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Jeff Hardy’s Probation, News on TNA’s Relationships with AAA and Bellator MMA

November 10, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– As noted before, TNA will be cross-promoting with Bellator MMA when the group arrives on Spike TV in 2013. There are already plans in place for extensive promotion between the two that we will start seeing in 2012 and full force in 2013. Both promotions will advertise on each others shows and plug the main angles, and there will be several guest appearances with each promotions’ top stars.

– TNA hasn’t been referring to Jeff Jarrett’s AAA Heavyweight Title as the AAA Heavyweight Title because promoter Steve Ship has all US rights to AAA’s intellectual property. Because of that, AAA can’t tour in North America without Ship as the promoter. AAA and Ship aren’t doing business right now because Ship was behind the Lucha Libre USA promotion. Also because of this, Jarrett can’t wear the AAA insignias from the belt on his belt.

AAA officials have met with Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett in Nashville, TN about their future together and there were talks about AAA running some kind of joint shows with TNA here in the States.

– Jeff Hardy’s current probation stipulations allow him to leave his home after 6pm only for work. When he’s not booked to work, Hardy is not allowed out of his home after 6pm and cannot have visitors over after 6pm. This will last for the next four months.


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