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CM Punk Discusses WWE Ice Cream Bars, Teases New Treats Coming Soon

September 24, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– It looks like we might be getting some WWE ice cream bars soon but not from the company Good Humor. WWE’s website features a new interview with Punk, talking about his new ice cream bar t-shirt and more. The shirt, which Punk wore this past weekend, is now available for pre-order on WWE’s website.

He told WWE’s website: “My inspiration for the shirt? I want the freakin ice cream bars back! Im still working on that. But in the meantime, Im going to keep shoving it down peoples throats. Because everyone likes ice cream, which goes in your mouth and then goes down your throat.

“You know what? There are other ice cream companies out there. Good Humor, were giving you a gift. Were giving you an option here, and if you dont want to take it, we will sell our wares elsewhere.

I love ice cream. What can I say? Im a skinny fat-a**.”

Late last night, Punk wrote the following on Twitter:

“My day of hustling is over. Many steps were taken to get ice cream bars. Now it’s gym time. The future is bright and tastes like vanilla.”


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