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Hogan Comments On Angle & Hardys’ Problems, Returning To The Ring

September 13, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Hulk Hogan appeared on Busted Open, which airs every Monday and Wednesday on Sirius 92 and XM 207 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

On whether he feels pressured to get back in the ring: You know what it is, brother, its not pressure, I want to help. But then when I see myself in the ring, and I see myself on a good day, and I say okay, passable. But when I see myself on a bad day, and Im trying to swing a chair and my body hurts so bad I cant even swing it I go man, you shouldnt be in there. I dont feel pressure, but I want to help. But I want to help without destroying the product, I want to help without going oh my God, Hogan really sucks. You know, I would really like to do something, you know I dont know how to find that sweet spot because I do all my vitamins, and drink all the fish oil and do all the stuff that you do when your trying to stay as healthy as you can.

“And then everything is fine and I feel great today, but tomorrow I can come in here and barely be able to get out of the chair and go well what did I do different? So I dont know whats going on, I guess its old age, Im 58 years old, but thats whats got me. I cant determine if I say okay today Im like to get in the ring and hit you over the head with a baseball bat, or pull your leg, or hit you with a pair of knucks, you know. Its a great thought, but I just dont actually know until that moment how Im gonna feel. Its the weirdest feeling. So I want to help, I dont feel pressured to get in the ring but sometimes I get a little sketchy thinking okay is this going to be a good day or a bad day.”

On guys like Matt and Jeff Hardy screwing up: “To see these guys step outside the parameters of what is expected in and out of the ring and screw up, you know? I mean come on. This business is a lifeline for me and for Vince, and for Dixie, and for Eric and for everybody that love this business, and RVD and Cena and everybody. And all of a sudden, you’re in or you’re out. Youre either all the way in the business or your all the way out. And when you screw up and when you dont care, to me it shows that you dont have it in your blood. And thats what kills me. Because the partys over man, this is business. And for them to step outside the lines and hurt a small upstart company like this, thats doing a great job, thats got huge opportunities, thats where the hair on the back of my neck raises, because its not cool.

On the legal troubles of Jeff, Matt, and Kurt Angle: “You know the Jeff Hardy stuff, you know I kind of saw a little pattern and Im kind of glad he is breaking the cycle. Hes saying hes gonna break the cycle, and everything he said so far has been true to this point. You know the proof is in his actions in the long run. The Matt Hardy thing came out of nowhere because Matt Hardy, I dont know him very well. Everytime I saw him and talked to him he was on point, we would talk about the show and what he was going to do in the ring, after the performance he would say did you watch? And everytime I talked to him, he was cool. I had no idea he was taking a walk on the wildside, he caught me way off guard.

“The Kurt Angle thing, I dont know what to think of it yet. They said he blew, you know, and he wasnt drinking. I cant even begin to go there, Im not going to put Hulk Hogans opinion over what the legal system comes up with, because I dont even know what we are talking about with Kurt. I dont know what the facts yet, I dont know whats going on. You know I talked to his wife and she said hes a horrible driver. The whole time they were married she wouldnt even let him drive the kids. He texts when he drives, hes great in the ring as far as focusing but his people skills are horrible. Hes got two left feet, and it translates into his driving. Im not making any excuses for him, but I want to know what the facts are before I pass any judgement.”


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