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John Morrison Plays Name Association With Melina, CM Punk, Triple H, Vince & More

August 21, 2011   ·   0 Comments

During a recent interview with the London Free Press, RAW superstar John Morrison, who spoke about his feud with R-Truth,The Rock’s impact on the wrestling business and more.

To read the full interview, head over to LFP.com.

Morrison rightfully put himself over during the interview – giving credit to top stars like John Cena and CM Punk, but saying he has a lot of things they don’t have (he did not elaborate).

Morrison asked to play the “name association game” – and had this to say about the following WWE personalities:

CM Punk: “Opinionated.”

Triple H: “Ambitious, yet unproven.”

Randy Orton: “Bad Ass. It’s tough to sum him up with one word. He’s an anomaly. It seems as if he did everything a certain way because of who he is. But he’s charismatic. And he’s entertaining to watch. You can’t deny that.”

The Miz: “Really, really loud and annoying. Yet deceivingly loyal to his friends.”

Melina: “The most talented diva ever to be employed by WWE. She’s got charisma and sex appeal. But the main thing that sets her apart is she makes people feel when she’s in the ring … whether she’s angry, happy, surprised or pissed off. Whatever she feels, the audience feels that.”

Vince McMahon: “A supertalented workaholic. Micromanager. A perfectionist who expects the same from his employees.”


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