what happened to RVD so whoever becomes the Champ has to raise the bar.  Abyss makes his way through the crowd to the ring.  He gets in Hogans face and says he brings newsworthy revelations from them.  Hogan tells him to knock the crap off and that everyone knows who them is and that its Ric Flair and Fortune.  Abyss says it is not EV2, not Fortune and that Flair is a liar.  Apparently all the chess pieces are in place and their plans will come to fruition on a date that comes only once a century, 10.10.10.  On that date Abyss warns Hogan that the will not only take over TNA, they will remove TNA President Dixie Carter and begin the systematic elimination of everyone in the ring one by one.  As Abyss passes Hardy he mentions it will be exactly like what happened o RVD which causes Hardy to fly for Abyss.  I have no idea what happened next as it went to commercial.  Sad times.

Match 1 Madison Rayne and Biker Chick vs. the Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky)

The Beautiful Peoples music is played and as they are introduced Rayne and Bike Chick come out the crowd and moments later Love and Sky make their way down the ramp.  Before the match has started all four knockouts are going at it outside the ring.  Love and Sky get an early double team in on Biker Chick and send her flying into the rails.  They head into the ring and exchange blows on Rayne, Love puts Rayne in a front face lock to hold her so Sky can spank her but Biker Chick recovers and comes in to break it up.  The bell rings and the match is now officially underway with Love starting off against Rayne.  Love gets the upper hand and The Beautiful People take turns wearing down Rayne, Biker Chick gets involved and Love spears her to the outside.  While on the outside Biker Chick grabs her helmet and with the Refs back turned she hits Sky in the back with it to allow Rayne to get the pin.

Winners Madison Rayne and Biker Chick via Pinfall.

After the match Love goes to check on Sky and gets hit with the helmet for her troubles.  Biker Chick and Rayne then beat down on Love and Sky and afterwards Biker Chick takes off her mask to reveal she is former TNA Knockout Champion Tara.

As with any match involving Madison Rayne it wasnt the best.  Thankfully the match was kept pretty short and they didnt draw anything out but still done enough to keep the storyline going.

Next up we go to a backstage segment with Stevie saying he isnt afraid of facing Abyss and he will step out of the shadows of his EV2 comrades and stand out on his own.

We then get a video promo with Angle and Anderson discussing the recent actions of Abyss and what happened to RVD.

Speaking of RVD apparently we will hear from him next week on Impact.

Match 2 Stevie Richards vs. Abyss

Stevie is the first one out and he gets a good reception from the fans.  Abyss comes through the crowd and Stevie goes straight after him.  Stevie sends Abyss into the steps and then goes to follow up but runs into a big boot.  Abyss throws Stevie into the ring and the bell rings; the match is now officially underway.  Stevie goes for the Stevie kick early on but Abyss catches it and hits him with a clothesline.  Abyss sends Stevie to the corner and hits him with a big splash before hammering him with punches.  He then picks Stevie up and drops him dead in the middle of the ring, he is drawing a LOT of heat right now from the fans.  Abyss goes to the floor to grab a chair and heads back into the ring only to get blocked by the ref, while the ref is distracting Abyss Stevie takes advantage of the situation and hits a Stevie Kick into the chair on Abyss to grab the three count.

Winner Stevie Richards via pinfall.

Abyss gets up almost straight after and beats down Stevie.  Abyss grabs Stevie and hits him with Shock Treatment and we then cut to backstage where we see Foley on the ground surrounded by Fortune, EV2 and Security all brawling.  We head back to the ring where Abyss launches the ref outside the ring and hits Stevie with the Black Hole Slam.  He then goes to the outside to grab Janice when Brian Kendrick comes out of nowhere to dive at Abyss with a baseball slide before grabbing Stevie and helping him escape to the back.

This was a strange match, especially with Stevie picking up the win but it was still pretty tidy overall if a bit slow to watch.

We then get a backstage segment with Mr Anderson saying he doesnt understand why Pope doesnt like him since he has saved his ass at least 10 times now.  Pope appears behind him saying hes not interested in anything Andersons selling.  Anderson says they need to work as a team tonight and 3 days from now they can beat the crap out of each other.  Anderson says he will stick his hand out for Pope to tag but he needs to know if Pope will do the same.  Pope says hell se what happens.

We get a quick video package for the Impact Player of the Week, this week it is a spot on Jesse Neal going over his history in the marines and how he got into wrestling.

We head back to ringside with Dreamer and EV2 in the ring calling out Fortune for what they did to Foley in the back earlier.   Styles and Fortune come out and Styles says that you dont call Fortune out in the house he built, he calls people out.  Styles then goes through each of EV2 saying they will get slaughtered at No Surrender.  Dreamer responds by saying why wait til Sunday they can go now.  He says although this is AJs house the people in the house think AJ sucks.  This sets the match up for later 4 members of Fortune vs. 4 of EV2.

This was a nice promo as it was quick and to the point and it really got the crowd going.  Fortune are looking like they could be a good long standing faction and I really hope they do not disappear like every other good faction in TNA the last few years.

We cut to a backstage segment with Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe, he tells Joe he doesnt owe him anything but he is going out there for TNA, Joe and all his friends in the locker room.  Its up to Joe to do the right thing.  Joe says theres only one thing hes learned in the business and thats you should mind your own.

After the commercials we are following Jarrett on his way to his entrance saying he hopes someone stands u with him by his side tonight.

Match 3 Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

Sting has come out in the Wolfpac face paint with Kevin Nash behind him.  The match starts out with a collar and elbow tie up before Jarrett is fired to the ropes and Nash grabs his leg.  Jarrett gets up and they tie up again, Sting gets the advantage and gets a few punches in before he and Jarrett start exchanging, Jarrett now has the upper hand and goes to the ropes but again gets tripped by Nash.  Sting beats down on Jarrett for a bit then Jarrett gets a kick in and starts firing some punches.  He hits Sting with a clothesline and hen runs to the outside to go after Nash.  Sting recovers and goes to the outside but Jarrett is taking it to both of them now.  Sting hits Jarrett with an eye rake and slams him into the guardrail before clotheslining him onto the ramp.  Sting throws Jarrett back into the ring but as he jumps up on the apron Jarrett recovers and starts slamming Sting into the turnbuckles face first.  Jarrett then goes to suplex him back into the ring but as he gets Sting up Nash grabs his legs causing Sting to land on top and pin him for 3.

Winner Sting via pinfall.

After the match Nash is in the ring and Jeff goes for him only to be clocked in the back with Stings baseball bat.  Hogans music hits and then from the crowd Joe comes out and beats down on Nash.  He then tries to go for Sting but Sting points his bat at him telling him hes in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This match really annoyed me; a few years ago this was TNA Main Event material Jarrett vs. Sting, and now it seems they have dragged Joe into what looks like a failing storyline.  I really hope it goes somewhere but I just cant see it.  They already have factions warring with the EV2 and Fortune saga so it wont be a case of building armies; they are not and hopefully will not be fighting over the title in the next few months so they cant go down that angle.  The match itself was pretty poor and there were no real surprises at all.

We come back from commercial with newly formed tag team London Brawling (Desmond Wolfe and Magnus) in the ring along with manage Chelsea.  Wolfe gets on the mic taking some shots at Queer Money and The Motor City Cap Guns saying that while they have been trying to prove who the best team in TNA is, London Brawling have been beating every wanker put in front of them on Xplosion.  Magnus takes the mic and says they are embarrassed to have the Guns as champs and that its time for the belts to come from the boys to the real men.  The Guns music hits and they come down to the ring getting a huge pop from the crowd. 

Shelley and Sabin mention the best of 5 matches with Beer Money and say they are the best tag team in the universe today.  Sabin says although they may be number one contenders he hasnt seen them beat anybody.  From the look of things the only tag teaming London Brawling has been doing is on each other.  Wolfe mentions the fact that they are the only ones in the ring with a bird (Chelsea) and Magnus says they should worry about growing more hair on their nuts.  Shelley then points out he is four years older than Magnus.  Shelley then asks why Chelsea always has such a lousy look on her face, he says he has 10 dollars; 5 minutes and a dog tag, what can that get him?  Sabin chips in and says she obviously doesnt want to be with them but needs the money like every other hard working call girl.  Wolfe then tells Chelsea to tell them how he is the biggest man this side of the pond and gives her the mic.  She responds by saying if there were a sword fight in the ring right now, Wolfes weapon would fall a little short.  That kicks it off and Wolfe and Magnus attack the Guns with Sabin getting flung to the outside and Wolfe stomping Shelleys chest while the belt is laid across it.  Magnus then picks him up and they do a side walk slam/running knee combo on him to end the segment.

This could be pretty interesting London Brawling are perfect heels, not sure how long they are going to keep them with Chelsea since they have been building her unhappiness with Wolfe up for a good few months now.  This was a really good segment, it was funny, easy to watch and set the scene for the PPV perfectly.  Fingers crossed the match on Sunday is good.

Backstage in the EV2 locker room Dreamer is getting worried they are losing everything.  He asks if Foley can wrestle tonight and an official says no, due to an injury he suffered in the earlier attack.  Dreamer is worried they will be a man short tonight and Kendrick appears in the room to offer his services.  Dreamer is reluctant but Foley tells him he is out of his mind and therefore perfect for EV2.  Dreamer tells him not to screw up and they all shake hands.

Match 4 Fortune (Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money) vs. EV2 (Dreamer, Rhino, Sabu and Kendrick)

This is an 8 man tag team elimination match, Rhino and Storm start off by going toe to toe before Storm hits an uppercut and tags in Kaz.  He starts working Rhino to wear him out, Rhino manages to recover and hits a dropkick (yes, you did read that right), he then gets the tag to Sabu who comes in with a springboard clothesline, he then gets Kaz in the corner and nails a tornado DDT followed by a pin for 2.  Sabu goes for a springboard again but it tripped by Williams from the outside, Kaz hits an Oklahoma roll and pins him for 3.

Elimination – Sabu via pinfall.

Sabu hits Kaz and goes for Williams on the outside with a suicide dive.  Dreamer comes in and avoids a kick from Kaz and is able to get him into a Texas Cloverleaf but Styles breaks it up.  Kendrick is in now and hits Kaz with some kicks before going for a springboard crossbody which is countered into a gutbuster.  Kaz tags in Roode who works over Kendrick with some power moves before tagging Kaz back in.  Kaz and Kendrick then go through a series of pins and reverse pins before Kendrick is able to nail Kaz with a big kick to get the pin.

Elimination Kazarian via pinfall.

Styles runs in and Kendrick takes him to the mat and starts choking him.  The ref tries to break it up and gets a dropkick in the face from Kendrick for his troubles.  We see Foley coming to the ring just as it goes to commercial. (Argh!!)

Back from commercial and Kendrick has been disqualified during the break for his earlier attack on the ref.

Elimination Brian Kendrick via DQ.

Beer Money are double teaming Dreamer, Roode then goes to the ropes for a big knee but Dreamer gets his foot up.  Both men struggle t their corners and Roode tags in Storm, Dreamer brings in Rhino who comes in and clears house.  He hits Storm with a belly to belly followed up by a Gore.  Rhino goes for the pin but Roode breaks the count.  Roode then gets a belly to belly of his own and is being set up for a Gore when Abyss comes out the crowd.  Rhino goes out after him and they brawl all over the outside of the ring area.  The ref starts a count on Rhino and gets to 10.

Elimination Rhino via countout.

Roode is now the legal man and he gets an early advantage on Dreamer.  He and Styles take turns at working him over before Storm and Roode try for a double suplex.  Dreamer holds on and they cant get him up.  He shakes off Storm and just as Styles goes for his flying clothesline he counters Roode’s suplex attempt into a DDT, as he hits the move he avoids the now flying Styles who connects with Storm.  Dreamer gets the pin on Roode.

Elimination Robert Roode via pinfall.

During the confusion Dreamer quickly grabs Storm for a roll up and gets 3.

Elimination James Storm via pinfall.

Its now down to Dreamer and Styles, they brawls for a bi before AJ goes for the Styles clash, Dreamer counters it into a crossface.  Styles is able to get his foot on the ropes.  Dreamer the looks to be going for the Dreamer Driver with Styles over his shoulders but AJ is able to counter it and hits Dreamer with a dropkick.  Dreamer gets up and goes for the Dreamer DDT but its countered into a flying armbar.  Dreamer is able to get his foot on the ropes.  Styles goes up top but Dreamer cuts him off and hits a superplex placing AJ right in the middle of the ring.  Dreamer taunts Flair as if going for the figure four at which point Morgan tries to enter the ring distracting Dreamer.  Dreamer catches him on the ropes only to turn round to a poke in the eye and a Pele kick.  This one is over.

Elimination Tommy Dreamer via pinfall.

Winners Fortune.

Overall this was a good match.  Why they choose to put commercials in the middle of a match like this I dont know but it is very frustrating.  A lot of good spots with everyone getting a chance in the ring to show what they can do.  Im assuming Styles and Dreamer were trying for so many submissions to build up the I Quit match at the PPV.

Match 5 Mr Anderson & the Pope vs. Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle

All four wrestlers get good reactions coming out; The Pope and Anderson are clearly not on the same page and are arguing almost straight away.  Angle takes advantage and hits the Pope with a back suplex.  He then tags in Hardy and whips Pope to the corner and goes on all fours for poetry in motion.  The Pope manages to battle back and gets a tag in to Anderson.  Hardy counters a punch and hits a reverse atomic drop followed by leg drop to the groin.  Pope runs in but gets a windmill kick to knock him down.  Anderson then hits Hardy with a clothesline before Pope grabs a blind tag.  He hits Hardy with a snapmere and goes for a pin but only 2.  Anderson is back in now and he hits Hardy with a slam, another near fall followed by a sleeper hold by Anderson, Hardy fights out and Anderson goes for the Mic Check but it is countered into a Twist of Fate.  Both men are able to get tags in to their partners and Angle comes in and takes out Pope and hits Anderson with a German suplex followed up by an Angle Slam on Pope.  Pin attempts broken up by Anderson who counters an attempted German and he and Angle both clothesline each other.  Hardy goes up to hit Whisper in the Wind but catches Angle allowing Anderson to hit the Mic Check on Angle.  The Pope gets the pin on Angle for the three count.

Winners Mr Anderson and The Pope via pinfall.

Anderson and Pope argue after the match and they end up brawling to the outside.  Angle and Hardy now in the middle of the ring start to argue and they come to blows.  All four men are brawling when security comes out and pulls them apart to end the broadcast.

This was a solid match but again no real surprises given the build up to the PPV.  I honestly cannot see anyone other than Angle walking away with the title but we will see.

The whole show kept up the momentum of the last few weeks which is awesome.  They really need a good showing at the PPV on Sunday to keep it going though.  I really do hope that the EV2 thing dies down pretty soon though, its nice to see them all back in action but I would rather they utilized he X Division more and maybe tried to push the TV Title as a belt of some value.  As for the Knockouts with any luck they will ditch the Knockouts Tag Titles and utilise Wilde and Hamada as singles wrestlers to create a bit more competition for the title, it should never have ended up with Rayne at any point.

In conclusion good show overall, even if not quite as good as previous weeks.


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