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Kurt Angle Talks About Training For The Summer 2012 Olympics

June 30, 2011   ·   0 Comments

TNA star Kurt Angle looks to make history next summer, as the Olympic gold medalist from the 1996 summer games by returning to the Olympic stage next summer in London. Angle spoke with the ZooToday.com website regarding his chances of making the United States Olympic team.

Angle, who will be 43 next summer, is realistic about his chances of competing with the top amateur wrestlers in the world, many of whom are more than 15 years younger than him.

“I definitely think I will be an underdog,” Angle said. “I am not going to be one of the guys picked to make the team and definitely not one of the guys picked to win a medal. When I was in the Atlanta Olympics I was already a world champion so there were high expectations when it came for me to perform. A lot of people didnt know about the broken neck because I simply didnt want anyone to know about it at the time.”

Angle said trying out for the Olympics while in his 40s will be challenge, but it also adds something to his quest.

“Its kind of like a Rocky Balboa underdog story, because like Rocky if I get to the Olympics I have nothing to lose. One advantage Ill have is that Ive been through it all before but for me not having the pressure this time round to win the gold medal will make it a better experience. I can enjoy it this time and enjoy the training. I wont be in a place where I say ‘Oh gosh I need to go to the gym today’. I can kind of enjoy it and have a passion for it this time.”


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