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Chyna Comments On Return To Adult Film, Working For TNA, Eddie Guerrero

June 21, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s Champion “The Ninth Wonder of the World” and Vivid Video Vixen Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was a guest on Wrestling News Lives Fall Out show (found at http://wrestlingnewslive.tk/) and below are some of the highlights:

Why She Choose to work with Vivid Video: “Vivid is hot you know,I didnt know anything about porn but even then I would see the calendars in the book stores and they had the billboards and the girls were plastered all over the place over Sun Set billard in front of the clubs and they (the females on the billboards) looked gorgeous.”

How well she has been treated since joining Vivid Video: “Beyond my expectations, I am totally psyched and Ill tell you why; I havent felt like this since I was on top of my wrestling days right before my departure as I had just done my book and I did playboy and it was a total high of my life, I loved every day, and I woke up every to do all that (it) was tremendous. I kinda have the carpet pulled out from underneath me and Itss been a long while and the problem died and I guessed I might as well be as real as I can get and Ive gone through a lot of obstetrical and when this came up, Id won my name back in 2007 after fighting for it for seven years and I hadnt do anything super big with it since I got my name back you know? I had been doing little movies here and there and a copy of reality shows but this, when this opportunity came up, I was like Yeah, I didnt have to think twice about it. I was insecure for about two minutes and then I thought Why on earth would you not do this?. Everything I have done in my career, I have jumped in with both feet and Ive taken chances and risks and something things have worked out, something things havent but I have never been afraid of judgement.”

How her TNA debut came about: “It was a surprise to me as it was to you(the internet fans) because basically I got a call from Vince Russo out of the blue and I was expecting it to be an Australian beer company and then it was Vince Russo and kinda basically overnight I was on an aeroplane.. So I get this call from Vince Russo and I clearly wasnt expecting that you know because basically since the time I left from WWE, I never physically spoke to anybody expect from legally so when this phone call came I was like, Woah but things have been going really well for me over the past year and the last couple of years I have really moved on and Im really healthy physically and I get this call and I was really happy to hear from Vince (Russo) and he said he was thinking about me and the angle(Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle) and would I be interested and I said well of course and I think he was shocked because we were friends and I really enjoyed working with him in WWF and he was like I didnt know how you were going to respond/react and I was like Its not the people within the business Ive had problems with, we all know the problems and the reasons why and I was happy to hear from someone and wondered why it took so long for someone to call me. When I went there, I was really psyched to see everybody and I dont think anybody expected me to go and be that willing to jump back in so it was kinda a quick process for everybody.”

Chynas thoughts on her one appearance stay in TNA: “I really didnt know what was going to happen, I basically went to go to talk to them and I didnt expect to be on TV that night but you know, the Pay Per View was right around the corner so I know that was the angle they wanted to do so I really dont know what was going on behind the scenes. I knew Vince Russo and Bruce Prichard were really in my corner like wanting to make things happen so I dont know, maybe it never surfaced as I never heard back after that but I consider it open basically.”

Chynas thoughts on Eric Bischoffs recent Deer in the headlight comments: “My friend keeps me in hopline so Ive sort being listening to what people have been saying and when I saw his(Erics) comments I didnt know how to react to it because I never expected it because it was so out of left field as I had just gone to TNA, things went great and as far as Im concerned Ive never had beef with Eric, Ive never even worked with him, he was very nice to me when I was there and I dont have a problem with anybody and it was great so I just dont know where it came from, it was strange. Maybe I looked like a deer in the headlights because I didnt have the right lashes on? Or something, I dont know.”

Chyna on keeping the porn film a secret: “I didnt hear from anyone before anybody knew about the movie because I had been keeping it a secret since I did the movie last November and thats one of the reasons I looked so well and why I feel so well and its not my obligation to go around telling people everything Im doing and its not a secret either so after the fact I havent talked to anybody in a while, its almost like he came up with a reason because of the movie, who knows?”

Chyna on her TNA missing the boat with her comment: “I didnt mean it in a negative way, I think they are missing the boat because I think we can have a lot of fun and I could do a lot of stuff and it didnt make sense to me to go do one thing then kinda have it lingering out there.. I mean when I did playboy, it was like the biggest issue ever because your combining the two so you have wrestling, boobs beer and popcorn *laughs*.”

Chynas thoughts on working the late Eddie Guerrero: “Yeah it was really fun, I love the soap opera aspect so for me it was the first time we got to do vignettes and the chemistry was there and it was funny and he really taught me a lot in the ring because when we worked together is was magic. I remember Eddie taught me how to press (slam) people and the first time I pressed him, I got him up and I was trying so hard and he jumped so hard as we were practicing in the middle of the ring and I actually threw him out of the ring and he landed on the floor!. He was awesome.”

Chyna on WWEs Hall Of Fame: “Well you know what? As far as relationships goes, Im way over that you know, it was a typical break up in the sense of losing someone you love and the deceit and cheating yes but that happens to all of us. What was the real heart breaker for me was that I really knew in my heart it would blow over in a year or two or when we were able to pass the relationship stage that everybody goes through in a break up but because of the way business was done, I didnt know that it would be a decade later and nobody has spoken to me I mean come on, Im over the relationship part, it was just bad business on their part if you ask me.”

Chynas future in the porn industry: “Im hoping thats coming my way, there is definitely talk of more and you know, I just think in a short amount of time you see how your working together and I would love to do more work with Vivid, they have treated me exceptionally, its quite glamorous I have to say, it really has been, it felt great and they treated me beyond fair and I need that, Im on board for sure so you know, we will keep you posted, I dont know whats gonna happen but its looking good.”

Chyna on if she would return to WWE or TNA if they offered her a contract: “Absolutely; Based upon the deal. Ive come real far at this point in my life and I know what I want and I know what I deserve so you know, if everything was good for this point if my life, yeah of course.. I think Im pretty reasonable; I have done a lot of things throughout my career and worked hard for my name and know my work ethic so you know I dont know, like loreal, I guess Im worth it but you know, you never know whats gonna happen tomorrow.”

The interview can be heard in its entirety here.


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