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Edge ‘Haven’ Interview

August 15, 2011   ·   0 Comments

This is an interview from August 3, 2011 with Adam “Edge” Copeland fromHaven.


What was your most memorable moment from all of the episodes that you’ve taped?

Adam “Edge” Copeland:
I think initially walking onto the set the first time, just because it was kind of nerve racking. It’s still a relatively new experience to me. Kind of feeling like the new kid at school. I never put any misconceptions out there that I’m this talented thespian or anything. Everybody knew that this was new to me and they really helped me along. So and I have to say that was initially the experience that stood out.

But then we, in the last episode that I filmed, did a fight scene with Eric Balfour who plays Duke, and that’s when I felt like I was back in my wheelhouse again. I felt really comfortable and at ease right away. So that was fun too, just to bring it back to a little bit of a physical, you know, aspect for the character.

What would you say is the most important thing that you learned from the time you spent on the show?

Adam “Edge” Copeland:
I guess the differences between the WWE and what I used to do and this. There’s similarities, but the difference is I think that I had to pull back the reins with what I used to do, the movements, mannerisms and everything had to be bigger so that it could translate to someone who is at the very last row of the Georgia Dome for instance. So with this, the camera, it’s right there. So it picks up any little like eye bulge or eyebrow twitch, or facial tics or things like that.

So I had to learn to kind of pull back the reins a little bit on that. And I’d like to think it’s easier to pull them back then have to try and push it out. The beginning of my wrestling career I was very shy and it was tough to get past that hurdle. So I found this a little bit easier than having to try and force things out.

What’s next for you?

Adam “Edge” Copeland:
Well this week I’m going to relax. I retired, and within a week I was pretty much out in Nova Scotia the entire summer shooting these episodes. So I’m just going to spend some time with my dog and then I have to fly out to LA August 9 for some WWE promotion. And then just kind of play it by ear from there and actually feel retired maybe for a couple of months.

How did that kind of come about?

Adam “Edge” Copeland:
Well it was kind of a happy accident. I had just recently retired. I had done a European trip because I was advertised for the WWE and I couldn’t perform anymore but I thought, “Well I’ve been advertised, I don’t want to kind of leave the crowds hanging like that.” So I went over there, got back from there, it was a pretty exhausting trip, and then two days later I got the call from the WWE and they said, “Would you be interested in flying out to Nova Scotia and filming an episode of Haven?”

And I went, “Yes. Yes, I think that’d be great. That’d be fun.” It kind of helped with the retirement aspect, going from like 120 miles an hour with the WWE to kind of maybe, 70 miles an hour. So it was nice in that respect. And that’s how it all worked out. And I think it was one episode, and we kind of – which airs Friday, and I think, I don’t know for sure, but it one of those, “Okay, let’s see how this goes, and maybe from there this character will be recurring.” And thankfully that’s the way it ended up.

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