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Wrestlemania Preview

March 27, 2010   ·   0 Comments

We are less than 48 hours away from Vinces true love, Wrestlemania. This year the card has much more potential than last year, which in hindsight was a one match PPV.

Its a combination of issues which has forced Vince and creative to step it up this year, they desperately need a strong buyrate after a few high profile flops last year, something close to Mania 2007 would be ideal.

Then of course there is WCW 1999 aka TNA who after much more bravado from Dixie, Hogan and his merry band of WWE ex employees are daring to step on the shoes of Raw. Time is also running out for many of his main eventers, Taker and HBK cant have much left and with all the injuries that Edge, Batista and Rey have suffered you have to wonder how much more Vince can get out of them before they have to consider the dreaded R word. Hunter and Jericho are no spring chickens either.

Therefore, its imperative from a financial viewpoint, that Vince doesnt squander their drawing power this year and waste them in Matches that arent fitting of Manias status as the biggest wrestling PPV of the year. Thankfully no main eventers can really complain about their position on the card.

So therefore lets run down this card shall we?

Randy Orton v Ted Dibiase v Cody Rhodes

A few months ago, where Orton was the most over heel on the roster, it looked like we would get a singles match between him and Ted, where ideally Ted would go over and viola you had a much needed main event babyface!

However due to Ted and Cody consistently playing second fiddle to Orton, nobody really cares about Legacy anymore. DX valiantly tried to make them relevant for a few months but even after that much needed rub; they were back to their old jobbing ways. Orton however is seemingly in the early stages of a face turn, which judging by the impressive face pops he has been getting could actually work unlike his horrendous 2004 run.


If Orton wins, it makes Ted and Cody look even more useless than usual, not an ideal scenario for two of your most promising youngsters on the roster is it? I expect Ted to get the win, it wont be decisive, a roll up probably, but beggars cant be choosers can they? The match itself should be solid enough as all three can work and it will be interesting to see how the Mania crowd react to Orton.

Showmiz v R/ Truth & John Morrison

Its hard to get that excited about the pairing of Miz and Show really. Its essentially Jeri show lite, and I dont think The Miz really doesn’t need to be spending more time in the tag division, especially as hes ready for a main event push NOW!

There has been much worse hastily thrown together tag teams than Jo Mo/ Truth and creative have worked hard to get them as a creditable threat too Showmiz.


Despite that, I expect this will be a straightforward defence for Showmiz where Show will knock out someone decisively. It wouldnt be the worst idea to turn John Morrison heel after they lose either, hes failed miserably to make any connection with the WWE audience since his faceturn last year. They need to do something drastic with him soon as he is in the danger of turning into the white Shelton Benjamin, loved on the internet, but not where it matters.

Hunter v Sheamus


Hunter is not in a title match, and for that reason I refuse to say anything negative about Irelands finest ginger wrestler ever again!

Ive enjoyed the build up for this match, admittingly some of the promos they have cut have been run of the mills but there have been some bright spots. The most obvious example would be from the last Raw where, Sheamus the warrior vowed not to bow down the king. Sheamus despite my misgivings has got over as a heel very quickly. His heat is just as impressive as any heel on the roster not named CM Punk or Dave Batista. He needs to win to sustain this however, and Hunter is similar to HBK and Taker, he can lose to anyone and it wont affect him.


Hunter seems to have taken a much needed step back from the main event recently, and I can see him putting over his boy in what should be a solid enough match.

Rey vs CM Punk

Its a testament to CM punks talent despite the fact that he was buried emphatically by Undertaker that he has managed to regain his heat, and is arguably the most effective heel on the WWE roster. The build up this match has been very enjoyable if slightly theatrical. The most obvious highlight was CM Punk singing to Reys Daughter and his downright creepiness towards Reys family.


Rey like Hunter doesnt need to win here. A win for Punk gives him and his straight Edge Society even more momentum going into the summer. I assume whatever thee result; there is a mask match on the Horizon, assuming that Reys knees dont fall of soon….

Anyways too clarify Punk to win in a match if given enough time which could be the show stealer of the night.


Drew Mc Intyre v Dolph Ziggler v Jack Swagger v Shelton Benjamin v Kane v Matt Hardy v Evan Bourne v Kofi Kingston v Christian v MVP

Needs more people…..

As someone who thought 8 people in this match was too many, I cant begin to describe what an epic mess this might be. However, on the night the match might actually be more enjoyable than people think. Evan Bourne doing the Shooting Star Press will look beautiful of a ladder, and Dolphs insane selling is perfect for a ladder match. The other guys can bump and grind as well, so at least we should get some memorable spots.


Kane and Matt Hardy I assume will fill in for Finlay as the agents of this match, I dont see any value in either of them winning this and I expect Vince will agree. Ziggler and Swagger have no credibility with the WWE audience after months of jobbing, so its hard to get excited about their prospects. Evan, Kofi and Shelton are there to hit some cool spots and nothing more, while MVPS time has sadly passed.

Therefore by process of elimination we are left with two…

Christian would be many peoples preferred winner. He has been fantastic since he returned, and as a MITB winner there are lots of delicious feuds waiting for him. Edge is the obvious standout….

But, I doubt Vince shares my enthusiasm for Christian, he probably views him more a solid midcard guy, nothing more. Those dreadful ratings he done as ECW Champion may come back to haunt him. Drew therefore is my tip. They clearly see star value in him, something which they may not with Christian and a MITB victory sets up a massive push for him in the next few months. I wouldnt rule out the possibility of him cashing in on Edge later that night either….

Bret Hart vs Vince Mc Mahon

Brets return has had its moments; some of the early promos with Vince were fantastic. They were personal and really stoked up the hatred between both men. Then they went to swerve city with the Bret car crash.

Luckily for them, they seemed to have regained some momentum with this storyline in the last two weeks. Austin as a Raw guest host really helped get the importance of these two men over to an audience who you feel wouldnt be as familiar with Bret as us older older fans.

The final Vince promo on Monday while brief, was fantastic where he teased Bret been screwed again. I am not sure what he is planning but intrigue like this is why we buy PPVS surely?


Bret losing would be pointless. This wont be a normal match, instead expect some swerves and a few run ins until Bret hits the sharpshooter for a victory. I cant see any other way this can go down really. Hopefully Bret will stick around in some capacity after Mania, he still has an aura about him which isnt easy to replicate.

Edge v Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Title

I was as giddy as a schoolgirl at a JLS gig once this match became official after the Elimination Chamber.

I dont mind admitting both would go into all an all time top wrestling top ten for me. But, somehow I cant help but feel slightly disappointed by the build up for this. The most frustrating element of the build up has been the fixation on Edges spear. Not only is it nowhere as devastating as they are trying to make it out to be, its very annoying listening to Edge chant spear instead of cutting money promos like he usually did before he returned. Jericho has looked the weakest in the build-up, but thats a curse a transitional champion must bear in the WWE!


Jericho doesnt really do long title reigns does he? I see Edge winning here and this feud continuing for a few months. Drew or Christian cashing in MITB is a long shot.

I am not as excited about this match as others. Edge has been on a downward slope in the last few years in the ring sadly. He is still a phenomenal gimmick match wrestler, but in normal matches, not as good as he once was. I havent seen anything in his matches since he returned that makes me think he is at the level he was in 2006/2007, where he was untouchable in the ring.

I can never dismiss a match that has Jericho but those expecting this to be a show stealer may be disappointed.

HBK v The Undertaker, Streak v Career

The build up to this match has been hit and miss. The Running Up The Hill video package was absolutely stunning and highlighted how fantastic the WWE production team can be. However its not been a flawless as some people have suggested. The Johnny Cash video package they looped incessantly on all their shows began to grate after a while. This however paled into significance when compared to the feuds biggest flaw, the lack of emphasis on the significance of HBK retiring. They tried to fix this on the last Raw with a nice video package on the career of HBK, but its astonishing that it has played second fiddle to the Streak. Despite these misgivings its impossible not to be excited about this match.


Taker wins and HBK takes a longer sabbatical than usual.

I dont see them wasting the streak on HBK who doesnt need it and will probably retire soon anyways. Neither guy has been at their wrestling peak recently, Taker especially has been struggling. However I expect both men to outperform themselves in the most emotional match of the night.

John Cena vs Batista


Unsurprisingly the prospect of this match going last instead of HBK/Taker seems to have upset some people. The thing people must remember is, these two guys are arguably the biggest stars of the company. In 2005, both won World Titles and have been pivotal in the financial success that Vince has basked in the last few years. The build up to this has been excellent. Batista has excelled as the narcissist dominant heel, while Cena has been cutting some money promos where thankfully he has resisted the urge to roar incessantly at everyone. Cena is at his best when his promos are introspective.


Firstly, I expect this match to be quite good. Their Summerslam match was decent and both of them normally lift their performance, the bigger the occasion. Batista has got the upper hand on a weekly basis, so if Cena doesnt win he looks really weak. Ideally Dave wins, and holds the title until Summerslam thus building him up as a monster heel ala Hunter in 2003, thus when he loses its a memorable moment.

Overall it should be a memorable Mania, there are no filler matches on the card and while some may look predictable at least everyone on the card can work. Except for Vince and Bret but if booked right, we wont notice that either.

Thanks for Reading and Enjoy The Show!

Joseph Heeran


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