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WWE Breaking Point 2009 DVD Review

February 4, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Breaking Point 2009 DVD Review



Submission Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

CM Punk vs. Undertaker

“I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. John Cena

ECW Championship Match
Christian vs. William Regal (with Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov)

Singapore Cane Match
The Great Khali vs. Kane

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
D-Generation X vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

United States Championship Match
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

Unified Tag Team Championship Match
Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show

Bonus Features

The Price Is Raw
Raw, September 7, 2009

Home Video Exclusive:
Eve Torres Interviews Chris Jericho & Big Show
Breaking Point, September 14 2009

On September 13th 2009, WWE’s Breaking Point pay per view came to us live from The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebeck, Canada and was another pay per view who’s name was chosen by fans via the WWE.com website. Breaking Point, with it’s promotional poster featuring The Game, Triple H, won out over ‘Total Submission’, ‘Submission Sunday’ and ‘Submit & Quit’ and looking at those names, I think Id have voted for the winning name too! With all three main championships on the line and a couple of ‘stipulation’ matches, on paper this looked like an awesome pay per view but would it pan out that way in reality?

Kicking off with the Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & the Big Show defending against MVP and Mark Henry. If you think Big Show is slow and cumbersome in the ring check out Mark Henry, in my opinion he is god awful! Jericho and MVP definatly had their work cut out for them in this match up!

Josh is backstage with ‘The’ Legacy, Rhodes and DiBiase asking them about their match with DX. Rhodes says it’s not a match it’s a fight, DiBiase says DX represent the past and Legacy are the future!

US Championship match sees The Miz challenging the champion Kofi Kingston but before he does he comes out and cuts a promo is French for the residents of Quebec in attendance! “Je suis Le Miz!” (LOL) Kofi of course is all over the ring faster than a hiccup as good old JR would say! And Miz ‘awesomely’ keeps the pace and they have a good fast match up with plenty of excitement and near falls.

After a great montage featuring DX and Legacy, the Submissions Count Anywhere match is introduced, with DX coming out first to a thunderous ovation and a sea of glow sticks from the fans in attendance! They have their usual entrance, throwing sticks into the crowd and then Triple H cracks a funny about how the ‘screw job’ was all Shawn’s fault getting a ‘You Screwed Bret’ chant from the fans! The match gets quickly underway and ends up in the audience as the four men scrap and brawl, using any way possible to make their opponents submit (and still the crowd chant ‘You Screwed Bret’!) while a couple of refs try their hardest to keep up! Great match, origional uses of every day objects (such as a double submission move on a hapless Cody Rhodes who, at the time, is threaded through a chair!) and should we praise the young guys for looking as good as the veterans or.. should we praise the old guys for keeping up with the kids?

Josh talks to Orton backstage in the locker room, Randy has a voice on deeper than Barry White in full love mode and looks slightly unhinged.. Josh looks a lot uncomfortable!

Singapore Cane Match between The Big Red Machine, Kane and The Great Khali, what can I say other than it’s a shame they stick Kane with all the duds lately!

CM Punk is interviewed by some.. woman! Eve (?) Punk says no one is giving him a chance against the ‘spooky’ Undertaker but no one gave himi a chance against Jeff Hardy and yet he’s the Heavyweight Champion! He then calls the crowd ‘Wannabe French Derelicts’ and says he isnt scared of The Undertaker, then the lights go out! Punk does panick but discovers it’s Jimmy Wang Yang messing with the light switch and proceeds to beat him senseless for his prank!

Regal vs Christian was, for me, what the Summerslam match SHOULD have been. I was so glad to see this finally on the card and looking forward to seeing them have a real match for the ECW Championship, I wasn’t disapointed! Regal appears with his cohorts, Koslov and Jackson who Josh Matthews describes as ‘Beasts’ (LOL) but the ref informs them that by order of the GM, Tiffany, they are both banned from ringside & if they do not leave immediately then Regal will forfeit the match! All’s fair in love and wrestling! What follows is a really good match between these two masters of the ring and something we should have seen a month earlier at one of the big four!

So far.. so good!

Cena is looking focused as we see him backstage kissing those dog tags! Then the ring announcer introduces Pat Patterson to his home town crowd and he gets a standing ovation. He cuts a promo first in French and then, Im assuming, says the same thing in Engish, how he hasn’t done so bad for a little kid from Montreal. He’s interrupted by Dolph Ziggler who was the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, he comes to the ring and Patterson insults him, then praises him then wishes him luck. Dolph doesn’t seem too impressed, he cuts a promo about senior citizens, hair pieces, hearing aids and fossils. (Can you guess where this is going?) Other than getting Patterson a hometown pop it was a pretty pointless segment that brought nothing to the pay per view.

A fantastic ‘I Quit’ match from Cena and Orton, no matter how much the Canadians detest Cena they MUST have realised the greatness in this match surely? Exciting stuff from the start between Cena and a rather psycho Randy Orton and lots of back and forth between the two making it hard to pick a winner with both of them taking some brutal shots! Great match and one I didnt mind watching again!

Undertaker vs CMPunk is eventually started after waiting an hour for Taker to actually get to the ring before they can even ring the bell!!! (Seriously they could put an extra match on the card if they cut his entrance!) Apparently no one has given Punk a chance against the Dead Man but he does manage to hold his own and at some stages run rings around the old man without making him look TOO old and decrepit! (yeah I can imagine the emails already…) Im not a fan of Undertaker but I did enjoy this match! It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t over in a heartbeat, there was plenty of action and the crowd seemed really into it! A surprising ‘twist-in-the-tale’ ending and probably another reason for the crowd to chant about someone screwing someone…

All in all a very enjoyable pay per view, with probably Christian vs Regal match of the night for me (With DX/Legacy and Cena/Orton tying second place!)
an overall score of 7/10 from me!



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