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UFC 107 DVD Review

May 11, 2010   ·   0 Comments


UFC 107 DVD Review
By Gary Graham

 Disc 1:
Preliminary Card

Kevin Burns vs. TJ Grant (Welterweight Bout)
Burns starts this bout with a heavily taped up knee. Early in the round Burns floors Grant with a cracking right.  Grant falls to the mat and Burns takes advantage letting loose with some mighty bombs.  Grant manages to defend and gets back to his feet.  Grant hits a nasty low kick to the groin of Burns flooring him.  The ref gives Burns time to recover.  As the round restarts Grant goes for the kill with some nasty knees, then catches Burns on the chin flooring him, with just 7 seconds of the fight remaining the ref stops the fight and Grant is giving a TKO win.

DaMarques Johnson vs. Edgar Garcia (Welterweight Bout)
The Ultimate Fighter series 9 competitor DaMarques Johnson takes on the knock out king Edgar Garcia. Solid start to the first round as both fighters exchange punches and kicks, Johnson takes down Garcia and gets him into a headlock and squeezes it tight. Garcia manages to break free and gets back to his feet.  Both fighters exchange some brutal hits. Johnson ends up on his back with Garcia landing some bombs to the face of the floored Johnson.  Johnson manages to get out of position and gets Garcia into a triangle forcing him to tap out.

Rousimar Palhares vs. Lucio Linhares (Middleweight Bout)
Straight away Palhares gets taken to the mat, both fighters are great on the mat as they are both masters in Brazilian Jujitsu.  A lot of back and forth on the mat, both fighters grappling for an advantage. The ref stands both fighters up at the 2 minute mark.  Both fighters straight away back to the mat and both fighters trying to lock in leg locks, ankle locks and knee locks in a technical fast bout.

Round 2 both fighters get straight to the mat again, neither seem to be gaining any sort of advantage, both seem to be fighting for a submission opportunity, the ref stands both fighters up again as neither seem to be getting any advantage, almost immediately they both end up on the mat and Palhares manages to lock in a heel lock and gets the win via a tap out.

Johny Hendricks vs. Ricardo Funch (Welterweight Bout)
From the off Funch comes out strong, both fighters clinch against the cage, they both try to take each other to the floor.  Hendricks manages to hook and slam Funch to the mat hard. Hendricks on side mount, Funch manages to get to his feet.  Hendricks lands some mighty knees forcing Funch to the floor once again.  Hendricks locks in a headlock, but the clock runs out. 

Round 2 immediately Hendricks comes out for an early knockout with some massive uppercuts and again takes down Funch with a mighty slam.  Hendricks takes side control, Funch manages to block everything thrown at him and eventually the ref stands them both up.  At the end of the round Hendricks again gets Funch into a submission but once again the clock runs out.

The 3rd and final round Hendricks again dominates from the beginning and gets a back mounts on Funch.  Hendricks reigns down massive blows and opens up Funch.  Funch showing so much heart and showing he can take massive punishment.  The rounds ends and Hendricks gets the judges decision.

Matt Wiman vs. Shane Nelson (Lightweight)
Both fighters come out and exchange kicks and punches, some pretty brutal kicks by both fighters.  Wiman the larger framed fighter is the more aggressive and looks in excellent shape.  Wiman lands a mighty bomb, Nelson goes to the mat and Wiman hammers the face of Nelson opening his face up.

Like the first round the second starts off with Wiman dominating , Nelson takes down Wiman and gets on top, he can not dominate and the ref stands them both up. Both fighters exchange hard punches, Wiman lands a couple of flying knees, one of which floors Nelson.  Nelson manages to take a leg and almost gets it locked in, too close to the end of the round.

The 3rd round Wiman hits Nelson with a low kick that could be heard around the arena.  The ref stops the fight so Nelson has time to recover.  On the restart Nelson starting to look tired, Wiman still looks very strong, Nelson drops to the mat and Wiman gets on top, both fighters are tired, the crowd start booing.  Wiman gets the back of Nelson and starts to hammer massive fists to Nelsons face, the end of the round comes and Wiman takes the win by judges decision.

Alan Belcher vs. Wilson Gouveia
Local fighter Belcher was said to be un-happy at being on the prelim card and not billed on the main fight and was determined to make sure next time he is on the main fight card.   The start of the round sees Belcher comes out the stronger and most urgent.  Both fighters end up toe to toe exchanging some hellish blows on each other.  Belcher catches Gouveia with a nice uppercut and puts him on his back.  Belcher dives on top and starts to reign down the blows, leaving the ref no choice but to stop the fight and the local  Alan Belcher takes the win.

Main Card

B.J. Penn (c) vs. Diego Sanchez
Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo
Jon Fitch vs. Mike Pierce
Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida
Paul Buentello vs. Stefan Struve 

If you wish to read our play by play report please check out our exclusive report from 1mmanews.coms Dean Parr.  This can be found here: http://www.wrestle-zone.co.uk/mma-news-and-results/7132-ufc-107-penn-vs-sanchez-report-flawless-prodigy-retains-his-crown.html

Disc 2:
UFC 107 Behind The Scenes
UFC 107 Weigh In 

So what can I say about this show and DVD release.  First I found the prelim card pretty exciting, a good mix of styles and action.  UFC 107 is another great UFC DVD release.

Available from www.fightdvd.co.uk and all other good UFC stockists.


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