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Brock Lesnar Talks About His Time in WWE & How it Helped His MMA Career

August 11, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Sources:  TheWrestlingPress.com, LordsofPain.net

During a recent interview with The Wrstling Press the only man to ever hold championship gold in both WWE & the UFC – Brock Lesnar, spoke about his time in WWE and how it helped him as a world class MMA fighter. Here are some highlights of what Brock said about:

Being A WWE Wrestler   “These guys, they just don’t have another life. When they go home, they really cant get out of tune with their on-stage persona. Theres really no time. I think the biggest thing is theres really no downtime for the human body to recover, and more importantly, for their mind to recover where youre constantly on the road, and in a program where you cant get outside to take an outside look at whats going on guys resort to all kinds of extracurricular activities.”

How His Time In WWE Helped Him In The MMA World:   “I’m not stupid without the WWE, the WWE made me a household name and increased my value tenfold before I even pursued the UFC. Could I be where I am today without the WWE? Probably not. Could I be drawing the same numbers that Im drawing? Probably not. I brought a lot of fans over, a lot of crossover fans that I brought, just from the general public and WWE fans, I believe.”


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