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WWE Raw Review 25/01/10

January 27, 2010   ·   0 Comments

25 01 10




Show starts with DX together in the ring talking over where they both stand on the Royal Rumble.

This was a very good start to the show as DX got the crowd hyped up and in tune for the opening match up and the rest of the show.

The Legacy vs DX

In this high stardom and impact match DX end up as the winners of the match.

The match had a few intense moments between DX partners Triple HHH and Shawn Michaels adding more suspense and interest to the Royal Rumble match itself which will be aired at the end of January.

Whilst this kind of angle will get over with the fans, the possibility of Shawn Michaels winning the Royal Rumble is very reminiscent of whats happened in the past. I believe that world title reign is long overdue for him (The last time he was the World Champion was in 2002). However I dont believe that it should be at Wrestlemania they need to use these kind of events to push the younger talent such as Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, The Legacy, The Miz to help create a brighter more sustainable future for the WWE.

MVP vs The Big Show

Before the match actually begins MVP goes on to address the crowd about how he will soon beat The Miz and win the US championship for the 3rd time. He is then interrupted by The Miz who attacks MVP and his past leading to another heated debate between the two.

However MVP still has a match to wrestle as he ties it up with The Big Show in a singles match, but it comes to a short end as the Big Show wins the match after delivering a thunderous Showstopper to the MVP.

The rivalry between the MVP and The Miz is getting more heated and dramatic as each week goes by with them both in their own way being very popular with the crowd. I do however wish that they do shortly finally have matches between each other with the US Title on the line. I can imagine seeing it happen at Wrestlemania as the final bout between the two which would be sure to get the WWE universe talking about it.

Camera goes backstage to The Legacy team mates Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiasi talking about the results of their previous matches. Fellow team mate Randy Orton interrupts them and tells them about the need for them to get themselves together and start having each others back again. He then goes on to state that either way he will win his championship match-up against Sheamus at the Royal Rumble.

The camera then goes into the Guest Host of this editions Monday Night Raw locker room Dule Hill, who is welcomed to Raw by John Cena but shunned and disrespected by the US Champion The Miz. For Miz attitude towards the Guest Host he is put in a surprise match-up against an opponent of The Guest Hosts choice.

The backstage angles and promos were reasonable typically the scenes between The Legacy partners registered a lot of interest and unusual support from the crowd. On the other hand the angle with the Guest Host of Raw was what I felt a bit of a let down with nothing memorable, dramatic or edgy taking place.

Maryse vs Eve Torres

Before the match begins Maryse begins to boast and talk herself up to the crowd. However she is interrupted by The Guest Host of Raw making her lose her cool with Dule Hill.

The actual match turned out to be better than your usual Divas match as French Canadian Maryse seals off the win with a French Kiss (Inverted DDT).

The result itself was quite predictable but after winning the match Eve Torres impressed (SPOILER ALERT) and maybe a match between her and Gail Kim wouldve been better than the final result which will be Maryse vs Gail Kim.

Mr McMahon Final Decision?

The WWE chairman Vince McMahon continues to addresses the crowd on why he should or shouldnt bring Bret The Hitman Hart back to Raw. John Cena then interrupts trading harsh words with Vince McMahon and then goes on to insist that he brings Bret Hart back to Raw next week. Vince McMahon finally gives way to the WWE universe and Cenas demands by announcing that Bret Hart will be invited back to Raw next week, but not before setting a match with John Cena and Sheamus later on in the night.

Albeit it was quite a lengthy promo by Mr McMahon it was still cut well by the WWE chairman there was good interaction with the crowd which in turn garnered a good reaction from them. Cena also had very good mic skills to put on display to the crowd adding more hype and suspense to Bret Harts return next week to Monday Night Raw.

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

In this surprise match up between the two Kofi Kingston ends up winning the match after The Miz is distracted by the MVPs entrance music.

The match was something you expected from both of these two superstars, creativity, energy and charisma.
This was however a drawback to Miz push to becoming a main eventer even though he still receives a lot of airtime for promos and backstage angles, I felt that out of these two superstars The Miz is the more popular, interesting and characteristic superstar which is why he shouldve won helping to further build up some kind of support and following for a stand out superstar such as The Miz.

Carlito vs Kelly Kelly

This match was set earlier when Carlito was backstage with the Guest Host of Raw Dule Hill.
Before the match can take place Santino Marrella comes to the aid of Kelly Kelly and opts in to take her place in the match against Carlito. But before the match starts recent rival Jack Swagger ambushes and attacks Santino Marrella sending out a clear message for his foe Santino Marrella and other participants in the Royal Rumble.

The attack by Jack Swagger would seem to add more fuel to the developing rivalry between Jack Swagger and Santino Marrella. On the whole though the crowd at this point seemed uninterested in what was going on. WWEs attempt to deliver its show to a wider audience by going PG seems so far to be failing dismally and this rivalry is an excellent example of its failing as the dialogue and engagement between the two superstars is clearly very limited and conventional.

Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim

Despite Guest Host Dule Hills prediction of a victory for Alicia Fox Gail Kim still manages to win and advance to the final round of the Divas tournament where she will be facing Maryse for the WWE Divas Title. After the match is over Alicia Fox vents her frustration out on the Guest Host for getting the prediction wrong by unleashing a violent attack on him.

Sheamus vs John Cena

In an action packed and surprisingly technical match it ended as a no contest after Randy Orton interferes and RKOs Sheamus. He attempts to attack Cena as well but Cena ends up on the better side after reversing Randy Ortons DDT attempt into an FU leaving Cena as the last man standing in the ring.

An unexpected ending to the show whether this was a good see off to the Royal Rumble pay per view is another question. I was impressed by Sheamus wrestling skills and mat work as he arguably carried John Cena in the match. I believe this will get more fans tuned into the main event for the Royal Rumble as he is now being finally being put into the main event slot on Raw giving his character more of a push and edge.

Timothy Lobban


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