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CM Punk Says He Got Ridiculous Offers While Away from WWE and More

August 16, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– As noted before, former WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show in Pittsburgh last Monday afternoon. They talked about Punk coming back as early as he did. Madden asked Punk if it would have helped “the cause” better if Punk stayed gone longer as opposed to returning in time to headline SummerSlam.

Punk talked about how they could have done more with the angle if WWE’s business was going good.

“Now you’re getting into the numbers side of the business,” Punk replied. Sure, I would have loved to drag it out. There’s a billion different scenarios you could have done. I could have went and worked indies. I had the most ridiculous offers from the most unbelievable sources. I’ll write a book some day and it’ll be a hell of a chapter. It would have been fun to go do commentary for like Titan Fighting Championship, it would have been fun to maybe show up at a ROH show, or go bother Gabe at Evolve, do all kinds of fun stuff. The bottom line is we have a TV show and a pay-per-view to sell. Basically it’s the hottest thing and you just kind of ride it until the wheels fall off. Could it have been done in a more entertaining way? If everything is selling out and business is awesome, then yeah, maybe. Maybe.”


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