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Former WWE Women’s Champion Says Eve Torres Should Stick To Modeling, Bourne Responds to The Headbangers, Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett on Twitter

October 26, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Madusa, who brought the WWE Women’s Championship back to prominence in the 1990s, gave her thoughts on her former employer’s Vengeance pay-per-view event on Facebook.

The wrestler formerly known as Alundra Blayze commented on the Divas Championship bout between Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. She has high praise for “The Glamazon,” but not her opponent.

“Well I wish I would of met Beth during my days…she really needs some great talent to be able for her to shine…. as in my days this was my problem as well… again great talent, Beth and no one to wrestle…she’s believable,” she writes.

“Eve needs to keep modeling…awesome looking girl in the ring… should not be there.. just saying.”

Madusa adds that she would love to drop “the REAL WWE/WWF title” to Phoenix. “What a great match that would be,” she says.

Upon seeing Kevin Nash make a surprise appearance at Vengeance, the women’s wrestling great vented on her former colleague’s real-life character.

She wrote, “Something about Kevin Nash on WWE stinks……I bet if Stephanie had a twin he would be all up in that.. and no disrespect to steph….Nash always seems to hurt people…..in the ring and out…..

“and by the way…. that is just how the man brain thinks… you guys are too funny… but love ya guys… Nash is a very manipulative guy…he works his silver tongue to his advantage….he should of been a sit down comedian.. he’s good, and i have no grudges….. on any of my co workers…just experience.”

– One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne commented on the news from earlier that former WWF team The Headbangers had issued a challenge to he and Kofi Kingston via online video:

“Love that the Headbangers want to challenge AirBoom. Attitude Era vs Altitude Era!”

– A fan wrote to Chris Jericho on Twitter that Wade Barrett was using the “second coming” tagline for his current storyline. Jericho replied with, “Et Tu Barrett??”, which is a play off Julius Caesar’s last words to his friend Marcus Brutus before being murdered and can be translated to “You too, Barrett?”

Barrett replied to that with:

“I thought your ‘Ass Cream’ was the only thing you didn’t want stolen?”



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