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Hits From The Heartbreak Kid DVD Review

July 24, 2011   ·   0 Comments


Shawn Michaels – Hits From The Heartbreak Kid
DVD Review

This is an awesome Tagged Classics set from Silvervision for ANY fan of HBK!
Starting with Shawn himself introducing the DVD set, looking very suave with his mullet!
From the 1993 period of Shawn’s career, we see matches from a very different HBK to the one we’ve come to know and love now. This cocky, self-assured young wrestler is a mile away from the loveable Shawn we saw in a WWE ring up until 2010’s WrestleMania defeat by The Undertaker. I do believe that Shawn only got better and better with age and this Tagged Classic DVD proves that. Not that it’s bad, far from it, but I much prefere the HBK from the noughties than the one from the nineties! Regardless, I’m glad that these old ‘VHS’ videos are now being re-released to DVD for us to enjoy!
The matches kick off with Shawn facing Bret Hart in North Carolina (A video exclusive apparently) Shawn is accompanied to the ring by Diesel and one thing that didn’t change over the years was the flamboyance of his outfits! Once small fan at ring side almost has a coniption fit when Bret puts his glasses on her face, infact the fans are CRAZY screaming for Bret period! It’s a great match but still nothing compared to what Shawn could pull off in the latter years of his career.  An Owen Hart run-in causes Bret to be disqualified and Shawn picks up the win.
Other matches on the disc include classics like the tag team championship match with Razor Ramon and the 1,2,3 Kid. The IC matches between Shawn and Mr Perfect and Shawn Vs. Crush. HBK Vs. Razor Ramon and more. Another home video exclusive ends this disc; Shawn, Diesel & Tatanka vs. The Smoking Guns and Lex Luger is an excellent match if you can stop alughing long enough at the hair and outfits!
Awesome DVD. I hadn’t seen MOST of these matches and Shawn is and always will be my ultimate favourite wrestler EVER!
This Disc is tagged with Shawn Michaels:Heartbreak Express Tour (that I haven’t yet recieved so watch this space!)
I think any Shawn fan would be a fool not to have this in their collection!

Available from Silvervision.co.uk


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