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WWE Live in the UK – 2 disc DVD

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This two-disc DVD set compiles all four weekly live shows that were performed in the UK during April 2010. This is a poor excuse to release a DVD set and in my opinion is simply the WWE patriotically manipulating the good people who live in the UK.

 First question:
Why not just record these shows off the television onto a DVD recorder or VHS player, if you are indeed that desperate to own them?

Second question:
Why include bonus materials that make the public aware of how much better professional wrestling was in the 1980s?


Disc 1
Anyway, lets get stuck in. I didnt remember anything about this Raw apart from David Hasselhoff being the special guest host and upon watching it a second time I realized why.
After the Hoff gets a surprisingly good reception from the hopefully very polite English audience, we move onto our first match, Maurice vs. Eve Torres in a Divas championship match. This match is very average consisting of one high spot in the form of a moonsault which leads to a roll up pin and a championship change. How peculiar, the belt has changed hands on Raw, this is only the first match, this is going to be great. Wrong! Having a Divas championship belt change hands via the curtain jerker of Raw means two things. Firstly, Raw have already done something in which could be construed as exciting, this allows them to deliver the usual average barrage of uninspired acting and three move five minute matches we are all familiar with for the rest of the night. Secondly, no one gives a crap about the Divas belt, not even the bookers, so this is a cheap way of making the audience feel like they have been part of a special Raw. This match gets 5/10 average crap.

Now its time for Showmiz to take centre stage. Dripping in gold and looking more confident than a cock in a fanny fight, the Miz runs his mouth about how Showmiz are the greatest tag team of all time. REALLY? Whose idea was this? Wait a second, here comes Bret, Im sure hes got something to say about this. Turns out that Bret reckons the Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs are the greatest teams of all time, which results in a stipulation match between the Miz and David Hart Smith. Id have to agree with Bret on this one, but youve got to throw in the Rockers as well, theyre number one on my list. Oh yeah Raw and the chaotic stipulation. Basically, if the Miz wins the match, Bret Hart has to publically announce that Showmiz are the greatest tag team of all time, and if Hart Smith wins they get a shot at the gold come Extreme Rules.. but to my surprise the Miz won. Hows that going to work? What made Mizs victory even stranger was the fact that Hart Smith repeatedly spoke of his father the British Bulldog and how he was watching over him. This seems like an unnecessary slap in the face of the British Bulldog and his family. Right right right, the match, was it good etc? It wasnt bad actually, there was nothing to shout about, I didnt gasp from the sheer amount of testicular fortitude being put on display, but the match worked. It was an example of the new breed attempting to incorporate techniques of old into the very predictable WWE formulaic match, containing a lot of old school regular moves that in this day and age are hardly utilized at all. One that immediately springs to mind is the axe handle smash and the various attempts to land it; that was fantastic. The old school angle worked because it was different, it was clear they had thought about doing something to celebrate the teams from back in the day and I respected the idea. This style of match was probably requested by Hart Smith due to the match being held in England where his father would have performed many an axe handle smash. Miz finishes with the Skull Crushing Finale and pins DH Smith after Big Show interfered with that big right hand. I give the match a 7/10 pretty good, but remember that these scores are only specific to the DVD.

Next up we have promotional video attempting to push Otunga. Why would you want to push Otunga? Isnt he crap? Vince McMahon has always liked big believable guys who look like superstars and Otunga fits this description perfectly. Unfortunately, more often than not, these superstars cant actually wrestle and do as little as possible in the ring. In some respects WWE are to blame for this in ring attitude, as they train these guys to wrestle in a way that builds for each of their three or four trademark moves. The time in between these high spots is supposed to be where the story is told and the tension is built, but from guys like Otunga, all I can see is a lot of right hands, clotheslines and stomps. Ive gone on a bit here but I really dont like Otunga, if I had to give him a nick name, I think it would be.the shit list. We then see Batista bully Otunga into getting him a cup of coffee; this was one of the few instances where Batista wasnt the worst wrestler on the screen.

Evan Bourne vs. Carlito
Im personally a fan of both of these wrestlers and consequently enjoyed the match; a customer invested in a product, generally enjoys what the product has to offer. Now then, even though Carlito has a lazy and somewhat sloppy style, the strength of his character and the unique way in which he portrays his character, means he gets away with it. I still cant quite fathom how Carlito was never properly over with the fans, at the time when he was wrestling regularly he was by far my favorite. It comes as a shock that WWE couldnt utilize this mans talents, he could have been their next big thing but somehow he continued to drift in and out of nonsensical storylines that no one was interested in. However the contradictory side of the coin says that Carlitos heart wasnt 100 percent into his job, but maybe justifiably so, as the lack of TV time Carlito received towards the end of his WWE career was probably a key factor towards the reason why the quality of his matches began to lose that cutting edge they once had (that and the drugs). Evan Bourne is one of my favorites at the minute and Im happy to say is over with the fans due to getting a nice push and being involved with main event story lines. Im sure youre all fully aware of the capabilities of this wrestler so lets get started with the match. The match starts off at a nice pace, we see a tilt a whirl off the ropes and a nice tiger bomb amongst other easy on the eye wrestling moves, unfortunately the commentators have already lost interest and are trying to promote Jack Swaggers angle. A hurricanrana, a vicious hip toss into the turnbuckle, flowing high flying wrestling, this is nice to watch. Carlito tries a top rope backstabber which Evan reverses leaving Carlito at the mercy of his airborne shooting star press. This was a good match and probably one of Carlitos last whilst part of the WWE, Ill give this an 8/10.

John Cena vs David Otunga (dream match..I did a bit of a joke there)
Cena is greeted to very loud reaction but one which is quite clearly a mixture of boos and cheers. This is quite an unusual match because for probably the first time in his career, John Cena finds himself being the experienced veteran, being the ring commander who is quite clearly calling the match. Otunga struggles to hide how he is slightly unsure about certain spots being called and the fact that he is indeed an inexperienced rookie. To Cenas credit, he attempts to hide Otungas inexperience by applying a series of matt holds so that his rookie opponent doesnt have to do much, which reduces the chances of something going wrong. About these holds.Im a harsh critic when it comes to modern WWE, and with Cena as its leader I desperately want to hate him, but he keeps on surprising me. These matt based shoot style wrestling skills he displayed against David Otunga further denied my expectations of him, so maybe I have been too harsh in the past. Cheers and boos exchange lefts and rights throughout the entirety of the match with the schizophrenic crowd unsure whether or not they like Cena. A series of power moves then draws the match to its promotional purposethe further cementing of Batista and Johns bollocks story line. Not allowing Batistas interruption to get in the way of his match, John Cena uses the hysterical David Otunga as a means of demonstrating what he is capable of doing to Batista at Extreme Rules, through means of a brutal STF (brutal STF?). With frantic panic written in his eyes, unsure whether or not he will live to see another day, Otunga taps and then taps some more. I wanted to see more of the match, I wanted to see how well John Cena could mask Otungas limited ability, but unfortunately wrestling takes a back seat in todays wrestling shows. Ill give the match a 6.5/10 and thats only because of Cenas unpredictable matt work. Heres another thing, why did Cena have a match half way through Raw?

Shamus vs. Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston looks serious, he definitely means business, I bet hes got something good to sayand so with fire in his eyes and a belly full of courage, Kofi Kingston raises his microphone and says.. Ive just been speaking to David Hasselhoff, and he said Im going to get some payback tonight. And then suddenly David Hasselhoff isnt a joke of a man from the 1980s, but a serious booker who Kofi admires. Hahaha, that bit made me laugh, it was all a bit too ridiculous for my liking but the match that followed was actually quite good. The main intention of this match was to put Shamus over as a tough competitor with a bad attitude in order to generate heat for his match against HHH. But in order to make Shamus look good, his opponent had to be a believable challenge and with Kofi getting over somewhat with the fans at this point, what a good opportunity to make him look like a main event contender. The match was pretty good, it had a nice snappy pace to it and although Kofi looked a little bit nervous at times, he definitely got the point across. However, he did Hulk up at one point which put a bit of a downer on the match for me and judging by the luke warm crowd reaction, the audience felt the same way. The match ends with Shamus being DQd due to a commentary monitor being used as a weapon and an intense Shamus post match onslaught with this new, already tired heel heat technique. Decent though 7/10.

Carlito and Vladimir then have a little back stage chat about how the people in charge do not give them any serious matches. This seems a little bit odd to me because it isnt a joke, it isnt anything relevant to the show, but it is the dirty truth the public arent supposed to know about. I dont see how this could do anything for the wrestlers involved apart from possibly encourage the audience to pity them maybe one too many complaints led to an on air punishment, but probably not.

Baywatch babe triple threat gimmick match
All the diva competitors, Santino the referee and David Hasselhoff the lifeguard, run down to the ring in slow motion to kick start this Baywatch packed bag of excitement. The match ends with the Bella Twins winning the match, Santino doing a funny by swallowing a whistle and Hornswoggle saving him. 2/10 shit.

 Batista vs. Randy Orton
And now for our main event! Im just going to put this out there, this match was almost as bad as the Baywatch match, ha no it wasnt really that bad. This, like the majority of Orton and for that matter Batista matches, is a typical modern WWE style story match with the star of this story being a DDT off the middle rope. ARGGHH, Im trying to be nice but Im really struggling, to be honest Id completely lost interest at this point. This makes me question whether I actually like professional wrestling at all, but as soon as I turn TNA on I know I love it, so I think I  just dont like Orton vs. Batista matches. Just as Orton looks like hes going to take it home with an RKO, Jack Swagger appears, and with a gut wrench powerbomb leaves Orton open to a pin in the middle of the ring. Cena then shows his face and begins to beat on Batista in an epic confrontation. The show ends and a little bit of my soul dies.    





This disc also includes the UK episode of WWE NXT, so without going into too much detail, Ill give you a quick run down.

The show starts off with a talk off where each wrestler is given a subject to boast their mic skills. Wade Barrett won this competition quite convincingly but I found the whole idea a bit lame and was constantly wondering why I was watching it.
Thankfully my patience paid off and I was given a solid match between Wade Barrett and Christian that was probably better than any of the matches on Raw. You see, what you have to take into account here, is that Wade wants to impress the folk in charge and Christian wants to prove that he is better than a wrestler who is labeled a rookie. Christian gets the pin after using the Kill Switch in a very entertaining match up. 8.5/10
We then see Miz showing us how to give an effective yet comical promo using Daniel Bryan as his fall guy.
The next match between Daniel Bryan and William Regal could have been a classic, and although the match was good with some seriously stiff shots, it ended too quickly for my liking. 7/10
Darren Young vs. Luke Gallows was an effective power move match but not to my personal taste. Young gets the win over the pro which suggests possible future plans for him. 6.5/10
The main event is Matt Hardy vs. Carlito, a pro vs. pro match. This match is based around the heavy bruising on Matt Hardy’s arm due to an attack by Drew Mcintyre. Its watchable but seems to plod along a bit. 7/10

EXTRAS : The Rockers vs. The Rougeau Brothers, October 10 1989, UK
The first thing worth mentioning about this match is the promo the Rockers gave before it, I almost pissed my pants:
Mean Gene: I cant think, Marty Jannetty, of anyone more all American than you.
Marty Jannetty: Let me tell you what, rock and roll, strut and stroll, taking care of business, slamming and jamming and weve been chasing the Rougeaus all around the world and now we have them in England.


The match kicks off with a nice double team sequence of a double leap frog and double super kick, and then I remembered why I like wrestling. We unfortunately then see an exchange of athletic show boating between both teams which is undoubtedly a downside to 80s wrestling, but to their credit they had the fans in the palm of their hand all the way. When the gimmick section of the match finishes the pace quickens to a speed faster than anything on Raw and NXT and it becomes clear that these teams are working very hard to earn their wages. The sheer amount of running around and the frantic movement of the ring ropes causes an in ring picture of chaos, and when combined with the ecstatic cheers bellowing from the crowd, we have a wrestling match. The commentators try desperately hard to justify why the Rockers are trading places in the ring without tagging but there is no need to explain, because the good guys are getting the better of the bad guys. I cant make sense of my notes at this point because of the excited childish way I have written them but it reads something like this: Boston crab, into slingshot, into Boston crab, into slingshot, into double team gut buster variation, off the ropes, into abdominal stretch, both teams fantastic, cocky slaps from Raymond, beautiful drop kick, rolling short arm scissors, into pin, Shawn tags but ref didnt see it (ironic), Shawn ducks a double team attempt and tags Marty.
Marty Jannetty proceeds to clean house but is prematurely interrupted by a Rougeau pile driver. Jimmy Harts megaphone is then passed to a Rougeau but is spotted by the ref, this leads to an argument about megaphone politics in the Rougeau corner. Shawn Michaels now has chance to capitalize on the situation by picking up the stray megaphone and smashing it into the head of an unsuspecting Rougeau. 123, the Rockers win to the delight of an hysterical crowd. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.
These four men had mastered their craft; they knew exactly how to excite a crowd through professional wrestling. This match was 28 minutes long, the main event of Raw on this DVD is 14 minutes which included two interruptions to plug a PPV and two extravagant ring entrances. Nowadays, it seems that wrestling is taking a back seat to poorly acted story lines, and although promos may not have been the forte of wrestlers in the 1980s, they did everything they needed to do in the ring.




This UK edition of Smackdown begins in the best way possible with Chris Jericho complaining about loosing his belt and not having an immediate rematch. Heel Jericho is my favourite Jericho and although this character isnt quite as hilarious as his WCW persona, I hope he continues to play this role. Edge interrupts and has a little rant before Teddy Long announces a triple threat championship match between Swagger, Jericho and Edge.

Next up we have a match between Drew McIntyre and Kane. Normally, I tend to lose interest when I know a match includes Kane, but this one seemed to draw me in and I actually enjoyed it. It would be easy to say that Drew McIntyre was responsible for the success of the match but that would be a lie, both wrestlers worked well. Drew attempted to get himself counted out in order to retain his intercontinental gold, but the match ended when Matt Hardys policing counted as outside interference resulting in a DQ and a Drew McIntyre victory. 7.5/10

Dolph Ziggler climbs into the ring and begins to apologise for a sleeper hold he applied on Josh Mathews. R-Truth (after singing his long song) then accuses Dolphs apology of being insincere and threatens him with a match. The match itself was very solid ending in a Dolph victory after R- Truth tapped from his sleeper hold, but unfortunately it was way too short due to all the time being used on silly promotional devices. 6.5/10

Mickie James music sounds to a surprisingly loud reception, it seems even Mickie is shocked by the reaction of the UK fans. Michele McCool, accompanied by team Way Cool, struts down to ring with a bad attitude and beautiful rack. There are some nice exchanges and reversals throughout this relatively high paced match and Matt Strikers pro heel commentary supplied a comedic edge. McCool wins after Leila distracts Mickie resulting in a big boot and a pin. 6.5/10

Rey Mysterio and the Hart Dynasty vs. CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Darren Young. This six man tag team match contains some very nice wrestling which has clearly been influenced by the individual unique styles of the competitors involved. The lucha style of Rey Mysterio, the high flying of the Tyson Kid, the viciousness of CM Punk, combined with the power and smash moves of DH Smith, Luke Gallows and Darren Young made this match very versatile and constantly exciting. This is the best match of the card but unfortunately for the viewers, the commentators found talking to the Miz more interesting than calling the match. What I found interesting was that Darren Young didnt seem out of place and hung well with his more experienced colleges. The match ends when DH Smiths running power slam on CM Punk results in a 123 pin. 8.5/10

Cayden Croft of the Dude busters vs. JTG of Cryme Tyme is a very good match, but again, has a silly story line getting in the way of the wrestling. Turns out JTG has left Cryme Tyme and so a story has to be built for a feud with his ex partner blah blah blah. Although the match was short due to an inevitable interruption, I liked what I saw from both guys. Move of the match was definitely JTGs double swinging neck breaker; that was nothing short of awesome. 7.5/10

And now for the triple threat championship main event, between our champion Jack Swagger, Chris Jericho and Edge. The match starts quite slowly and if it wasnt for the hilarious facial expressions of Chris Jericho, I would go as far as to say it was boring. I think my problem is that I want to see the high flying Edge and Jericho instead of the middle aged slightly over weight ones; I just cant adjust. Anyway, the match starts to get a bit more exciting towards the end when we start to see the first series of fake finishes. I knew I was emotionally involved with the match when I desperately wanted Edge and then Swagger to tap from the Walls of Jericho even though I knew it wasnt going to happen. The match ends when Edge spears Jericho but has his pin interrupted by Swagger, who in typical cheap heel style gets the 123 from Edges hard work. A nice end to the match. 7.5/10


This DVD also contains a good episode of Superstars and a fantastic battle between Bret Hart and Rick the Model Martel.


Overall DVD Rating 7/10  

 Stephen Evans





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Languages: English

Approx running time 4 hrs 51 mins


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