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WWE Raw Review

February 23, 2010   ·   0 Comments

WWE Raw Review

22 02 2010


Raw begins by introducing the newly crowned World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho. He then goes on to brag about his elimination chamber victory. Edge then interrupts Jerichos speech with an unwelcome spear and announcing that he as the royal rumble winner has decided to pick Jericho to face for the World Heavyweight champion at Wrestlemania.

John then makes his way into the ring to address the crowd about what took place over the weekend (elimination chamber). Vince McMahon then enters the ring and states that he will be facing Batista in a match tonight, if he loses he will be unable to face Batista for the championship at Wrestlemania.

Maryse vs Gail Kim

Maryse seals the win and becomes the new divas champion after delivering the French kiss to opponent Gail Kim.

Was a very short match with very few spots the female competitors of Raw clearly dont get over with the crowd as much as the smackdown divas do. Possibly down to the lack of personalities.


Camera goes backstage to the WWE Raw divas who welcome the Guest Hosts of tonights edition of Raw to the show.

Good spot and reaction from the crowd when Jillian Hall began to enlighten the crowd with her horrendous singing and then received a slap from the Guest Host Jewel Murray.

Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes are backstage in the locker room talking about what happened to Randy Orton at the elimination chamber main event by The Legacy partner Ted Dibiase.

Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Yoshi Tatsu vs The Legacy 6 man tag

In an interesting turn of events Randy Orton turns against his own team and leaves them to be defeated by Kofi Kingstons team.

Its interesting to see what theyre going to now do with Randy Orton especially now that Wrestlemania is nearing by. However I do wish that they pull this off right by possibly putting Randy Orton up against another main eventer as I think Ted Dibiase or Cody Rhodes arent yet ready to be pushed and booked in a match card with someone like Randy Orton at Wrestlemania.

Shawn Michaels speaks on the Undertaker

Shawn Michaels tells The Undertaker why he interfered in his match on Sunday and cost him his championship (Like I predicted a few weeks agoJ). They finally agree to a rematch at Wrestlemania 26 but on the stipulation that if Taker wins Shawn Michaels will be forced to retire. Streak vs Career match

Got an amazing reaction from the crowd Im also excited about seeing this match especially now that theres so much more on the line than last year. This match alone last year arguably just about salvaged the reputation of Wrestlemania. The match card for Wrestlemania 26 is beginning to look really good lets just hope they can deliver when the time comes.

MITB Ladder Match Qualifier Christian vs Carlito

Christian picks up the win and qualifies for the MITB match.

Its good to see Christian back on the A shows and heres to hoping that this MITB at Wrestlemania is the start for a well deserved push for him.

Showmiz vs MVP and Mark Henry for the Unified WWE Tag Team champions

In a good ol fashioned wrestling bout Showmiz picks up the win and retain their tag team titles.

In a match of average quality it seems like the tag team bouts are squeezing the tension and drama out of the individual rivalry of The Miz and MVP. In my opinion they have to redirect Mizs push back to the singles bout and utilise all of the potential that The Mizs and MVPs rivalry has.

Batista vs John Cena

This match unfortunately ended in a DQ that was committed by Batista continuing the trend of unfinished premature bouts which continue to show the WWEs lack of creativity in some instances and spoil the quality and entertainment of the show. Regardless of what anyone thinks people tune into professional wrestling to see wrestling and it seems like the WWE is beginning to become too entertainment focused. However this does build up the tension and hype towards Wrestlemania which may make up for all the premature bouts that took place before.




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