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TNA Xplosion Report Friday 28/05/2010

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TNA Xplosion Report Friday 28/05/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Broadcast Friday 28/05/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel.

Host: Jeremy Borash

Evening loyal readers its that time again! Time for the modern day WCW Worldwide, indeed it is the one and only TNA Xplosion!!
We get the opening Xplosion intro

And we join JB backstage at the Impact! Zone. JB Welcomes us to the show and states what a show Sacrifice was. Tonight we feel the aftershocks of Sacrifice. RVD is thinking ahead to Slammiversary but who will he face? Tonight we find out! Aswell as that we see Jeff Hardy vs Sting, we will also see an X-Division battle royal but for now some Knockout action as Madison Rayne takes on the returning Roxxi.

Match 1: Non-Title Match Roxxi vs TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne
 Here comes Madison Rayne, strangely with no Velvet Sky or Lacey? Maybe they are trying to put Madison over in her own right now since that win over Tara.
 Look back at Raynes defeat of Tara at Sacrifice
 Roxxis back yes!!
 Tie up to start, and Roxxi hits an arm drag.
 Pin but only one. Small package but only one.
 Flipping arm drag but only one.
 Armbar by Roxxi.
 Back elbow in the corner by Roxxi.
 Madison dodges a boot and starts attacking Roxxi from behind. Huge kick to the gut by Madison.
 Pin but only one.
 Roxxi starts to fight back but cant.
 Madison with a sleeper hold.
 She slams Roxxi down and starts clawing at the face.
 Pin but barely two.
 Madison choking Roxxi in the ropes.
 Roxxi again tries to fight back but cant.
 Choking in the ropes again by Madison.
 Boot by Madison to Roxxis head.
 Another pin but only two.
 Chop by Madison.
 Roxxi counters an irish whip into the Voodoo Drop!
 1..2.3!! No WAY!! They put Roxxi over!! Wow an unexpected win there!
 Winner: Roxxi

Back with JB, who pushes TNAWrestling.com and tells us its time for the Xplosion Exclusive match of the week.

Match 2 : TNA Xplosion Exclusive Okada vs Doug Williams
 Here comes Ultimo Dragons protg Okada!
 I really get a kick outta Okadas theme tune
 Two Xplosion exclusives in a row for Okada..not sure if thats good or not! Suppose tv time is tv time no matter where it comes.
 Tonight Okada will be jobbing to.i mean up against the UKs very own DOUGLAS WILLIAMS!!
 Here comes the X-Division champ to the ring
 Im going to assume this is non-title, either that or Okada has some serious stroke with Vince Russo.
 You know they should actually do a title change on Xplosion sometime, just for sheer shock value.that and it would make my futile reporting of this show every week not feel like an hour of my life lost every week!
 Tenay talks about Douglas defeat of Kazarian at Sacrifice
 Okay theres the bell and we are off
 Taz talks about this as an International affair and England v Japan thing going on and I sigh again, got Taz can be annoying sometimes just pointless drivel, Im telling you!
 Arm lock from Williams, pushes Okada to the mat
 Okada flips out of the armlock, gets an armlock on Williams
 Knee from Williams, bounces of the ropes
 But hes hit with a dropkick from Okada
 Whip by Okada and a drop kick in the corner
 Flying clothesline
 Taz jokes about all the Okada dropkicks and says he thinks hes been watching some of his old matches
 Tenay responds Dropkicks.YOUR  matches? in complete disbelief lol!
 Uppercut from Williams
 Whip into the corner, okada attempts the big boot, caught by Williams who kicks him in the crotch
 Douglas pummelling Okada on the floor
 Knee drop, but only gets a two
 Some awesome sounding chops from Okada
 Williams back in control following a sneaky eye poke
 Attempted reversal of the irish whip but the two collide head first, both down on the mat
 Taz pronounces Okada O-H-KAY-DA Tenay corrects him, to which they joke You say OH-KAY-DA I say OH-KA-DA lol I think they should bring some of their light hearteded nice to Impact, so serious all the time, very funny and laid back on Xplosion
 Okada ducks a clothesline, comes back off the ropes and hits a clothesline of his own on Williams
 Okada flips himself to his feet, runs at Williams in the corner, but eats the boot of Williams
 But Okada catches Williams with a STO style take-down but only gets a two
 Dropkick from the top by Okada for another two
 Sunset flip from Williams, but Okada hooks the legs for a pin attempt, its another two count!
 Okada with a lift-slam for another two. Lot of near falls here
 Attempted piledriver by Williams, though eats an Okada back body drop
 Williams heads to the corner, moves as Okada runs and hits the corner
 Williams with the ROLLING CHAOS and its lights out for Okada!!
 Winner: Doug Williams
 Great, fast paced match-up

Ad Break

Back from the Ad break with JB. JB talks about Orlando Jordan getting under the skin of Rob Terry and how his mind games are affecting just about everyone in TNA, now its time to see them face-off in a rematch following Sacrifice.

Match 3: Non-Title Match Orlando Jordan vs TNA Global Heaveyweight Champion Rob Terry
 Terry comes out with a taped knee and hes limping.
 Look back at OJs injuring of Terrys knee at Sacrifice
 Apparently Terry is not medically cleared to wrestle tonight but he insisted on taking the match
 Jordan kicks things off immediately by going after the leg.
 Terry tosses him off but Jordans going back to it.
 Terry with the clubbing blows and hits a shoulder block.
 Clothesline follows.
 Jordan grabs the leg again and Terry brings Jordan into the corner.
 Huge backdrop by Terry.
 Short arm clothesline by Terry connects.
 Pin but only two. Terrys limping on his leg.
 Jordan kicks it and chop blocks him down.
 Stomping the leg now is Jordan.
 Jordan takes the knee pad and tape off of the knee, exposing it.
 He grabs the leg and DDTs it into the mat.
 He does it again.
 Hes got him in a leg bar now.
 The ref calls it.
 Terry didnt tap, but the ref says he cant continue and calls for the bell.
 Winner: Orlando Jordan due to Injury Stoppage
 Post match sees Orlando Jordan refusing let go of the hold.
 The refs all come down and force him off.
 Jordan comes back and hits Terry with the stomps.
 He locks the leg bar back in and refuses to let go.

Back with JB who hypes the first ever pairing of Jay Lethal and TNA Champ RVD who are up against Beer Money NEXT!

Match 4: Beer Money vs Jay Lethal & TNA World Heaveyweight Champion Rob Van Dam
 Lethal comes out to his new music that we heard last night at Sacrifice. Liking Lethals push but his comedy credentials are what got him hear, please Jay dont drop the impersonations just yet!
 Big response as usual for RVD!
 Roode and Lethal are gonna kick things off.
 Roode blindsides Lethal and starts hitting him with the rights.
 Lethal comes back with some chops.
 Lethal pushes Roode off a headlock, ducks under Roode, hits a hiptoss and then the cartwheel basement dropkick.
 Lethal goes to the top but Storm pushes him off.
 Tag to Storm and they start stomping Lethal in the corner.
 Storm starts elbow dropping the legs.
 Knees to the head by Storm and he follows with a huge clothesline.
 Delayed pin but he only gets two.
 Tag to Roode. HUGE double back body drop.
 RVD comes in but the ref tells him to get back to the corner.
 That allows Roode to choke Lethal.
 Tag to Storm. Roode holds him, allowing Storm to hit Lethal with a right hand.
 Lethal ducks a clothesline and hits the back handspring elbow.
 Roode and RVD get the tags.
 Clothesline all around.
 Spin kick in the corner to Storm.
 Windmill kick to Roode, but Roode ducked.
 RVD with an elbow in the corner and goes to the top.
 Diving thrust kick. Pin but Storm breaks it up.
 RVD ducks the double clotheslines.
 Lethal got the tag and hits the missile dropkick on Roode.
 LETHAL COMBINATION! Roode got drilled.
 Rolling Thunder to Roode.
 Figure Four to Roode by Lethal.
 RVD over the top, taking out Storm.
 Roode taps out!
 Winners: Jay Lethal & Rob Van Dam!!
 Here comes Flair from the back though and he and Lethal start to brawl on the ramp.
 Chops by Flair, but Lethal comes back with some of his own.
 Flair takes him down and hits him with some more shots.
 Theyre trading shots now but Lethal gets the control as they head to the back.
 Rob soaks in the crowd reaction.
 RVD high fives the crowd members.
 He gets drilled in the head by one of them though.
 It turns out to be Sting who was wearing a fake Sting mask!
 Sting does a beat down with the chair
 Sting walks up the ramp to the back.

We head to another ad break

Back from the breakand JB says that since joining the band, Eric Young has found a comfortable situation in TNA knowing he has backup. But wonders if that comfort will be enough to see him rise through the ranks here in TNA, we find out tonight as he takes on Shannon Moore of INK INC.

Match 5 : Shannon Moore (w/ Jesse Neal) vs Eric Young (w/ TNA World Tag Team Champions Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)
 Young starts things off with the clubbing blows to the back.
 Moore floats over in the corner and hits the arm drags.
 Reverse atomic drop and he takes Young down.
 Leg drop. Pin but only two.
 Youngs back in control for a short time before Moore hits a springboard crossbody, but only gets two on the pin.
 Moore charges Young but gets hit with a back elbow. Slam by EY. He goes to the second rope and hits a forearm drop.
 Pin but only two.
 Hes now choking Moore in the ropes.
 Nash goes to hit Moore but the ref stops him.
 Young with a snapmare and locks in an armbar.
 Moore fights back. Springboard wheelbarrow bulldog by Moore.
 Dropkick and a spinkick by Moore follows.
 Young counters an irish whip but runs into an elbow.
 Whisper in the Wind by Moore.
 Pin but only two.
 Here comes Brother Ray.
 Neal spears him on the ramp and they start to brawl.
 Devon pulls Neal off.
 Hall hits Moore with the belt on the back.
 PILEDRIVER! And its a three count!
 Winner: Eric Young
 Good match
 Post match Brother Ray charges back to the ring and hits Neal. He boots him in the back of the head. Devon tells him to leave Neal alone. Ray walks away.
 They seem to be teasing a Team 3D breakup here.

Back with JB who says throw all the X-Division guys in the ring together and you have a wild match and thats exactly what were going to see next as we see an X-Division Battle Royal for the 10th spot in the top 10 contenders rankings.

Match 6 : X-Division Battle Royal – Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley vs Jeremy Buck vs Max Buck vs Homicide vs Amazing Red vs Brian Kendrick vs Kaz
 The winner of this match becomes #10 in the rankings now that Kurt Angles dropped out.
 Red hits Kaz with a move off the top, but Kaz counters by throwing him over the top.
 Generation Me hits Sabin with a catapult dropkick.
 Shelley goes after Max, but Sabin hits him with a dropkick knocking him out.
 Shelley gets thrown up onto the apron.
 Springboard dropkick by Jeremy eliminates him.
 Sabin clotheslines Jeremy over the top and skins the cat.
 Here comes Flair. Screwjob alert!!
 Kaz goes after Sabin.
 Sabin goes for a sprinboard but Kaz hits him with a kick.
 Homicide goes after Kaz now.
 Announcers talk about Kendrick who wasnt eliminated but is nowhere to be seen
 Kendrick sneaks in and eliminates Homicide.
 Final two are Kendrick and Kaz.
 Backdrop by Kaz on Kendrick.
 Springboard back elbow by Kaz.
 He throws Kendrick out and its over.
 Winner: Frankie Kazarian
 Flair is seen clapping for Kaz. What was the point in his involvement here?

Back with JB who builds up the Main Event. Tonight a dream match, for the first time ever Jeff Hardy and the Icon Sting face off!
Match 7 : Sting vs Jeff Hardy
 Tie up to start with Sting pushing Hardy in the corner.
 Sting with the shots in the corner.
 Hardy comes back with the rights.
 Spinning back kick by Hardy sending Sting to the outside.
 Sting starts walking around the ring but gets hit with the baseball slide.
 Hardy goes over the top but Sting got out of the way.
 Sting takes Hardy and puts him on the ramp.
 He takes the leg and slams it into the side of the ramp.
 He then takes the leg and lifts it up, then thrusting it down into the ramp.
 Back in the ring now as Sting is laying Hardy with the stomps.
 Sting now stomping the leg.
 Stinger Splash coming up, and it connects.
 Hardy avoids a second one and hits a clothesline.
 Reverse atomic drop, takedown and the leg drop to the nuts.
 Basement dropkick to the face by Hardy.
 Pin but only two.
 Sting avoids the Whipser in the Wind.
 Scorpion Deathlock is applied.
 Hardy gets to the ropes.
 Sting pulls Hardys leg and he inadvertently takes out the ref.
 Mr. Anderson!! YES!! Anderson comes in the ring and takes Sting down with the Scorpion Death Drop.
 I dont think Jeff Hardy saw Anderson whos now hiding at ringside.
 Hardy Pins Sting and thats it folks!
 Winner: Jeff Hardy
 Anderson comes in the ring and raises Hardys hand.
 Hardy pushes him.
 Anderson tells him to hold on and calls for the mic.
 Sting takes him out with the bat and then Hardy.
 He lays both of them out. Sting stands over them as we fade out.

As ever guys, always welcome questions, comments and feedback. Feel free to drop me a line at ray@tnauk.tk or post a comment over at my site TNA UK http://tnauk.tk


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