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UFC 108 – Evans vs Silva DVD Review

May 27, 2010   ·   0 Comments

UFCDVD108-Front-DVD Cover

UFC 108 Evans Vs Silva
DVD review by Gary Graham

UFC 108 on paper looked a pretty weak card on paper and if I am totally honest it was not the best show I have seen.  No title fights on the card and the lack lustre effort from the crowd in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas made this pay per view pretty weak. The main event featured Rashad Evans going up against a formidable opponent in Thiago Silva.

The prelim card might as well of been fought in an empty school hall, at times you could hear a pin drop. I dont know if this is because the fight fans attending were not really fight fans and more those who wanted a night out in Las Vegas with complimentary tickets.  This I found pretty off putting and must have been soul destroying the prelim card.

Rafaello Oliveira vs. John Gunderson
The first rounds sees Oliveira on top for most this round, taking Gunderson to the mat and constantly trying to gain one of a huge range of submissions, Gunderson defends very well indeed but does not manage any offense.

Round two is very similar to round one as Oliveira again constantly tries for the submission, only each time he has one locked into the place the power and defence skill from Gunderson breaks free.

The third round and Gunderson really needs either a knockout or submission as for sure he has not won either of the last two rounds.  How ever much like the previous two rounds Oliveira totally dominates Gunderson and gets the judges decision.

Mike Pyle vs. Jake Ellenberger
Ellenberger takes Pyle to the mat pretty much from the off and is on top, Pyle is on his back for most of the round, yet is getting some offensive and scoring valuable points. Towards the end of the round Ellenberger starts to get some major offensive action pummelling Pyle and if there was a few more seconds in the round he could have got the win.

Onto the second round, Ellenberger starts off as he ended the first, he lands some mighty bombs one catching the chin of Pyle, sending him crashing to the mat.  Ellenberger smells blood and starts to ground and pound leaving the ref no choice but to stop the fight.

Mark Muoz vs. Ryan Jensen
Brutal first round win for Munoz, he demolished Jenson with a massive barrage of blows after taking him to the mat.  The ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon

Miller gets rocked by a massive hit to the head early in the round, he manages to shake off the daze and Lauzon does not take advantage of a shaken Miller.  Half way through the round both fighters are looking gassed.  Its been a fast paced round, Lauzon takes Miller down to the mat, only for Miller to lock in an Inverted Triangle causing Lauzon to tap.

Martin Kampmann vs. Jacob Volkmann
Fist half of the round Kampmann gets some good offensive action, Volkmann picks it up a bit and stuns Kampmann a few times with some heavy rights, Kampmann pulls out a massive right and sends Kampmann to the mat.  Kampmann manages to get on top and starts to dominate and locks in a choke causing Volkmann to tap out.

Main Fight Card:

Junior dos Santos vs. Gilbert Yvel
As the MGM starts to come to life and obviously dinner has finished as the ticket holders fill up the arena and start making some noise.  About time too.  Onto the fight, this is a pure stand up battle with some heavy hands thrown by both fighters.  Santos nearly takes Yvels head off with a devastating right, sending Yvel crashing to the mat, as Santos jumps on top of Yvel the ref steps in to the stop the fight and a nice win for Santos.

Jim Miller vs. Duane Ludwig
Just two minutes into an evenly matched round, Miller catches Ludwig and takes him to the mat, Ludwigs quick reaction catches Millers arm and locks in an armbar forcing Miller to tap.

Joe Lauzon vs.Sam Stout
This was probably the fight I was most looking forward to and it did not disappoint.  Explosive start from The Ultimate fighters Joe Lauzon, Lauzon opens up a deep cut above Stouts eye and it looks like the fight might not go much further.  Stout fights back and starts with his own offensive action, quickly dishing out his own punishment and avoiding a lot of offensive action from Lauzon.  Absolutely a fantastic first round.

 Lauzon takes a lot of punishment during the second round, Stout is looking really impressive, at the end of the round Stout is looking tired.

 Again Stout looking super strong against Lauzon, he is totally dominating Lauzon and there is nothing he can do about it. Another explosive round and one that sees Stout taking the judges decision.

 This has to be my match of the night, edge of the seat stuff for all 3 rounds. I look forward to seeing a lot more of Stout in the future.

Dustin Hazelett vs. Paul Daley
Slow start from both fighters as they seem to be feeling each other out, then out of nowhere UK born Daley lands a bomb to the chin of Hazelett sending him to the mat. A sweet KO victory for Daley.

Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva
Onto the main event, I cant say I was too excited about this main event and was hoping to be surprised. 

Evans takes control early in round one, slams Silva hard onto the floor of the cage.  Silva manages to get to his feet.  Evans keeps control through out the round and is looking in awesome shape, showing off some new skills.

Evans controls the second round again and is always looking for the take down, into the last minute of the second round Silva starts to loosen up only for Evans to take him to the mat again.

Well the third round was one of the strangest rounds I have seen in a UFC main event. Silva starts to get cocky and starts dropping his hands playing to the crowd like a pro wrestler would.  This was strange as he was obviously behind on both the previous rounds.  Evans looked uncomfortable with this and was caught with sly right, which rocked him.  Rather than taking advantage of a rocked Evans Silva carried on show boating some more.  The round over and it went to the judges decision.  An obvious win for Rahad Evans

So what can I say about this DVD release, It was not by any shot of the imagination the greatest card or show.  The lack of enthusiasm by the Las Vegas crowd was off putting, but then again it was not the best card and with no titles on the line its hardly suprising.

This DVD is available from all good UFC stockists including www.fightDVD.co.uk


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