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Fitness Model Getting WWE Tryout, WWE’s Plan To Compete With Sports

October 6, 2011   ·   0 Comments

— Monday’s RAW featured a chance in format from the typical weekly broadcasts. Instead of opening with the long interview segment that would set up the main angle for the rest of the show, WWE opened with Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre – and held off on the long interview until the end of the second quarter hour.

The reasoning behind this change is that WWE is looking compete with their stiff competition from NFL’s Monday Night Football and the MLB baseball playoffs. WWE tried to keep viewers tuned in longer at the start of the show because they were coming off Hell in a Cell the night before and they knew fans would be tuning in for the first big in-ring segment. By putting the first storyline segment in the second quarter hour, their hope was that viewers would stay tuned in through the Orton-McIntyre match and beyond.

— Carly Thornton, a well-known fitness model form the UK, will be getting a WWE tryout when WWE is overseas in November.

Thornton does not have any experience in the wrestling industry, but she has been working in the UK as a presenter on the Active Channel and endorses several bodybuilding supplements. She is said to be quite attractive and resembles former WWE ring announcer Jamie Keyes.


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