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WWE Live In The UK: November 2009 DVD (2 Discs)

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WWE Live In The UK: November 2009 DVD (2 Discs)
DVD Review
By Sue (paps)

All the action from Raw, SmackDown, ECW and Superstars live at the Sheffield Arena, from the November 2009 UK tour!


Chapters –

RAW November 9, 2009

Guest Host Ricky Hatton Addresses the Live Audience

Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox

Ricky Hatton and his son meet John Cena

Raw Flashback: Sheamus retires Jamie Noble

Sheamus vs. David Deville

Ricky Hatton in his Office with the Bella Twins

Josh Mathews Interviews The Miz

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger

VIP Lounge with MVP, Mark Henry & Kofi Kingston

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

Boxer vs. Wrestler Mixed Martial Arts Match
Ricky Hatton vs. Chavo Guerrero

John Cena hides Hornswoggle from D-Generation X

D-Generation X vs. The Big Show & Chris Jericho

ECW November 10, 2009

The Abraham Washington Show with Special Guest Yoshi Tatsu

Paul Burchill vs. Goldust

Zack Ryder Meets Rosa Mendes in the Locker Room

William Regal Speaks to ECW General Manager Tiffany

Vance Archer vs. Jason Blackwell

ECW Championship Match
Christian vs. William Regal

Superstars November 12, 2009

Matt Hardy vs. David Hart Smith

Ask the Divas

Zack Ryder vs. Shelton Benjamin

Sheamus: Celtic Warrior

Josh Mathews Interviews Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes

MVP vs. Ted Dibiase

Smackdown! November 13, 2009

CM Punk Taunts the Live Audience

CM Punk vs. R-Truth

Layla Confronts Mickie James outside her Dressing Room

Mickie James vs. Natalya

Josh Mathews Interviews John Morrison

Drew McIntyre vs. Finlay

Contract Signing between Rey Mysterio & Batista for their Match at Survivor Series

Intercontinental Championship Match
John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler

Beth Phoenix vs. Lisa Taylor

Josh Mathews Interviews Chris Jericho

The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho

Bonus Features

20-Man Battle Royal
Royal Albert Hall, October 3, 1991

Handicap Match for the WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman vs. Edge
Rebellion, October 26, 2002

Photo Recap of WWE European Tour
Fall 2009


As the blurb for the DVD says, All the action from both the flagship tappings held here in the UK last November. If you were lucky enough to attend the tapings then this is a great DVD to have to keep those memories, and if you didn’t go, then it’s still a great buy to have in your collection!
Starting with Raw and ECW on the first disc, live from the Sheffield Arena in November of last year, this is definatly an ‘all action’ DVD. With guest host, Ricky Hatton (who looked terrible might I add!) even getting involved in a match against Chavo Guerrero!
Hatton kicks things off, and not only looks terrible but is also terrible on the mic too! (Way to go UK!) He has a confrontation with Jericho and Big Show, who makes Hatton look like a 9 year old! (He’s even smaller than Jericho!) And just as it looks like things are about to kick off between the three of them DX’s music hits and they come out to save the day! Very entertaining opening segment!
Sheamus annihilates a British jobber, but is it fair to call him a jobber or a lucky SOB for getting out there?!
Santino does a good impression of ‘Ricky Fatton’ and Chavo comes in to challenge him, and ends up with the real deal instead! (The promo photograph of Hatton must have been taken when he was training for his last fight because he looks about 3 stones lighter in it!)
Miz has another awesome interview/promo with Josh Matthews & a Swagger interruption. This guy is definatly in the time of his life right now!
MVP unfortunatly has to have Henry in the ‘VIP Lounge’ segment, I still don’t understand the attraction of this guy (Henry) or why people are cheering him these days! They are joined by another people’s favourite, Kofi Kingston, and are then interrupted by Orton with Legacy trailing behind him. My interest picked up when I heard Orton’s music hit the speakers and they cut a promo against the VIP Lounge ‘members’, resulting in a match between Orton and Mark Henry.
Chavo vs Hatton was a good match to get the crowd fired up if nothing else.
Cena & DX in the locker room is a hillarious segment, (there are times when Cena is almost laughing out loud!) I loved seeing that again!
A thrilling main event sees Shawn Michaels and Triple H going up against the Unified Tag Team Champions, Jericho and the Big Show, with a mixed reaction for John Cena as he comes out to commentate!

The extras on this include and photographic montage of the European tour and a fantastic 20 man Battle Royal from The Royal Albert hall in 1991 featuring guys like The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Big Boss man, Davey Boy Smith, HBK and more.

Yoshi Tatsu is the special guest on The Abraham Washington Show to open up this UK edition of ECW, and then we get a match from UK’s own Paul Birchill. Unfortunatly he has to wrestle Goldust but it’s not an entirely bad match up!
Regal is a hero whenever he comes back to the UK, heel or face he can’t get away from the fact that ENGLAND LOVES REGAL! We love to cheer him and we love to boo him and the little smirk on his face tells us he knows it too! He plays the heel on this televised show but at the house show I attended on this tour he was well and truely the hero of the night and looked like he was loving every minute of it! He’s booed when he comes out but before his opponent, Christian, even gets to the ring there’s already a HUGE ‘Regal!’ chant ringing around the arena! (Christian even got some boos when he was announced!) Totally fantastic match up, the British crowd were defaintly treated to some fantastic wrestling throughout and this has to be the match of the Night for this first disc (Raw included) These two guys really know how to have a match!



Kicking off with Superstars and Matt Hardy vs Davey Boy Smith opens the show. Hardy’s music hits to a thunderous ovation (Nowhere loves those Hardys like the UK does I swear it!) hundreds of Hardy signs are suddenly and enthusiastically thrust into the air as he makes his way to the ring and the camera shows a lot of fans dressed head to toe in Hardy merchandise! Makes me proud to be a Brit! LOL
Smith comes to the ring with the other two members of the Hart Dynasty, Natalya and Tyson Kidd; and the two competitors have a great match to open up the ‘B’ show.
Ask The Divas left me feeling a little.. ‘WTF?’
Zach Ryder with Roas Mendez (I liked him better as an Edge Head!) vs Shelton Benjamin, another good match, not my cup of tea but still an enjoyable match especially for the fans in attendance.
Josh interviews Cody & Ted backstage and then Ted comes out for his match against MVP. Steming from the previous night’s Raw when the two men, along with Randy Orton, interrupted MVP’s VIP Lounge. Great match to end Superstars and another treat for the UK crowds.


CM Punk is an awesome way to start of ANY show, he comes out to thunderous booing and jeering to face R-Truth and cuts a promo on the British crowds. He says this land used to be full of kings and knights and noblemen and now we’re just as sad and pathetic as the Americans! He goes on to preach about the evils of drink and tobacco and how everyone is weak minded and practially decomposing infront of his very eyes as he talks to them! Fantastic promo, Punk is so much better Heel than face in my opinion and at least this way he gets more mic time! (And yes I freely admit to doing the ‘What’s Up!’)
Great match to start the show, both guys giving it their all the crowd were very much into it all the way through.
The divas match ends in Mickie James’ clothes being cut up.. no idea.
John Morrison is backstage with Josh Matthews much to the girlies delight!
The Irish faces the Scottish next as the gorgeous young Drew McIntyre faces Finlay. Drew cuts a promo (I swear they have exaggerated that accent! lol) But I love seeing Drew on TV and think he deserves the awesome push he’s been getting of late. Good on yer lad!
Not quite sure why they are showing London on the screen when they’re filming in Sheffield!
Matt Striker presents the contract signing between Batista and Rey. This ends in Batista having a brawl with a table which is rather hillarious!
The IC title match is between Champion John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler. Another good match, Morrison is definatly now a crowd favourite!
Another Diva match? Ok then.
Jericho is interviewed in the locker room, I almost forgot that he was a Smackdown Superstar lately! He again calls the crowd hypocrites and parasites (is it just me or is that one getting a little old now?) He says Undertaker is not a maginc man and he can and will be beaten!
Undertaker once again takes the time of a whole match to get to the ring. He and Jericho have a great match to close out the show, of course Undertaker is the man of the night in the eyes of the live crowd, i unfortunatly still don’t get it but.. each to their own! (Yes I’d be the one cheering for Jericho!) After the match Big Show comes down to the ring and he and his partner, Chris Jericho team up for and two on one assault on the Dead Man. Kane comes down to make the save for his brother.
The show closes out with a very happy looking Vince McMahon backstage on the phone to Teddy Long suggesting Kane & Undertaker vs Jericho and Big Show for the following week’s Smackdown.

The extra for this disc is from a UK show, Rebellion, in 2002, Paul Heyman is teaming with Brock Lesner as they make their way to the ring for a handicap match against Edge (how can I NOT rave about an Edge match even if it is against Brock Lesner?!) My one gripe is that we don’t get to see Edge’s entrance! Other than that.. THANKS WWE! 🙂

ALl in all a great DVD set made all the more special by the couple of worthy extras thrown in there. (I wish they would do that more often!) Well worth the money!


Sue (paps)

Available from http://www.silvervision.co.uk/index.html


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