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Backstage News on Sin Cara’s WWE Status and His Recent Controversial Shirt,Jim Ross Thinks Steve Austin Will Wrestle One More Match, Jericho Upset with WWE Over Video Game, Speculation on Jericho & Morrison’s Futures, More

December 2, 2011   ·   0 Comments

 When the controversial Sin Cara t-shirt was released by WWE earlier this week, the joke backstage in WWE was that even Cara’s t-shirts were botching spots. Customers who ordered the shirt are being issued refunds or credits.

Regarding Cara and Vince McMahon, there was some concern that Vince was down on the Cara character following WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, where he was injured, but sources report that’s not the case. It was pointed out to Vince that accidents happen.

Officials were disappointed because they had a bunch of new merchandise coming out for Cara and because they were hoping for Cara vs. Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 28. WWE wanted to try and set the world record for most masks worn in one place at a time with the match. The belief is that Cara vs. Mysterio will still happen in 2012.

As noted before, several people within WWE indicate that the cryptic videos that have been airing are for Chris Jericho’s return in January. At the same time, some believe that the videos are for The Undertaker and speculation is that they’re meant for Jericho but if something falls through with his deal, they can be used for Taker’s return.

It has been confirmed that Jericho and WWE had a recent falling out over him not being included in the WWE ’12 video game. One WWE source made the point that Jericho may have missed out on five-figure royalties from not being in the video game but he wouldn’t let that cause him to miss out on a big WrestleMania payday.

On a related note, there is also some speculation that John Morrison may return in the next few months if he and WWE work out a deal. Others believe Morrison will take some time off from wrestling. Like Jericho, the argument is there that Morrison wouldn’t want to miss out on the big WrestleMania 28 payday.

– JBL wrote on Twitter this morning that WWE made a big mistake by letting go of former Diva Jillian Hall. He wrote to her directly:

“My favorite diva!!! Love you-and hope all is well for you! We had a great run, you should still be there! #bigmistakeonwwe”

– Zack Ryder and Kelly Kelly will be appearing at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con at the Ernest Morial Convention Center on January 28th from 12-4pm.

– More victims of re-writes at RAW this past week were Rosa Mendes, Primo Colon, Hunico and Epico. Reportedly, WWE officials had plans to begin a storyline with the new stable.

Jim Ross believes Steve Austin will compete in one more match, but doesn’t foresee it happening at WrestleMania XXVIII.

“I think he still has the itch to do one more match,” Ross said Wednesday during an appearance on 1560 The Game. “His health is better—there’s certain things he may not be able to do physically—but he’s in great shape.”

“A year ago, I would have said there would be no more Austin matches. I’ve loosened my stance on that a little bit now. I think somewhere down the road—I don’t think it’s WrestleMania 28 because those attractions are pretty well in place with Rock and Cena—it would not surprise me to see Austin back for a farewell, one-time off situation.”

J.R. also talked about John Cena’s appearance on “Piper’s Pit” Monday where WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper grilled Cena on the increasingly hostile reaction from WWE Universe members.

“I’m not sure what they accomplished at the end of the segment, but I listened to every damn word of it,” Ross said. “So, they captivated my attention, but it was like the crazy uncle trying to reason with the defiant nephew about Cena’s reaction to the crowd.”

Ross said he is often asked whether Cena should turn heel. He doesn’t think it’s necessary since Cena is a heel to one group of fans, but garners strong support from another.


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