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Backstage News on Jim Ross, More on Rey Mysterio’s Injury and Monday’s RAW

August 18, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– It was pointed out after Monday’s RAW that Jim Ross seemed like a “third-wheel” on commentary during the show. Ross being kept off SummerSlam, not speaking much on RAW and having his hat stomped by Dolph Ziggler was noted by a few people backstage.

– During a commercial break during the Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio WWE Title match on Monday’s RAW, Rey was limping around the ring while Del Rio worked the crowd. Fans in attendance note that Rey’s knee was clearly hurting. Rey was trying to move his knee around and talked with a WWE crew member at ringside. To fans in attendance, it looked as if Rey was seeing if he could continue. They came back from commercial and WWE ended up doing the injury angle with Rey after Del Rio won the match.

After RAW, while John Cena and CM Punk were ending the show with Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez, Mysterio was getting looked at by WWE trainers at ringside. Trainers looked at Rey for over 5 minutes as Cena and Punk closed the show, according to a fan in attendance. Rey was finally helped to the back by a WWE trainer and a referee.


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