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CM Punk & JR Have Exchange on Twitter, More

August 31, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Source:  LordsofPain.net

– WWE Legend Jimmy Hart will be appearing at the Texas State Fair in Dallas on October 22nd at 12pm.

– Former WWE Superstar Kizarny turns 38 years old today.

– At Saturday’s IGF wrestling show in Japan, former WWE star Bobby Lashley fought Eric Hammer to a double count out while David Hart Smith lost to Hideki Suzuki.

– Jim Ross and CM Punk had an exchange on Twitter yesterday after Punk wrote, “Driving through Toad Suck Arkansas, for all y’all that think my life is glamorous.”

Ross replied with, “Do you think that you’re the only rassler to make the drive from Little Rock to Tulsa? Try it every week for $25-40. See u Monday.”

Punk replied to that with, “no, but I do think I’m the only wrestler left that still would do it every week for thirty bucks. Sauce it.”


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