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WrestleMania 18 DVD Review

May 23, 2010   ·   0 Comments

WrestleMania 18 DVD (2 Discs)

Disc 1

Intercontinental Championship Match
William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam

European Championship Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Christian

Hardcore Championship Match
Maven vs. Goldust

Kurt Angle vs. Kane

Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

Booker T vs. Edge

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall

Bonus Features

Interview with Mr. McMahon on Byte This!

5 WWE Superstars reveal their favourite WrestleMania Moments

Top 5 WrestleMania Finishes

Top 3 WrestleMania Attendances

5 Post-Match Interviews

The Making of the Cast

Press Conference Highlights

Disc 2
Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the World Tag Team Championship
Billy & Chuck vs. Dudley Boyz vs. APA vs. Hardy Boyz

Icon vs. Icon
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Womens Championship
Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

WrestleMania X8 Highlights

Bonus Features

WWE Championship & Intercontinental Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
WrestleMania 6

The Rock Challenges Hulk Hogan (Raw, 18/02/02)

The Rock Tells A Story

The Night after WrestleMania

Cat Fight between Lita & Trish Stratus (SmackDown, 14/03/02)

Kicking off with Saliva singing the theme tune ‘Superstar’ this WrestleMania starts as it means to go on.. with a bang! Taking place on March 17, 2002 at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada the event marked the last ever WrestleMania under the old ‘WWF’ name and it saw the ‘Attitude Era’ going out in a fitting style (Even the opening montage gives me goosebumps!)
The opening match sees Rob Van Dam, making his WrestleMania debut, challenging the great William Regal for his Intercontinental Championship. The match is fantastic, fast paced and full action, a great opener to get the crowd amped up for the rest of the pay per view! Regal is an awesome heel, trying to bring his infamous ‘Brass Knuckles’ into play, and I truely believe this is Van Dam at his very best!
Lillian interviews a long haired Christian backstage, not sure the string vest is a good look…
Christian then enters to his best music ever ‘Christiiiaaan!’ to face DDP for the European Championship. Christian is such a cocky heel, mocking DDP’s grin, the crowd detest him! Another great match that had me glued from start to finish, doesn’t look like I’ll get much of this pay per view fast forwarded.
The Rock is interviewed by Johnathon Coachman! I should NOT need to elaborate on that sentance other than “Would you people like to see Coach say his prayers?” LOL
Goldust Vs Maven for the Hardcore Championship.. I had forgotten this match even existed!! Bring back Maven! Bring back the Hardcore Championship! The 24/7 rule.. RULED! Throughout the PPV the title changes hands several times with lots of comedy, well worth checking out!
Drowning Pool perform live next with ‘Tear Away’, ah the good old days come thick and fast on this DVD!
Kurt Angle (With Hair!) with his ‘Gold freakin medals’ comes to the ring to taunt Canadians before his match with Kane (With mask!) Talk about mark out moments!!
Undertaker vs Ric Flair.. damn what a difference 8 years can make!! The ‘Badass’ Undertaker is a huge favourite of mine, never been a Flair fan but at least back then he didn’t wobble… as much…
Booker T; I can not stand this guy’s character or wrestling.. but he’s facing Edge so I guess I’ll suffer it! Ah the hardships of my job! Rob Zombie theme tune – Kicks ass! Trench coat – Kicks ass! Edge – Kicks ass! The Edge-A-Rooney.. not so good but the fact that they are fighting over Shampoo doesn’t even MATTER!!
Stone Cold vs Scott hall…  well I finally found a match I could fast forward! I guess it is sentimental and at the time yes I did like Stone Cold.. and I suppose the other plus side is seeing Scott Hall’s eyes both pointing in the same direction..

Bonus Features – Among others are Superstars favourite WM moments which include Sgt Slaughter, Edge, Triple H, Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle recounting their favourite WrestleMania moments as fans rather than competitors!
Post match interviews are with RVD, DDP & Kurt Angle.
The Making Of The Body Cast is actually kind of freaky.. Stacey Keibler has a cast of her legs and ass made and it was displayed at the fan axxess event.. for fans to touch! *shudders*

Disc 2 starts off with a fantastic tribute to the Attitude Era in the Tag Team fatal Four Way. Classic stuff from The Hardy Boys, Billy & Chuck, The APA and The Dudleys and a really great trip down memory lane! Tag teams just aren’t what they used to be! (Then again nothing is as good as it used to be!) And Saliva come back on to perform ‘Get The Tables’ for the Dudleys entrance which is a definate bonus!
The Rock vs Hulk Hogan.. THE ROCK vs Hulk Hogan. Never been a Hogan fan and never will be but THE ROCK vs Hogan was a match for the ages for sure! Well worth picking up this DVD just to have this in your collection; it’s my opinion everything Rocky touches turns to gold and this was no exception! The crowd were split in two and really into this match from the very first strains of Hogan’s music to the referee’s three count finish! This is far from the best technical wrestling match you’ll ever see but it’s still entertaining, edge-of-your-seat stuff if you’re a fan of either of these guys. A match I definatly do not mind watching over again and my memory is so bad I couldn’t even remember who won so I was marking out for Rocky the whole way through it! “Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom!”
In a bit of an anti-climax after such a big match, Jazz comes to the ring to defend her Women’s championship against Lita and Trish Stratus. I never thought Stratus could wrestle back then but Lord give me her over 90% of the ‘divas’ we got to put up with right now any day!! I always loved Lita.. but what can I say? I can’t get past the fact that she left the WWE looking like a sad old slapper! Her legacy well and truely crapped on!
Jericho W/Stephanie McMahon vs Triple H for the Undisputed Championship. Hunter is played to the ring by Drowning Pool (they really did know how to put on a show back then!) And Jericho is accompanied by Stephanie.. the evil witch! The match is great, the outcome.. not so great! Loved watching this again although it did remind me of all those horrible times Y2J had to do stupid things like walk Stephanie’s big fat slobbering dog…

This whole pay per view is brilliant to see now and very sentimental if you were watching wrestling back then! Truely the ‘Golden Era’ for my generation that’s a cert!

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