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Jim Ross Q&A: Hardys-Rehab, Nash’s WWE Future, Jericho-Punk & More

August 23, 2011   ·   0 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross answered a bunch of questions sent in from fans on his @JRsBBQ Twitter account. Here are some highlights of what Jim Ross said about:

Who do you think sent the text to Kevin Nash?

“No idea & hope to learn more tonite on Raw.

Will Kevin Nash have a role within the WWE for the next few months? 

“TBD…don’t know…stay tuned.”

Can you say exactly what Mike Chioda got suspended for?

“No idea. Why is this info people need to know”

“I don’t think a ref would use steroids. Don’t know. None of my biz.”

What do you think of the tag division?

“Under performing.”

Would you be interested to see a CM Punk/Jericho feud in the near future?

“Would be money.”

Who can beat the taker streak, if anyone?

“Said many times, don’t think Taker ever loses @ WM.”

WWE product suffers when 3 man booth bicker amongst themselves. 

“Amen. Couldn’t agree more.”

Do u think Chris benoit will make the hall of fame?

“IMO, no.”

Do you have personal problems with Michael Cole?

“None whatsoever.”

What was the scariest (most worried) match you ever called?

“Easy…Owen Hart’s untimely death.”

Whats the best rivalry in wrestling that u ever saw??

“Brisco Brothers vs Funks.”

How come Vince hasn’t offered Matt and jeff hardy rehab? He’s done it for everybody else? 

“How do u know he hasn’t?”

Matt Hardy return to WWE possible? He’s hinting at it!

“Not my call but a guess would be not likely.”


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