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WWE Raw Review By Timothy Lobban

March 2, 2010   ·   0 Comments

WWE Raw Review

03 03 2010


Shawn Michaels enters the ring where they play back the highlights from last week. He addresses the crowd on the career vs streak match that will be taking place at Wrestlemania. After challenging anyone who begs to differ on Michaels belief that he will beat the Undertaker, Triple HHH enters the ring and lets Michaels know that he has his full support, he also speaks on the future of DX.

Its actually good to see Triple HHH giving HBK his support on this, it also seems like the rest of the crowd is getting behind HBK on the career vs streak match. Probably because its never been done before and the WWE universe doesnt want to see HBK retire. Im really looking forward to seeing this match, it may be difficult to outshine their previous bout but Im sure it will still be something memorable.


Camera goes backstage to the guest hosts of Raw for this week, where a segment between one of the guest hosts and Hornswoggle take place. Quite an amusing scene considers the length of time it went on for.

Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase

Unsurprisingly this match ended in a disqualification onDibiases part, which has now become the typical outcome of most of the matches taking place in the WWE.

As Ive stated in previous reviews I feel that they were putting Dibiase a bit too over Randy Orton in this match but on the other hand Randy Orton came out on the better side after fighting them both off. On the other hand I still see it as a gamble on the WWEs part this will be Dibiases first Wrestlemania whether he will be ready to perform at this kind of stage is questionable. Whilst he has a lot of potential it comes with time and this match could possibly make or break the event itself as well as him.


Camera goes backstage to the guest hosts of Raw and shows Bret The Hitman Hart entering the building.

MITB Qualifying Match Jack Swagger vs Santino Marella

Jack Swagger wins the match with a half nelson power bomb and qualifies for the match. The MITB match for Wrestlemania looks to be another exciting, action-packed and unorthodox match.

John Cena Addresses the Crowd

John Cena goes on to address the crowd about this new feud between him and Batista and how hes going to return the favour of recent ambushes and attacks to Batista. The WWE champion Batista then interrupts John Cenas address to the crowd and has some words with Cena.

This promo where Batista finally gives his reasons for his recent behaviour is sure to add alot of heat and hype to their match at Wrestlemania. Especially considering that most of the crowd understand and can sympathize with this issue of who is the face of the WWE Batista or John Cena? I remember when I was younger watching the 2005 Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 21 and thinking exactly this; its great as Ive always wanted these two to stand toe to toe in the ring together. This match could be one for the history books and the start of an amazing rivalry similar to the 2001 rivalry of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

MITB Qualifying Match Zack Ryder vs MVP

MVP wins and qualifies for the MITB match this will be his 2nd one, looking at the superstars participating in this match so far its still very difficult to see who would win this. The most likely person would seem to be Christian as he has the character and fanbase to receive that kind of push.

Guest Hosts Introduce Participants for Divas Pyjama Pillow Fight

In what was an a lot more competitive, entertaining and better worked match than usual, Eva Torres ended up picking up the win. This match was worked really well itd be good if they could do something similar for the Divas event at Wrestlemania 26, because as of right now it doesnt seem as if the current WWE divas are ready to work a singles match which is worthy of being on Wrestlemania.

Bret Hart Final Farewell to the WWE?

Before Bret Hart can even address the crowd WWE chairman Vince McMahon interrupts and continues to provoke Bret Hart by challenging him to a match at Wrestlemania. Which Bret The Hitman Hart happily accepts.

This match should be quite interesting but on the other hand broken leg or not Bret Hart is still someone who has suffered a stroke and probably is in no condition to wrestle matches of his past standards. Depending on the outcome of the match and how it is worked this could end of representing a big stain on Harts legacy and wrestling career.

DX vs Showmiz for the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions

After a distraction from the Undertaker whose image showed up on one of the entrance screens during the match, The Miz managed to get HBK in a roll up picking up the win and retaining their titles. After Michaels leaves the ring in anger over what just happened, former WWE champion Sheamus then comes out of nowhere and ambushes and attacks Triple HHH.

As the road to Wrestlemania moves on the potential rivalry that seems to have opened up between Sheamus and Triple HHH could end of working very well. First of Sheamus is a good wrestler who has shown in the past that he can work and main event matches, his character is really developing evidently displayed by the kind of heat he receives from the crowd and his whole manner and character is very similar to that of Triple HHH when he plays the role of a heel. They also get on quite well with each other in real life which only points to them maybe having good chemistry with each other in the ring. This would be a good match for Wrestlemania and a great push for Sheamus. Overall Wrestlemania 26 looks like it is going to be a good one as the matchcard alone is one to put up there with the greats.

Timothy Lobban


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