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UFC 109 Relentless Double DVD Review

May 28, 2010   ·   0 Comments


UFC 109 Relentless Double DVD Review
By Gary Graham

Coming live from the Mandolin Bay, Las Vegas UFC 108 promises to be one of the highlights of the UFC year.  Lots of big names on a loaded card this DVD release promises to be one of the best in any UFC / Mixed Martial Arts fans collection.

 Rolles Gracie Jr. vs. Joey Beltran
Unfortunately my review copy seemed to have some problems loading and would not play this match at all, not a good start I feared.

Tim Hague vs. Chris Tuchscherer
Two heavyweight monsters in the Octagon for this clash, neither fighter looked in good shape.  Both fighters start off the round looking to land punches with the odd kick thrown in for good measure.  Hague moves in for a clinch and inadvertently hits a low blow. After less than a minute of the 5 mins allowed rest time the fight resumes.  A pretty slow and uneventful 1st round.

Start of the round and  Tuchscherer takes Hague down to the mat, Hague attempts an armbar to little effect.  Both fighters get back to their feet.  Tuchscherer manages to land a few stinging kicks to the legs of Hague.  2 minutes into the round and its beginning to look like both fighters are ready to go to bed, they are blowing pretty bad and dropping their arms.  Another dull and boring round.

The third round sees Hague coming out looking the fresher and looking like the one who wants it more, he lands some dangerous lefts and rights stunning Tuchscherer. Hague takes Tuchscherer to the floor and lets loose with some mighty hammer fists, opening up the head of Tuchscherer.  Both fighters are totally exhausted by now. The lack of submission skills is beginning to show as Hague is many a position that he could have taken a submission hold and possibly ended the fight with a win.  Instead the fight went to the judges decision.  It was scored 29-28 29-28 28-28 and the win went to Tuchscherer, this has to be one of the worst judges decisions I have ever seen.  But in the words of Dana White, Never leave it to the Judges.

Brian Stann vs. Phil Davis
In this light heavyweight bout Davies is out to make an impression on his UFC debut.  The first round was a pretty even affair with no fighter getting the upperhand until the last minute when Davies manages to mount Stann and start some serious ground and pound action, a little to late in the round to inflict any major damage to Stann.

Round two starts with an awesome take down from Davies, who also manages to get into the half guard position and then onto the full mount.  Stann always fighting to change position.  For the most part of the round each fighter was trying to gain some position.  Towards the latter stages of the round Davies starts to let rip with some killer knees and hammer fists to a downed Stann.  Another round where Davies totally dominates Stann.

Within the first minute of the third and final round, Davies again takes down Stann and fights for the full mount.  Davies again starts working the body of Stann.  In the final stages of the round Davies locks in an armbar, not enough time though to make it count.  The fight goes to the judges score cards again and Davies wins by a unanimous decision.  Very impressive debut by Davies.

Phillipe Nover vs. Rob Emerson
Nover seems to dominate through out the round with some impressive take downs.  He always stays on top of Emerson using his mastered Brazilian Jujitsu.  Nover locks in a Guillotine choke hold only for Emerson to break free from it.  Emerson manages to scramble on top but can do little with it. At the end of the round both fighters scramble to their feet.

Second round sees Emerson take immediate control after rocking Nover with a massive right, sending him to the mat. Emerson smells blood and goes in for some ground and pound, adding some hard hitting shots to the body for good measure.  Nover keeps his composure and uses the fence to stand up.  Again Emerson takes down Nover but can not get much offensive.

The third round starts with Nover hitting a low blow.  Emerson takes a breather.  On the restart both fighters quickly move into a clinch against the fence, neither fighters gaining any advantage.  Nover breaks the hold with a few knees to the abdomen of Emerson.  Emerson takes down Nover again and locks in the Guillotine choke, Nover manages to escape the hold and the fight goes the distance and with a unanimous decision by the judges Emerson takes the win.

Melvin Guillard vs. Ronnys Torres
Early in this Lightwewight bout, Torres takes down Guillard a couple of times and on the second attempt gets in full guard and attempts some ground and pound.  Torres manages to get to his feet towards the end of the round. 

Guillard is really explosive early in round two, hitting some nasty looking leg kicks.  This was pretty much the theme of the round.

For the first two minutes of round three both fighters pretty much stand toe to toe and exchange blows, Torres gets the take down, and gains a side mount position. Guillard fights to his feet.  Another fight left down to the judges decision 29-28 29-28 29-28 all in favour of the winner Guillard.

Mac Danzig vs. Justin Buchholz
The last of the preliminary fights sees The Ultimate Fighter Mac Danzig take on a tough opponent Justin Buchholz.  Danzig is really looking to impress in his return to the octagon after a taking some time out to recover and re focus his energy.  Danzig controls the first half of the round, this only seems to fire up Buchholz and he starts landing some mighty fists and knees rocking Danzig. Buchholz shows towards the end of the round he is going to be the main aggressor during this bout.

Danzig looks more focused after his team give him new orders.  Midway through the round Danzig takes Buchholz down to the mat and gets himself into a side guard mount and starts some of his own ground and pound.  Danzig leaves himself open and almost gets caught out by an almost locked in Komura.

In the third round Danzig again comes out a lot more confident and manages to take down Buchholz and gets in some decent ground and pound action.  Yet another fight goes to the Judges decision.  29-28 29-28 29-28 and the winner is Mac Danzig.

Main Card

  • Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg
  • Demian Maia vs. Dan Miller
  • Mike Swick vs. Paulo Thiago
  • Nate Marquardt vs. Chael Sonnen
  • Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman

I am not going to review the main fight card as a full review has already been written by 1mmanews.coms Dean Parr.

This can be found here: http://www.wrestle-zone.co.uk/mma-news-and-results/7706-ufc-109-relentless-report.html

Well in summing up UFC 109, I would have to say its been one of my favourite DVD releases in recent months, loads of action from a loaded card.  This double DVD release is a must for any UFC or Mixed Martial Arts fan.

It can be purchased from www.fightdvd.co.uk or all other UFC stockists.


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