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UFC 105 – DVD Review (Full Report)

April 23, 2010   ·   0 Comments

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By Gary Graham

The UK is fast becoming a hotbed for MMA and the UFC are taking advantage of this, bringing more Pay Per Views to our shores. Tonight the UFC comes from a sold out Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester UK.

The main event sees the UFC veteran and Hall of Famer Randy Couture return to the lightweight division after 3 years, he takes on the mighty Brandon Vera.

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Jared Hamman

The opening bout of the evening sees Gustafsson from Sweden take on Hamman from the USA in a light heavyweight bout.  Hamman from the off dominates with some heavy blows to Gustafsson, some quick sharp exchanges in the opening seconds.  Hamman gets a thumb to the eye the ref halts the match for a few seconds and when restarted Alexander Gustafsson throws a mighty right that sends Hamman crashing to the mat, Gustafsson pounces and starts to pound Hamman.  The ref quickly jumps in and stops the match after 41seconds in the first round.

Paul Kelly vs. Dennis Siver

Next up is a lightweight bout, and sees Kelly from Liverpool take on Russian born Siver. Round one sees both fighters come out aiming to land that knockout punch early on.  Some fiery exchanges sees Kelly develop a swelling to his left eye.  Both fighters trying to pick each other apart Kelly using the hands and Siver using some clever body and leg kicks. Towards the end of the round Kelly takes down Siver, but to late in the round to capitalise.

The second round starts a little more cautious as both fighters do not want to take any big chances and be hit with a counter. Kelly tried a flying knee, but almost gets caught out as Silver catches the knee.  Midway through the round Siver hits Kelly mid section with a massive spinning back kick and floors Kelly, jumping on top in an attempt to finish him off. Siver lets a sore Kelly stand back up. Kelly can not stand up straight and like a shark to blood Siver goes in for the kill and the ref stops the fight.

Nick Osipczak vs. Matthew Riddle

Next up two of the UFCs young guns, hailing from London we have Osipczak take on Las Vegass Riddle in this middleweight bout. Early in the round both fighters feeling each other out, nothing in the way of contact. Riddle looking the more confident as he kicks the inside leg and follows up with some blows to Osipczak.  He takes down Osipczak and gets full guard but can not capitalise and his frustration sees him headbutting the chest of Osipczak.  The ref stands them both up and warns Riddle.  Again Riddle takes down Osipczak and gets into the full mount again. Osipczak keeps throwing some nice elbows from underneath, out of no-where he spins out and gets on top at the end of the round.

The second round both fighters come out exchanging kicks and punches, all the time Riddle looking for the take down. It comes a minute in and he gains the top position again. Osipczak tries to land a few elbows from underneath to little effect.  The ref stands both fighters up and Osipczak starts by throwing a nice leg kick that hurts Riddle, then follows up with a body kick and a swift jab to the face which opens up Riddle.  Riddle looks dazed and tired, this gives Osipczak the chance to take him down, neither fighter really making contact as both try to throw elbows. A dominant performance from Osipczak in this round.

Round 3 sees Osipczak coming out the stronger as Riddles face is looking swollen. Osipczak throws some nice punches and leg kicks.  Riddle takes down Osipczak nothing much is happening so the ref stands them up to the pleasure of the Manchester fans. Riddle very slow to his feet, looking drained and beaten. Osipczak lands some mighty blows felling Riddle, some how Riddle manages to end up on top of Osipczak on the mat in a half guard position, Osipczak turns it and gets full mount and starts landing some hellish elbows and fists to Riddles already swollen face.  The ref eventually stops the pounding and its a convincing win for Londons Nick Osipczak.

Terry Etim vs. Shannon Gugerty

The bout in this prelim card sees Liverpools Terry Etim take on Americas Shannon Gugerty in a lightweight bout. A slow start sees both fighters in a clinch on the cage, the ref soon steps in and breaks the hold to restart the action. Both fighters hitting some strong leg kicks, both jabbing but not making any contact. In the closing seconds Gugerty takes down Etim, not much time to make any impact though.

Round 2 sees Etim come out with the most urgency and immediately starts hammering hitting blows and strong leg kicks, one really rocks Gugerty.  Etim then pounces like a lion on its prey and takes down Gugerty catching him in the Guillotine headlock.  Gugerty tries in vain to break the hold but eventually has no option to tap out!  Awesome win for Terry Etim.

Paul Taylor vs. John Hathaway

The last in the prelim card sees two Brits go head to head in a welterweight contest.  Taylor taken down early with Hathaway showing some ground and pound skills making some contact with Taylors face. Taylor fighting to get onto his feet but the sheer strength of Hathaway is over powering.  Eventually Taylor manages to get to his feet.  But again Hathaway gets the take down again. Good first round for John Hathaway, but he does look very gassed at the end of the round.

Hathaway again gets Taylor to the mat and starts landing some mighty bombs straight into Taylors face.  Taylors head opens up and is like a target to Hathaway, Taylor can do nothing more than defend the onslaught of Hathaway. The best chance of the fight  for Taylor when he looked as if he had the means to a leg lock, unfortunately for him, he did not have the power or energy to lock it in.  Hathaway back on top and again smashes his fists and elbows into the face and body of Taylor. Some refs would have stopped this fight as Taylor was showing little defence to the awesome power of Hathaway.

The third and final round, the only way for Taylor to win is either submit or knockout Taylor. Straight away Hathaway takes Taylor to the mat and again lets loose with his elbows and fists.  Taylor tries his best to wriggle out of the attack. Taylors left eye is closed up and swollen, his right eye also starting to swell up. The round finishes like it started Hathaway being brutally beaten.  This was probably one of the most brutal fights I have seen as Taylor took so much punishment, I think most fighters would have given up in round 2.  The win went to the judges decision, no doubt in the winner John Hathaway.

Ross Pearson vs. Aaron Riley

Season 9 Ultimate fighter champion British Ross Pearson takes on Aaron Riley, both fighters on the tale of the tape look fairly matched.  The start of round one sees both fighters tentatively feel each other out.  Pearson looks in amazing shape and that look of a true UFC champion.  Pearson throws some inside blows, Pearson then gets a clinch and lands some hellish knees to the body of Riley.  Riley already looking out classed by the mighty Pearson. They part from the clinch and Riley lands a few hits on Pearson, this seems only to anger Pearson and he comes back with even more devastating blows, knees and kicks to a shaken Riley.

The second round starts off with both fighters getting into a clinch, Riley showing heart and landing a few hits on person, a brief break in the clinch sees Riley land a massive kick to Pearson, almost taking him to the floor. Pearson quickly recovers.  Pearson soon starts taking control again landing some nice shots with his fists and some hard hitting knees.  A flying knee from Pearson opens up Riley, Riley straight away sees the blood and you can see the panic on his face, the referee calls a time out to get the doctor to have a look at the gaping gash on Rileys face.  The doctor calls an end to the fight.  This was an amazing performance from Ross Pearson.

James Wilks vs. Matt Brown

Another Ultimate fighter star and British born James Wilks takes on the American Matt Brown.  A pretty quiet first couple of minutes in round one, most of the round saw both fighters in a clinch, both looking for either that take down or submission attempt.  Nothing much was coming off for either fighters so the referee broke the clinch and stood the fighters back into the centre of the cage.  Brown opens up with some good combinations, forcing Wilks to attempt to take down Brown. The referee again splits the fighters up, on the break Wilks hits a hard high kick to the head of Brown.  Again they clinch and Brown locks in a standing Guillotine, Wilks drops to the floor and gets out of the hold.

After an evenly contested first round the second was anyones, pretty much from the off Brown went in for the kill with a monster flying knee sending Wilks crashing to the mat, Brown tries to capitalise with some heavy hammer blows, Wilks fights out and goes for a leg lock causing Brown to lose momentum. Both fighters looking very tired trying to take each other to the mat, Wilks face is now a swollen mess.  Brown lands a nasty blow to the chin of Wilks that takes him to the floor again, Brown reigns down hammer fists on a bloody, swollen Wilks. Wilks manages to turn away from the blows and manages to get a side mount on Brown, only Wilks has no energy left to take advantage of this.

Round 3 and what a fight this has been, Wilks face is totally swollen up both eyes almost closed. A slow start again ends in a clinch as both fighters try to conserve energy and out of no-where Wilks manages to take down Brown and hold into an Komura, Brown fights out and gains a top mount and starts pounding on a bloodied, bruised James Wilks.  The referee steps in and stops the fight.

Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang

Next up one of my favourite UFC fighters and Ultimate Fighter Champion Michael Bisping he takes on Denis Kang in a Middleweight Bout. Early in the round both fighters try and place a striking blow, the first blow just 80seconds into the round goes to Kang, he rocks Bisping with a mighty hook and sends Bisping to the mat.  Bisping closes guard and stops Kang from capitalising on the blow.  Kang tried to reign down some blows on the floored Bisping, only Bisping is moving his hips and stopping Kang getting into an advantageous position.

Round 2 Bisping misses a head kick early in the round, neither fighter making any impact, until Bisping takes down Kang.  Bisping on top mount starts dropping mighty hammer fists into the face of Kang.  Kang manages to get back to his feet, only for Bisping to take him back to the mat.  Bisping opens up the face of Kang, the blood is flowing and Kang is wobbly.  They both stand up again and Bisping takes him down again attacks with the savagery of a pit-bull this time there was nothing a battered and bloodied Kang could do.  The referee had to jump in and stop the fight.

Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy

Next up is the penultimate fight of the evening and sees Mike Swick take on the UKs Dan Hardy. Early in the round Swick tries to make a move and gets caught on the chin, shaking him a little.  Both fighters in the clinch position exchanging knees and punches. Swick hits a low blow on Hardy and the ref calls time.  The bout restarted sees Swick trying to go for the take down again.  Both clinched and no one really gaining any position or momentum, the fans have gone very quiet.  To be honest not much really happened in the second half of this round.

Round 2 sees Swick trying to make a move forward and exactly the same as the first round,  Swick again is rocked by a massive hit to the jaw.  Hardy with a big grin on his face tried to capitalise only ends up in a clinch again.  Both fighters exchange knees and body blows, neither really getting an upper hand though. At last the ref splits the fighters. Neither fighter doing much towards the end of the round and it ends in the clinch once again.

Round 3 and I am hoping this round picks up a bit as this so far has been the worst match on the DVD.  Swick comes out a bit more determined this round and both fighters start to swing and both make some good contact.  Both fighters really throwing everything into it now and the slugfest begins.  Hardy clips and hurts Swick, Hardy takes down Swick and being destroyed by Hardys nasty elbows.  The blood is oozing from Swicks head.  The ref stands both fighters up.  The fans chant for Hardy.  Both fighters circling, neither really making any impact.  Swick tries to open up as the 10 second count hits.  Hardy was the most impressive in this fight, Swick from the beginning looked the underdog.

The judges decision is as expected Dan Hardy the winner.

Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera

Now its time for the main event of the evening, this massive light heavyweight bout featured the legend that its Randy Couture and someone who is after a massive win Brandon Vera.  A nice little video intro with commentary from the fighters and Dana White opens before the fighters make their way to the cage.

At the touch of the gloves Vera strikes fast and hard, stunning Couture forcing him into an early clinch. Couture gets Vera to the wall of the cage and does what he does best Dirty Boxing. After a minute in the clinch the ref splits the fighters up.  Straight away they fall into the clinch again.  So the first round was pretty much nothing much more than a clinch.  Not exciting stuff, but its the way Couture rolls.

Round 2 and almost straight away Couture gets a finger to the eye and sustains a low kick to the groin. Once he has regained his composure, they get into the clinch once again, by now the fans are getting frustrated. Half way through the round the fans start whistling and booing.  The referee splits them up, Vera hits Couture with a few strong kicks and puts Couture on the floor, Couture holds tight until the ref stand both fighters up.  Couture again puts Vera in the clinch against the cage, not actually doing anything, yet the way the commentary team are seeing it, they must be watching a different bout to me.

As we head into the final round, I like the fans in Manchester are hoping to see something special from the veteran Couture. Couture explodes into action landing a few decent combination hits to Vera.  Couture in the clinch, trying to take Vera down to the mat with little success.  Half way through the fight and still in the clinch, the fans start booing again and the referee splits the fighters up.  Vera hits Couture with a couple of massive body kicks, really rocking Couture.  All Couture can do is get back into the clinch position and hold on.  The last 30 seconds Couture falls to the mat and hold on, Vera manages to stand to his feet, they exchange a few blows as the seconds tick away.

Randy Couture is declared the winner, I am not a judge but I dont understand how he won this bout.  How can a clinch win a fight.

Well my overall thoughts on UFC 105 are that this DVD has to be one of the most exciting events staged in the UK.  The British fighters really showed their worth in the UFC and must be saying to Dana White that the British fighters are as good if not better than the Americans.  You have to bare in mind Mixed Martial Arts are still pretty new here in the UK and the performances of the UK fighters was nothing more than special.

Disc 2 is a bonus disc with a full UFC 105 countdown featuring interviews and commentary from the fighters, trainers and Dana White.  It also features extensive look at the fighters on the UFC 105 card.  Also on this disc is a look at behind the scenes of UFC 105.  Disc 2 is a nice little addition to the main show.

This DVD is available from all good DVD stockists including FightDVD.co.uk


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