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CM Punk Crashes WWE Panel At San Diego Comic-Con, Confronts Triple H

July 22, 2011   ·   0 Comments

CM Punk crashed the joint Mattel/WWE panelWWE: Past, Present and Futurethis afternoon at the San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Triple H, Rey Mysterio and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart.

Punk announced himself via bullhorn and then, with the WWE Championship in hand, sauntered to the designated question-asking microphone and began to speak. The Straight Edge Superstar took exception to WWE attempting to crown a new champion on Raw and then challenged Mysterio, or anyone else who wanted to be champ, to head out to Chicago to take him on.

Punk then asked Triple H and creative writer Brian Gewirtz why Zack Ryder wasn’t on television. Triple H, in what appeared to be a kayfabe response, told Punk that things had changed on Raw and there was a new regime. He told Punk to give him a call. Punk responded by telling Hunter that he was certain Stephanie had his number.


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